“Don’t recognize Why” was created by Jesse Harris which originally appeared on his 1999 album, Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos. Jones then extended it for she debut 2002 album Come… review More 

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I waited till I observed the sunI don't know why i didn't comeI left friend by the home of funI don't know why i didn't comeI don't recognize why i didn't comeWhen I experienced the rest of dayI wished the I might fly awayInstead that kneeling in the sandCatching teardrops in mine handMy heart is drenched in wineBut you'll be on my mindForeverOut across the endless seaI would certainly die in ecstasyBut I'll be a bag of bonesDriving under the roadway aloneMy love is drenched in wineBut you'll it is in on mine mindForever
Something has to make you runI don't understand why ns didn't comeI feel as empty as a drumI don't understand why ns didn't comeI don't recognize why i didn't comeI don't recognize why ns didn't come

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“Don’t know Why” was composed by Jesse Harris i beg your pardon originally showed up on his 1999 album, Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos. Jones then spanned it for her debut 2002 album Come Away v Me, whereby it to be released as the very first single and hit #30 on the Billboard warm 100 chart.

The tune charted at 459 in Blender magazine’s 500 best Songs because You were Born.

In 2018, NPR ranked this as the #28 biggest song by a mrs or nonbinary artist in the 21st century, saying:

In 2002, the charts belonged come angry ska girls and flashy MCs. Enter a singer/songwriter whose beforehand love for jazz sustained her hushed, basic vocals. In brand-new York City, you could have caught her (as ns did) gigging with the JC Hopkins Biggish tape or play solo because that tiny audience at The living Room, a shy, beautiful nobody whose sudden and also stupendous climb couldn’t have been predicted.

Jones taped her debut, Come Away with Me, v an acoustic trio ~ above Blue keep in mind Records. Among the album’s originals to be a track created by her girlfriend Jesse Harris: ‘Don’t recognize Why,’ a quietly dazzling tribute to romantic indecision. It song crept its way from adult modern radio top top the playlist that every coffeehouse during that slow-to-thaw feather — and in 2003, Jones won five Grammys, consisting of record the the year and also best female pop vocal power for ‘Don’t understand Why.’ Twenty-seven million copies later, hearts space still melting v the line, ‘My heart is drenched in wine.’