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battle of the publications Mrs. Frisby and the Rats the Nimh evaluation Questions and also Answers 1. Who was Mrs. Frisby? A computer mouse 2. In whose garden walk she and also her kids live? Mr. Fitzgibbon’s. 3. Exactly how did they discover food in the winter? They found leftovers native the person harvest: beans, potatoes, peas and also asparagus. 4. What type of residence did lock live in? It to be a cinder block the was partially hidden in the dirt. 5. How plenty of rooms did they have actually in your house? Two, a living room and a bedroom. 6. Whereby was Mr. Frisby? the had died the summer before. 7. Exactly how many youngsters did Mrs. Frisby have? Four. 8. Why to be January and February difficult months for the Frisbys? due to the fact that most that their good food to be gone, and also they had to eat boring, tasteless food. 9. What occurred to Timothy at the end of February? He gained sick. 10. Why walk Mrs. Frisby go out that morning? come look for something various to eat, together they to be all worn down of what they had stored up. 11. What walk Mrs. Frisby find? one abandoned save of food that had actually corn, peanuts and mushrooms in it. 12. What to be Mrs. Frisby’s children’s names? Teresa, Martin, Timothy and Cynthia. 13. Why no Timothy gain up because that breakfast? due to the fact that he was sick. 14. Why didn’t Mrs. Frisby believe it at first? because Timothy sometimes thought he was sick once he wasn’t. 15. What to be wrong through Timothy? He had a fever, that couldn’t catch his breath, his pulse was fast, and also he to be dizzy. 16. What to be Timothy like? He was frail, and prone come illness, yet also an extremely thoughtful and also smart. 17. Where did Mrs. Frisby, Martin and Cynthia seek breakfast? to get much more of the abandoned food. 18. Why walk Teresa remain home? come look ~ Timothy. 19. Just how was Timothy once Mrs. Frisby gained back? His heat was worse, he was having actually hallucinations, and also his breath was raspy. 20. Where did Mrs. Frisby go? To see Mr. Ages and also get part medicine. 21. Where did Mr. Ages live? he lived past the farm yard in the foundation of a farmhouse the had charred down. 22. Why no Mrs. Frisby choose to go at the hour? due to the fact that it took a long time to acquire to Mr. Ages’ house, and by the moment she got back, it might be close come dark. It to be dangerous because that mice come be out after dark. 23. Why couldn’t Mrs. Frisby take the shortest course to Mr. Ages’ house? due to the fact that it would certainly take her close come the farmhouse and barn, where Mr. Fitzgibbon’s cat was always on the prowl and looking because that mice to kill. 24. How long did it take to obtain to Mr. Ages’ house? 2 hours. 25. Exactly how did Mrs. Frisby know Mr. Ages? since he had been good friends with her husband. 26. Exactly how did Mr. Ages use the wild berries and plants that grew near the exit farmhouse? He used them to do potions that the animals used as medicine. 27. Why had Mrs. Frisby come there before, v her husband? due to the fact that Timothy had actually been bitten through a spider that had actually paralyzed him. 28. What did Mr. Eras do for Timothy then? He gave him a liquid medication that loosened his muscles. 29. What did Mrs. Frisby think had been a lasting impact of the spider bite? the Timothy had always been an ext frail 보다 the other children. 30. How long go Mrs. Frisby need to wait because that Mr. Ages to get home? A fifty percent and hour. 31. What to be Timothy’s tongue like? It seemed to it is in coated in purple. 32. What was Mr. Ages’ diagnosis? that Timothy had pneumonia. 33. What did Mr. Eras give Mrs. Frisby? three doses of medication to lug down the fever. 34. What various other instructions did he give? He had to stay in bed and couldn’t breathe any cold air, or rather the an illness might come back, this time worse than before. 35. Why go Mrs. Frisby decide to go house by the faster route, in spite of danger native the cat? She want to obtain home prior to dark, to avoid foxes, owls, etc. She believed she can hopefully see the cat an initial and hide before he witnessed her. 36. What to be the cat’s name? Dragon. 37. What was Dragon like? He was orange and white with yellow eyes, and was very fierce. The let out a blood curdling scream together he leapt come kill another animal. 