The letter p is a pretty essential letter. Without it, us wouldn"t have the adjective pretty, because that example. To confused the issue a little, as soon as a ns is followed by one H, it have the right to sound like an F (as in phenomenal). The p is additionally sometimes silent and has no sound at all (as in psychological). No matter what sound lock make, this adjectives that begin with ns are precisely what you need.

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adjectives that begin with ns

Pleasant adjectives That start With P

There room lots of different adjectives that start with the letter P. It might be a pretty fun game in reality to try to name every one of the adjective that begin with the letter P. For now, right here is a list of pleasant and also positive adjective that begin with P.

patient: able come wait there is no complainingpeaceful: calm, restful, at peaceperfect: flawless, expert, completeperky: always cheerful and happypersonable: sociable, enjoys talking to peoplephilanthropic: generous, charitablepicturesque: very beautiful, virtually like a pictureplacid: calmplayful: lighthearted, funpleasant: enjoyablepolished: sophisticated, well-practicedpolite: having an excellent mannerspopular: being liked by manypraiseworthy: having actions that deserves approvalprecious: important, valued highlypretty: visually attractivepriceless: too necessary to place a value onprized: special, valuableproper: correct, suitablepure: there is no faults, innocent

Powerful adjective That start With P

Some can say that p is a powerful letter used to do plenty that adjectives, so it is prudent to understand your Ps. Usage these passionate and also pristine adjective that start with ns in your daily writing.

passionate: intense interest or enthusiasm, conveniently angeredperceptive: sensitive, understandingpersistent: never gives uppersuasive: great at convincing othersphenomenal: incredible, amazingpivotal: an extremely important or life-changingpoignant: keenly influence the sensepoised: composed, elegantpowerful: strong, having actually a many influencepragmatic: reasonable, practicalprecise: exact, perfectpreeminent: distinguished over all othersprincipled: acting according come a ethical code; knows ideal from wrongpristine: perfect, having actually no flawsproficient: professional at somethingprolific: producing a the majority of workprominent: well knownpromising: having a lot of potential; someone through a shining futureprosperous: wealthy, successfulproud: pleasure with, showing pridepurposeful: working with a score in mind

Pessimistic adjective That start With P

Sometimes you need an adjective the starts through P that"s a bit more painful or pessimistic. Even if it is you"re writing about a pigheaded primary or a pitiful peasant, these adjectives are wonderful ways to acquire your allude across.

painful: causes pain or harmpallid: pale, sicklypanicky: very nervous, conveniently startledpaternalistic: acting really parent-like; restricting others" freedompathetic: having actually no strength, making rather pity thempedantic: overly corrective or too focused on detailspernicious: slowly harmful or destructivepetty: obsessed v small, unimportant negative detailspessimistic: see the an unfavorable side that a situationpetulant: moody, behaving prefer a childpigheaded: stubborn and unwilling to readjust one"s mindpitiful: sad, deserving pitypitiless: having actually no pity because that others, cruelpointless: having actually no purposepompous: arrogant, too many pleased with oneselfpoor: having actually no money, act worse than otherspowerless: there is no any capability to prevent something indigenous happeningproblematic: may cause problems going forwardprofane: not socially agree (speech or behavior)

Puzzling adjective That begin With P

Some ns adjectives are tough to define, but they"re no as puzzling as they seem! check out these adjectives that room perfect for both pithy messages and also platitudinous essays.

paranormal: supernatural; involving ghosts or otherworldly eventsparsimonious: does not spend money easilypeevish: cranky, conveniently annoyedperilous: dangerousperspicacious: insightful, really wisephallocentric: male-centeredphobic: very scared or fearfulpithy: brief but full of meaningplatitudinous: corny; an overused expressionpneumatic: round, full of airpolitical: relating to government or exhilaration for one"s very own benefitposthumous: after ~ deathpreposterous: ridiculous, unbelievablepresumptuous: using assumptions to dictate behavior or speechprophetic: able to predict or sense what will happen in the futurepsychological: relating to the mindpugnacious: prepared to fightpuritanical: an extremely strict, restrictivepusillanimous: timid, not courageouspuzzling: confuse or an overwhelming to understand

Example Sentences v Adjectives That begin With P

Want to watch these adjectives in action? See exactly how adjectives that begin with P work-related in these instance sentences.

He was very passionate about science.The patient young did not complain as soon as the bus was late.The beach is so peaceful.My mom thinks I"m perfect.The personable girl had lots the friends.There to be no wind and also the sea was placid.The playful boy ran to the swings.I take it a pleasant afternoon nap.The poignant movie make me cry.Polite requests receive an ext consideration.The most popular girl won the course election.My wedding ring is very precious to me.Priceless arts hangs in the museum.The proficient scientist winner the prize.The prosperous businessman journey a an intricate sports car.His proud parents were so happy to watch him graduate.The pitiless king do his servants occupational all night.Even though he died prior to the ceremony, Mr. Lawson obtained the award posthumously.I think mine professor is fairly perspicacious once she leads our discussion.Oliver"s parents were fairly puritanical and didn"t allow him to go out really much.

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P: A historically Tricky Letter

The letter P can be confusing, soundwise, because it doesn"t constantly make one reputable sound. P is additionally a letter that produced some confusion in the alphabet human being for a while. The Phoenicians, who created the pictorial alphabet ~ the old Egyptian hieroglyphics, actually had two letter Ps.

One of lock looked similar to the p we recognize now, but the various other looked an ext like one upside-down J. Then, when the Greeks modified the alphabet, they offered the "P" letter to signify an "R" sound. Fortunately, the Romans come along and perfected both the shape and sound that the letter p we recognize today. Now, there space plentiful adjectives that start with p that we use every day.

Mind your Ps and also Qs (and Rs)

Hopefully, you"ve found the p word you"re looking for in this lists that adjectives. If you haven"t, inspect out a perform of hopeful words that begin with p for even an ext options. When you"re ready to move down the alphabet, take a look at these adjectives that start with R because that a really righteous time!