10 Things about The little Mermaid that Make Zero sense A lot of beloved children"s films count ~ above the truth that their target demography isn"t walk to be looking too closely at their work.

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little mermaid attribute king triton scuttle
complying with the deaths the Walt and Roy Disney, the great animation studio"s reputation suffered. Crucial failures like The black color Cauldron and The Fox and also the Hound characterized Disney cartoons for a while, until the release of The tiny Mermaid in 1989. Beautifully animated, with songs by Broadway veterans Ashman and also Menken, the colorful film created the formula because that Disney musicals for years to come

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The tiny Mermaid presented audiences to memorable characters and a joyful reimagining the Hans Christian Anderson"s fairy story that share its name. It"s rightfully beloved, but that doesn"t average its plot and characters constantly make sense.

Little Mermaid Ariel Flounder
at an early stage in the film, Ariel and also her blue and also yellow fish friend Flounder discover a shipwreck, wicker it for person artifacts. Both gaining into the ship, and also when fleeing a pursuing shark, Flounder"s round little body gets stuck in the porthole, while Ariel is maybe to on slide nimbly v the opening.

Even bookkeeping for Ariel"s svelte figure and Flounder"s relative corpulence, this makes no sense. The little guy is bigger 보다 Ariel"s head, but not by much. If Ariel have the right to slip v that opening, how does he constantly get stuck?

Scuttle Seagull tiny Mermaid Disney
Scuttle the seagull is on the bottom rung that Ariel"s pet sidekick ladder. If a seabird makes sense together Ariel"s government on land-based activities, Scuttle is instantly revealed as goofily ignorant. It"s played because that laughs, the course, and the film does mine some an excellent moments the end of the simple premise the Ariel trust the nonsense her friend tells her around forks and also tobacco pipes.

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The difficulty is that Scuttle plainly has no idea what he is talk about. He"s clear grasping for impetus every time he defines a human being artifact. Ariel is naive, yet she"s not dumb. Why go she act on Scuttle"s rants prefer they"re reliable?

Sebastian Ariel The little Mermaid Disney
Sebastian the crab is just one of this film"s most well-known characters. King Triton enlists that to store Ariel far from the ocean"s surface, and also while he starts off together a young antagonist, Sebastian"s soft heart converts him right into her staunch ally. Yet what possessed Triton to entrust this skilled musician to babysit his teenager?

Sebastian is tiny. The can"t also keep up through Ariel if she decides to swim far from him, much much less stand in his way. He also is Triton"s court composer, therefore this is i do not have anything in his task description. Unless Triton"s "kingdom" is composed only of a few dozen fish and merfolk, there had to be a better choice for this job.

7 wherein Does that Hurricane Come From?

Little Mermaid Eric delivery storm Disney
The occasion that kicks off the film"s story is once Ariel saves Prince Eric native a hurricane that sinks his ship. It"s a vital plot point, yet where does that storm come from?

Moments earlier, Ariel was drawn to the delivery by that is launching fireworks celebrate the Prince"s birthday. All eyes were on the sky, top top a level sea with miles that visibility in every direction. Just how did this mammoth storm sneak up on a delivery filled with skilled sailors? the course, Triton might have conjured the storm through his trident, however he appeared to have no idea about what his daughter was up to. Plus, in spite of Triton"s enmity towards humanity, habitual killing feels means too dark because that his curmudgeonly character.

This is a difficulty for all of the movies in the Disney Renaissance. Ariel, Belle, and also Jasmine every boast fathers who are at least 50 years your senior. Mathematically this is possible, however in this case, the feels specifically egregious. 16-year-old Ariel is the youngest of 7 daughters, all of whom seem to be in your 20s.

Triton could have chose to become a father later in life 보다 average. Or walk Ariel have a scad of still older brothers who"ve relocated out the the palace as well?

5 Is Ursula do the efforts To scare Off she Customers?

Ursula the Sea Witch is an top Disney villain. Sinister, clever, and also charismatic, she steals almost every scene she touches. She creepy aesthetic makes perfect feeling for she thematically. Yet she"s no stupid, therefore why is she living within of some sort of sea dragon corpse?

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Ursula"s plans depend on her victims trusting her sufficient to authorize her contracts. Native the truth that she messengers space moray eels with mismatched eyes to the means she flaunts her garden of doomed souls in former of Ariel, she appears to it is in trying to warn Ariel away. She has actually the strength to disguise things and also even transforms herself into a beautiful woman close to the end of the film. Is she secretly exhausted of steal souls?

It"s a blink-and-you"ll-miss-it moment, yet during Ariel"s romantic montage through Eric, the two gain a very credible dance sequence. She"s clearly following her prince"s lead, but she manages to save up with him quite handily. How?

Ariel has had actually legs because that a issue of hours. She can barely stand as soon as she very first acquired her brand-new appendages, and couldn"t remember the word for "feet." now she"s dancing v royalty? It"s a small point, yet it contradicts she "so clumsy it"s cute" schtick that dominates her romance through Eric

3 Why does Ursula Almost drown Ariel?

Ursula"s a malevolent Sea Witch, but Ariel is the crucial to she intricate arrangement to steal Triton"s mystic powers. If she doesn"t own the mermaid"s soul in 3 days" time, then she"s no richer than she started. She go to remarkable lengths to make this happen, foiling Ariel"s and also Eric"s romantic at every turn.

When she transforms Ariel into a person on the seafloor she nearly ruins her very own plans. Flounder and Sebastian aid the former mermaid to the surface, however Ursula and also her eels just laugh. Is she just so caught up in the moment"s cruelty the she forgets the enlarge picture? that feels like the best threat come Ursula"s scheme in this film is Ursula.

In enhancement to stealing her fishtail, Ursula confiscates Ariel"s voice, placing the newly-minted human being at a major disadvantage. Ariel can"t song or speak to Eric, and as a result, that can"t learn that she conserved his life or loves him. The whole plot turns on this point. Therefore why did nobody ever inspect to see if Ariel was literate?

Given her examine of human artifacts, it"s even possible that Ariel can read and write Eric"s language, especially due to the fact that there"s no talked language barrier between the two. However, Eric and also his court never ever think to also ask if the coincidentally girl found on your beach knows how to write, much much less use sign language. It"s prefer the prince and also company had no attention in what Ariel had to say.

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1 how Did Eric find Ariel Underwater?

as the film reaches that climax, Ursula transforms Triton"s trident ~ above his daughter, threatening to incinerate her. Her blast misses, though, thanks to a scratch from a harpoon hurled by Eric. No for the last time, the prince conserves the day! But... How?

When Ursula steals Ariel turn off the deck of Eric"s wedding ship, the prince instantly gives follow in a lifeboat. However, the witch and also her prey disappear hundreds of feet in ~ the tide in a blink. Yes, he is able to see the glow of Ursula"s strength from the surface but how is the able to situate them therefore quickly? Also, how is the able to litter a harpoon v such accuracy when underwater?

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