38. What walk she check out as she got closer come the barn? She witnessed a raven flapping around and also making a lot of noise. 39. What to be wrong v the crow? He had a piece of silver- ribbon tied approximately his foot, and the other finish was attached to the fence. He was stuck. 40. Why walk Mrs. Frisby think the crow should be quiet? because he was going to attract the fist of Dragon. 41. How did the crow gain wrapped up in the string? when he picked it up with his beak, it gained stuck to his foot. Then he sat on the fence to try to obtain it off his foot, yet the other finish got stuck on the fence. 42. Why walk the crow pick up the string? since he liked just how shiny that was. 43. Why was it dangerous for the crow to it is in tied come the fence? because the cat would strike him, and he wouldn’t be able to get away. 44. What walk Mrs. Frisby carry out for the crow? She gnawed through the wire to free him. 45. That came near just as she was finishing the job? Dragon. 46. Exactly how did the crow and also Mrs. Frisby acquire away native the cat? Mrs. Frisby climbed top top the crow’s back, and also they flew away. 47. What to be the crow’s name? Jeremy. 48. Just how did he want to repay Mrs. Frisby for saving his life? He stated if she ever needed any kind of help, to ask. 49. What walk Mrs. Frisby do when she gained home? She offered Timothy his first dose of medicine. 50. How was Timothy by the following day? His heat was lower, his breathing was less raspy, and his heartbeat was more regular. 51. What did Mrs. Frisby carry out on the 4th day of Timothy’s recovery? She went out for a walk, come get much more corn native the exit stash the food. 52. What was the weather like? that was very warm, together if spring had actually arrived. 53. What to be worrying to Mrs. Frisby around the weather? it made she realize that moving Day to be coming up soon. 54. Why walk the mice need to move out of their winter houses in the spring? since they stayed in the garden, and in the spring Mr. Fitzgibbon would certainly plow up the earth, destroying their homes and the pets too, if they were still in them. 55. When would Mr. Fitzgibbon plow the garden? As soon as the frost was out of the ground. 56. Why go the assumed of relocating Day concern Mrs. Frisby? because Timothy wasn’t yet solid enough to move all the way to their summer house, and also Mr. Periods had stated that if he started to breathe cold waiting again, he would record pneumonia again, this time worse 보다 before. The summer residence was no as warmth as the winter house, and the nights there would be chilly because that awhile. 57. What go Mrs. Frisby tell herself to prevent her problem for awhile? She said that spring can not be here yet, and that it could turn cold again, delaying plow time for a month or so. 58. That did Mrs. Frisby watch on she walk? The shrew. 59. What did she think about the weather? She thought relocating Day to be coming up soon. 60. What sound walk Mrs. Frisby hear on she walk that made her really frightened? She heard Mr. Fitzgibbon beginning up his tractor. 61. Why did he and his sons have actually the tractor out of the shed? They want to look in ~ a linchpin that was broken. 62. What did Mrs. Frisby learn around Mr. Fitzgibbon’s plowing plans? He was going to plow in 5 days, if the tractor was solved by then and the weather remained warm and dry. 63. As soon as did Mr. Ages say the Timothy would be able to get the end of bed? not for 3 weeks. 64. What walk Mr. Frisby used to say about problems and also solutions? He claimed whenever you acquired to a locked door, you simply had to uncover the best key. 65. ~ she eavesdropped ~ above Mr. Fitzgibbon and also his sons, that did Mrs. Frisby see? Dragon to be right alongside her. 66. What happened? She knew he experienced her, and also she ran as quick as she could, however the cat didn’t chase her; she didn’t understand why. He appeared to be really sleepy. 67. What pets did she check out carrying electrical cable? Rats. 68. Why walk this puzzle Mrs. Frisby? She couldn’t know why the rats wanted electric cable, and how castle could lug it out in the open, without fear of Dragon. 69. Whereby did the rats live? Inside and under the rosebush. 70. What go Mrs. Frisby check out as she travel to the corn? She observed some aluminum foil in the sun, and then she witnessed Jeremy, attracted to the foil. 71. What walk she speak to him about? She called him about her relocating problem and asked the if the had any kind of ideas. 