Spacers (or “separators”) have been placed in between your teeth. They might be elastic (green, blue, or clear) or steel (look like a little clip).

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Teeth typically fit tightly versus one another, and the objective of the spacers is to move your teeth apart contempt in order to do room because that bands. At your next appointment, the spacers will be removed and bands will be fitted approximately the teeth. The spacers regularly make your this sore for two or 3 days. If soreness walk occur, eat a soft diet and also take the exact same over-the-counter pains reliever girlfriend would usage for a usual headache.

Taking treatment of your separators will make the following appointment much easier:

Do not play v separators v fingers, toothpicks, etc.Brush normally, but do no floss in the area whereby the separators are located.No gum or various other sticky foods. Such items could dislodge the separator.

After spacers have actually created tiny spaces between the teeth, they frequently become loosened and may autumn out. If a spacer drops out and is swallowed there is no factor for concern. The spacer will pass with the digestive mechanism without causing any kind of problems. Examine your spacers every day to make certain you haven’t lost any. If a spacer falls out it requirements to be changed at the very least 2 days prior to your following scheduled appointment. If you are comfortable law so, you might replace any missing spacers if you still have them. If you space not comfortable instead of your own spacers, we will be happy to perform it because that you. Please call Hodges Orthodontics and we will certainly schedule the appointment (662.407.0713)

If you room comfortable act so, you might replace any absent spacers if girlfriend still have actually them.

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The an initial step is to thread a piece of dental floss with the facility of the separator.2. The following step is to twin the floss back on itself. Repeat this with one much more piece the floss. Organize one piece of floss ~ above either next of the separator.Slide the floss in between the teeth whereby the separator has come out.Pull the separator in in between the two teeth.Keep a finger on top of the newly placed separator. Gently traction one finish of a doubled back piece of floss out of the mouth. Repeat v the other side leave the separator in between the teeth.
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