The answer come which Nerf gun is most painful is not painfully obvious, therefore let us help you out!Whether you’re in ~ a Nerf gun war, party, or ambushing her siblings, as soon as fired the foam bullet will certainly sting no issue what!When selecting your Nerf pistol of choice it’s best to pick the version with the most power and also sting to placed you in a position to win.A shot come the back, leg, arm, or rear end from Nerf’s foam bullets will cause your adversaries to are afraid your skills.

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The goal of a Nerf gun war is to assert supremacy with minimum accidents, however maximum power, oftentimes causing the maximum sting.

It’s vital to know just how much strength you will wield when picking your blaster. The correlation in between power and sting is synonymous. This gift said, to win is the glorious outcome of a powerful blaster.

All blasters are designed for a stated amount the activity. If a friend was positioned v the largest nerf pistol you’ve checked out -let united state say a Nerf Doomlands, The Judge- friend would normally think you to be going to obtain shot and feel the worst sting from a foam dart you have ever before felt before. You would think that the biggest blasters would average the enlarge stings right? Well, that’s actually no true.

While bigger weapons usually hold more ammunition, the Nerf blasters v the most accuracy in a close range of your foe will generate the most sting.

Keep in mind, the closer you are to your enemy with a powerful blaster the better the sting.

Without any kind of mods prefer removing the wait restrictors or replacing the spring v a stronger spring, these space our top four picks because that blasters that have actually the many sting.



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The Vagabond Doomlands Nerf pistol tote intimidation in its design but serves domination in the sting the its bullets.

The pump-action and also barrel loading activity in this pistol space two vital features that assist in this pistol’s preferably sting. In close range, the bullets will let your enemy know who winning.

The revolving dart chambers allow the user to shoot 6 consecutive stinging shots in one load. The bullets offered for this blaster room the standard dimension elite darts.


The Mega Magnus has actually the highest quality shoot performance once shooting with the mega darts. The blaster’s size permits the user to gain in close range with your opponent and also easily fill their darts for the maximum result of a shot.

Compared come the standard size of the elite darts, the mega darts’ more heavier weight and increased diameter will nonetheless cause a greater sting together it impacts much more surface.

This blaster is constructed with a room that only holds three mega bullets. It’s delivering capacity is not a lot compared to various other blasters, however, the size and also power that the mega cartridge will cause a sting your adversary will not forget.

Check the end this video for a live review and also test!



Just favor the Mega Magnus Blaster, The Nerf upstream Mega Centurion uses the mega darts. The magazine holds 6 rounds that amo.

The Nerf elite Mega Centurion is a sniper design that supplies a two-stage firing process in bespeak to mount the darts and prepare for fire. The blaster may tale a slightly much longer time to pack the rounds and also then penis the blaster, however it fires seventy to eighty feet flat which exceeds other sniper models.

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When imagining the distance a mega dart have the right to be fired, additionally imagine the sting resulting from a close-range shot! Ouch!


This Mega Nerf blaster has a rotating barrel that has actually six chambers. Alike the 2 previously listed Nerf blasters, this Mega Nerf gun offered the mega bullets. The impact it has actually on those gift fired is Mega.

The Nerf packaging cases every solitary shot after ~ priming can fire approximately ninety feet. This being said, the mega darts plus the ample selection makes because that a high qualifying blaster because that maximum sting without mods.

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