72. Wherein did Jeremy speak the crows go as soon as they didn’t understand what come do? They walk to view the owl, who was the oldest pet in the woods. 73. What go Jeremy agree to do? To take it Mrs. Frisby to watch the owl. 74. Once did they need to go? They couldn’t go during the daytime, due to the fact that that was when the owl would sleep, and also they couldn’t go at night, since that was once the owl would be the end hunting. They had actually to go at dusk, as that was once he to be awake however still in his tree. 75. As soon as did Jeremy to speak he would concerned get Mrs. Frisby? that night at five o’clock. 76. Why no Mrs. Frisby call Timothy where she to be going? She didn’t want him to worry or blame self if something walk wrong. 77. Why to be Mrs. Frisby fear to see the owl? She to be afraid to paris so far, high and fast top top the crow’s back. She to be afraid to get in the dark woods, and also she to be afraid of being eaten by the owl. 78. Why walk the raven suddenly avoid beating his wing while they to be flying? since they were able to soar on one updraft. 79. What walk she watch from up high that looked like a snake? The river. 80. Wherein did the owl live? In a hole inside a dead, hole tree in the woods. 81. Why couldn’t the owl watch Jeremy and Mrs. Frisby? since he could only see things in the dark, and it to be still too light external for him to view them. 82. Might the owl listen them? Yes. 83. Why did the owl questioning Mrs. Frisby into his house, the hole in the tree? because he couldn’t view her outside, and also he didn’t want to talk through someone he couldn’t see. 84. Why didn’t Mrs. Frisby want to go in there? since she was afraid the the owl would certainly eat her. 85. Why go the owl even agree to help Mrs. Frisby? Only because she had helped save another bird from being consumed by the cat. 86. Why walk she agree to get in the hole? due to the fact that Jeremy assured her the he i will not ~ hurt her in his own home. 87. What to be the floor of the owl’s home like? It was clean, but it had rough piece of hardwood sticking up from it; it no smooth. 88. Just how did the owl recognize that spring was here, the was not going to revolve cold again? due to the fact that the wild onions had already come up in the pastures. 89. What did the owl first recommend? wrapping Timothy up together tightly as possible and attempting the move. Timothy might die, but the rest of the family would be saved. If lock stayed, the whole family would surely die once the farmer began plowing. 90. What made the owl change his mind and also decide come talk through her further? once she told him she name, his demeanor changed. He had known her husband Jonathan, and he claimed the fact that she to be his wife placed matters in a various light. 91. What to be his 2nd recommendation? to go and ask the rats because that help. 92. What did that think the rats would be able to do for her? To relocate her residence to a new place, safe from the plow. 93. Who have to she questioning for once she went to the enntrance gate to the rats’ nest? Justin and Nicodemus. 94. What did the owl think the rats would certainly ask of Mrs. Frisby? They would swear her to secrecy. 95. Wherein did the owl think the rats should move Mrs. Frisby’s house? to the lee of the stone. 96. In what means did the owl’s instance parallel that of Mrs. Frisby? because he knew the his home was dying and also would eventually fall over, and also he did no feel up to the challenge of finding a brand-new place come live. 97. Why go Mrs. Frisby feel better about flying house with Jeremy? because she was acquiring used to flying, and because in the dark, she could not view the floor so much below. 98. What walk the term “in the lee” mean? Jeremy claimed it supposed the side that was safeguarded from the wind. 99. Why go Jeremy think that the rats might move Mrs. Frisby’s house? since he stated the rats walk strange things, and also used tools, and were building a new house. 100. Why go Jeremy, despite this knowledge, think it to be strange the the owl had actually told she to view the rats? since he had actually never heard that the rats helping any other animals. 101. What were the children doing when Mrs. Frisby acquired home? They to be eating dinner and also worrying about where Mrs. Frisby was. 102. Why go Timothy want to remain in his bedroom quite than going out right into the other room? He wanted to be alone to think about Moving Day. 103. Just how did Timothy understand that that was getting warmer? he hadn’t to be outside, yet he had actually noticed the the air smelled different; it was the smell of the frost melting. 104. What happened when Timothy tried come walk the day? the got an extremely dizzy. 105. To be Timothy worried around Moving Day? No, he want to wait and see what would certainly happen, and he didn’t desire Mrs. Frisby to worry either. 106. Once did Mrs. Frisby walk to see the rats? The next day, as shortly as the sunlight was up. 107. Just how did the other animals treat the rats and also their home under the increased bush? They stayed away from them. Also Dragon go not go into their house. 108. What obstacle prevented pets from gaining in? all the mandrel on the rosebushes. 109. Exactly how did Mrs. Frisby acquire in v the thorns? The rats had scraped the thorns off a low-hanging branch, and cut that so it swung open up like a door if one moved on it. 110. What did she see once she went under the bush? There was a big clearing in the bush, and beyond it, one archway lined through stones that led to a tunnel. 111. Who was stand in the doorway? A huge rat. 112. What did the say to Mrs. Frisby? that she had to leave. 113. What to be the rat’s name? Brutus. 114. Whom had actually the owl told Mrs. Frisby to expect at the door? Justin. 115. Whereby was Justin? He was at a meeting. 116. Walk Brutus treatment who Mrs. Frisby was? No, he simply insisted the she had actually to leave, and also that she can not wait for Justin to return. 117. What go Mrs. Frisby think she can do after ~ she was out of Brutus’ sight? Wait there till Justin returned. 118. Who did Mrs. Frisby see coming in the enntrance gate of the rosebush together she waited? Mr. Ages. 119. What was wrong with Mr. Ages? he had damaged his ankle. 120. What go Mr. Ages tell Mrs. Frisby to do? Come ago to the entrance v him, and also he would certainly talk come Brutus for her. 121. That did Mr. Ages say would describe to her how he knew Brutus? Nicodemus. 122. What did he do Mrs. Frisby promise? the she would never ever tell everyone what she learned around the rats and their partnership with Mr. Ages and also Mr. Frisby. 123. Who was the rat that was now with Brutus? Justin. 124. Exactly how did Justin act her? He stated he to be honored to accomplish Jonathan Frisby’s widow. 125. Why had Justin left the meeting? The meeting was ~ above a break, as the rats were wait for Mr. Periods to arrive. 126. Why to be Mrs. Frisby surprised to check out a light after the darkness that the tunnel they were walking in? due to the fact that they to be so deep underground, away from any kind of sunlight. 127. Whereby was the light coming from? From electrical lights. 128. Whereby did they gain their light bulbs? from Christmas trees. 129. What was strange come Mrs. Frisby around the wait in the tunnel? It to be fresh, as if it was filtered, rather than gift stale and damp together it should have actually been deep underground. 130. How did Justin, Mr. Ages and also Mrs. Frisby obtain downstairs come the rats’ meeting? They took an elevator. 131. Why go they carry out that? since of Mr. Ages damaged ankle. 132. What go Nicodemus watch like? He had actually a big scar top top his face and also a patch over his eye. 133. What did Nicodemus say around Mr. Frisby? the he to be a good friend come the rats. 134. Why walk this puzzle Mrs. Frisby? She didn’t recognize that her husband also knew the rats. 135. Why walk Mrs. Frisby must wait to talk to Nicodemus? He had to end up the meeting, so she would have to wait one hour. 136. Wherein did she go while she waited? into the library. 137. Just how did Mrs. Frisby find out to read? indigenous Mr. Frisby. 138. What go Justin to speak his meeting was about? The Plan. 139. What did it to speak on the blackboard in the library? “The setup of the Rats the Nimh.” 140. What concerns did Mrs. Frisby have actually as she looked approximately the library? What was Nimh? just how long had the rats lived there? were they from somewhere else? What remained in all the various other rooms? 141. Why walk Mrs. Frisby decide not to explore in the various other rooms? She didn’t desire to offend the rats by gift nosy, especially when she essential their help. 142. That came right into the library if Mrs. Frisby was in there? A young girl-rat named Isabella. 143. Why was the girl suspiciously of Mrs. Frisby in ~ first? since she believed she might be a spy. 144. Where might Mrs. Frisby it is in a spy from, follow to Isabella? native Nimh. 145. Why to be Isabella in the library? She was an alleged to practice her reading. 146. What to be Nimh, according to Isabella? It to be a place where she parents had actually lived prior to she to be born. 147. What was Isabella’s attention in Justin? She had actually a like on him and hoped to marry him as soon as she got older. 148. Who had gone come the meeting? every the male rats. 149. Whereby was Isabella’s mother? packing grain for the plan. 150. Why no Isabella’s mother like the plan? since they to be going to have to live without electricity and also running water for awhile. It would be a difficult life. 151. Just how was Jenner? A rat that deserted their group. 152. Who did Mrs. Frisby think to be the leader that the rats? Nicodemus. 153. That came in to talk to Mrs. Frisby? Nicodemus, Justin, Mr. Ages and Arthur, the rats’ chief engineer. 154. Why would certainly it be great to relocate the Frisbys’ house to the lee that the stone? since Mr. Fitzgibbon would not plow there. The was only a few feet from wherein the residence was now, for this reason it would certainly be straightforward move. 155. How long go Arthur think it would take to move the house? v twenty rats, it would certainly take an hour. 156. How did the rats typically take care of Dragon, for this reason they could carry out your projects? They placed sleeping powder in his food. 157. What an enig did the info solve because that Mrs. Frisby? Why Dragon hadn’t chased she the various other day once she was right by him. 158. What was the problem, why the rats couldn’t offer Dragon the powder that day? just Mr. Ages can fit in the hole to gain into the kitchen and also get the flour to Dragon’s bowl, however he had actually hurt his leg, therefore he wasn’t as much as the challenge. The rats to be too large to perform it. 159. What solution did Mrs. Frisby propose? If Mr. Eras gave she the powder, she can put that in Dragon’s bowl. 160. What facts did Nicodemus provide Mrs. Frisby to display how dangerous a mission it would be? that told her the that was just how Mr. Ages had damaged his leg, and also that it was likewise how Mr. Frisby himself had been killed, trying to placed sleeping powder in the cat’s bowl. 161. What story was Nicodemus going come tell Mrs. Frisby when Justin and also Mr. Ages went to acquire the resting powder? He to be going to tell her how Mr. Frisby involved know the rats, just how they gained to the farm, and why Mr. Frisby had actually never told Mrs. Frisby around his partnership with the rats. 162. What was Arthur walk to perform while lock talked? He to be going to obtain the equipment ready to relocate the Frisbys’ residence that night. 163. What was in Nicodemus’ office that specifically impressed Mrs. Frisby? A radio that was playing music. 164. Why did the rats require the radio? To listen to the news. 165. Where had Nicodemus get an impressive up? near a farmers’ industry in a huge city. 166. How did Nicodemus’ family get food? Every night after the sector closed, the rats come out and feasted ~ above the scraps that were left behind – vegetables, meat and fish. 167. Why walk the rats constantly bring food home with them, even though castle had currently eaten? These to be stores they would certainly eat ~ above the work the industry was closed. 168. Why no Gerald, Nicodemus’ brother, go to the sector on the night they were captured? since he was sick. 169. With whom go Nicodemus walk on that night? he went with his best friend, Jenner. 170. What go Nicodemus an alert that night as he came down on the marketplace? A white truck was sparked a block away. 171. Why wasn’t he concerned about the truck? there were frequently lots of trucks in that area that town. 172. What taken place as the rats ran towards a huge mound the food at the center of the square? Blinding lamp flashed on, and men v nets came in to catch them. 173. How many other rats were captured in the net with Nicodemus? Three. 174. Why go Nicodemus at first think they had actually been captured? Maybe due to the fact that the world didn’t favor the rats eating the food, or probably just since they didn’t like rats. 175. Why did the human being who recorded the rats know that more rats i will not ~ come there because that a few days? He said that the persons who acquired away would spread out the word the it to be dangerous at the sector now. 176. Wherein did the people put the rats? right into the back of the truck. 177. That was top top the truck v Nicodemus the he knew? His friend Jenner. 178. Whereby did the civilization say they were going? come a lab. 179. How long to be they in the truck? around two hours. 180. How numerous rats had the males caught? Sixty-three. 181. That was the leader that the lab? Dr. Schultz. 182. For exactly how long was Nicodemus a sinner at the lab? 3 years. 183. What did Nicodemus think around his cage? that was relatively comfortable, yet he hated gift trapped in there and not having the flexibility to go whereby he wanted and do what he wanted to do. He to be dependent on people to provide him food and water, and also he didn’t recognize or know their plans. 184. Exactly how did the researchers divide increase the rats? group A acquired one form of injection, team B obtained another, and also Group C to be the regulate group. They just gained a prick with an north needle. They all got the exact same food. There were twenty rats in teams A and B and twenty-three rats in group C. 185. Who were Dr. Schultz’s assistants? Julie and George. 186. What did the people put around the rats’ necks? Plastic collars labeling them; Nicodemus was numbered A-10. 187. Wherein was Jenner? he was around six cages under from Nicodemus. 188. How regularly did they acquire injections? about twice a week. 189. What was the objective of Dr. Schultz’s experiment? He wanted to see if particular injections would make the rats learn an ext and faster. 190. Where did George take Nicodemus the following day? Into an additional room, wherein he opened up his cage up so Nicodemus might run out right into a maze. 191. Whereby did it look to Nicodemus prefer he might go indigenous the maze? right into the outdoors. 192. What happened when Nicodemus do the efforts to acquire to the outdoors? He acquired an electrical shock. 193. What occurred as Nicodemus traveled with the maze? that kept gaining closer and also closer to a eco-friendly lawn, but he got a shock together he obtained closer. Finally, as soon as he was only one step away, George picked him up and also put him ago in his cage. 194. Exactly how long did it take Nicodemus to acquire through the maze the very first time? 4 minutes and thirty-seven seconds. 195. Why go Nicodemus continue to run through the maze, also though the knew he’d never ever make it come the environment-friendly grass? due to the fact that he wanted to run, because he was always stuck in the cage. 196. Just how did Dr. Schultz teach the rats shapes? By placing them in mazes whereby they had to go through certain shaped doors at details times come avoid acquiring a shock. 197. Who remained in the cage next to Nicodemus? Justin. 198. What to be Justin walk to execute the following day? try to run away as soon as they opened the cage to give him an injection. 199. Exactly how did Justin know that he wouldn’t gain hurt if he got out? because the scientists had actually spent so lot time working with him, they wouldn’t desire anything to take place to him. 200. Exactly how did Julie react once Justin ran away? She calmly propelled a button on the wall surface near the door. 201. What to be Justin doing? He was inspecting the waiting ducts. 202. Was Dr. Schultz surprised the Justin had escaped? No, he had actually expected it to happen, but it had actually happened sooner 보다 he believed it would. 203. Whereby was the A team in learning compared to the control group? 3 hundred percent ahead. 204. V what to be the scientists injecting the rats? DNA, and they were going come soon start injecting them with steroids. 205. What else did Justin view while he was out? He observed that the scientists additionally had cages the mice. 206. Exactly how were the rats an altering as a an outcome of the injections? They to be learning an ext than any kind of rats had ever before learned, and also they had almost fully stopped aging. 207. Exactly how were the rats in the B Group various from the rats in the A Group? they were gaining a different form of injection, for this reason they weren’t finding out as quickly and also their life expectations was no being extended. 208. What team of mouse was obtaining the very same injections as the A group? The G group. 209. Had actually the life expectancy effect continued after the rats escaped indigenous Nimh? Yes, none of the rats seemed any kind of older than they had been once they were captured. 210. What word did the scientists an initial teach the rats to read? RAT. 211. How did they do it? They confirmed them a snapshot of a rat, climate they verified them the letters that order RAT, and also they said the name of the letters. Climate they stated the word, “Rat.” 212. Who was the very first to identify the native RAT on a sign in the lab? Jenner. 213. Walk Dr. Schultz recognize that the rats had learned come read? He didn’t realize how advanced they were. 214. Exactly how did Justin obtain out the his cage? He check out the indict on the handle, of exactly how to open it. The people didn’t realize the the rats can read as well as they could; they had actually not tested them yet. 215. When did Justin acquire out of his cage? in ~ night, after ~ the scientists had actually gone home. 216. What to be Justin walking to execute while he was out? He was going to look around, and also maybe uncover a means to ultimately escape the lab. 217. What had the researchers done, accidentally, by to teach the rats to read? They had taught them come escape. 218. Just how did Justin get back up to the shelf whereby the cages were kept, once he was down? that climbed increase a metal filing cabinet. 219. What had Justin discovered that he thought would be their way out? An air duct that had pipes that he presume must cause the outside. 220. What did the rats perform that night? They had a meeting about how come escape. 221. How did Nicodemus involved be viewed as the leader? because he and Justin had let the rats out, and he was older than Justin. 222. What problem did jenner immediately suggest out? the they could get lost in the ducts together they to be exploring, and also they had to discover the means before castle planned your escape, otherwise they might not uncover the method out before Dr. Schultz came in some morning. 223. What provides did they require to arrangement explore the waiting ducts? They required a spool that thread and a screwdriver to take it the display screen off the waiting duct. They also needed a light, but they couldn’t find one. 224. Who went out trying out the mazes? Justin, Arthur, and another rat. 225. Why to be it so tough to find their way in the waiting duct? It was a full maze with many turnoffs, and every corridor looked the same. 226. What to be the problem with the thread? It wasn’t long sufficient for the rats to totally explore the air ducts. 227. Once did Justin finally find the method out? ~ above the saturday night. 228. What do Justin think he was close to the external when the subject ran out? The waiting smelled fresher. 229. What was throughout the opened to the outside? A wire screen. 230. What happened, coincidentally, as Justin ran towards the external screen? The air began blowing yes, really hard, just for a minute. Justin had actually to really organize on to not be puffy away. 231. Why no the rats leave the night? it was close to morning, and it can take a while for them to acquire the display off the duct. Castle didn’t want the humans to realize the they had the capability to escape. 232. Why was it difficult for them come wait one more day? because they didn’t desire to threat the humans realizing the devices were gone or transforming the pattern some means so the it would be impossible for them come escape. 233. Who asked the rats come let lock escape v them? The rats. 234. Which mouse asked Nicodemus come let them out? Jonathan, that was to end up being Mrs. Frisby’s husband. 235. Why walk the mice require the rats’ help? lock were not able to open their cages by themselves. 236. Why did some rats argue versus helping the mice? They to be afraid the mice would slow-moving them down. 237. What to be Jonathan’s argument against that? They only wanted them to assist them escape. They didn’t require anything ~ that. 238. How countless mice were there? Eight. 239. What setup did Nicodemus make with the mice? The rats would open their cages the following night when the humans left, and they can follow the thread the end to the wire screen. Once they were out, they would go their different ways. 240. What go Jenner desire to comment on with Nicodemus later that night? He wanted to know where they need to go, as soon as they obtained out. 241. Why couldn’t they go back where they had actually been? because now that they were so much smarter than various other rats, they i will not ~ be happy, nor would they fit in, whereby they had actually lived before. 242. What rather was zener worried about? He was worried about Dr. Schultz or rather coming come look for them, since he would number out that they had learned come read. 243. Why did the rats need to hurry after castle escaped, to obtain to the display screen at the finish of the tower quickly? the was nearly dark, and also they essential a tiny bit of light to gain the display off. 244. What walk Nicodemus think Dr. Schultz would certainly do as soon as he establish the rats and also mice had escaped? He thought he would shot to discover them. 245. That was an initial into the wait duct? Justin. 246. That was last? Nicodemus. 247. Exactly how long walk it take it the team to get to the end of the passage? about twenty minutes. 248. What taken place as the group reached the end of the passage? The waiting flow sped up as had happened when Justin had first explored it. 249. What happened to the mice? They to be too tiny to resist the wind, and also most of them blew away. 250. Just how were two mice saved? Nicodemus got hold of onto the white mouse and also held him, and Jonathan was stopped by one more rat. 251. What happened to the remainder of the mice? They go out down various other passages and also were can not to uncover their way back. 252. Why didn’t the survivors shot to find the shed mice? due to the fact that they would have actually a difficult time finding castle in the confusing passageways, and also because the wind could kick up again, and also they would certainly be unable to safeguard themselves from it. 253. How numerous times did the wind come at them prior to they might get out? six times. 254. Just how did the two mice safeguard themselves once the wind came? They hosted onto the screen and the rats was standing by them in instance they lost their grip. 255. What were the rats making use of to obtain off the screen? A screwdriver. 256. How did they gain the screen open a ways? lock pried the bottom open up a slight bit, utilizing the screwdriver as a lever. The 2 mice were the just ones who might slip through. 257. Just how did the rats get out? The mice opened the display screen from the outside. 258. Why were the rats glad the they had actually had the mice through them? due to the fact that the rats would not have been maybe to obtain out there is no them. 259. Why go the mice decide to stay with the rats, regardless of their earlier commitment to separation up upon your escape? due to the fact that there were just two mice left. 260. What time of year to be it once the rats escaped? early summer. 261. Wherein were they when they obtained outside? up on the roof. 262. How did the rats survive as soon as they first got out? periodically they had actually to eat garbage, but mostly they to be able to uncover grocery stores, currently that they can read, and also find what they want that way. 263. What taken place when castle met other rats? The various other rats can tell they were different, and didn’t desire anything to execute with them. 264. Just how did the Nimh rats look various from continuous rats? They were bigger and also stronger. 265. Wherein did the rats want to clear up for the winter? They wanted to it is in in the country, however near a city for access to food. 266. Why walk Nicodemus worry around how they acquired their food? he didn’t favor the truth that they had to steal everything they used. 267. Why go the rats desire to go into the deserted estate? They believed it would have a huge pantry, freezer and cupboard, and also since no one lived there, that they would certainly be left alone. 268. Why go the homeowner have actually several lights on automatic switches? To store away burglars. 269. Exactly how did the rats gain into the house? with a broken window. 270. Was there food in the house? Yes, a most it. 271. Exactly how did the rats gain canned items open? They check out the accuse on the automatic can opener. 272. What to be the finest thing around the large house? It had actually an huge library the was well-stocked v books. 273. Why was the residence deserted? The owner and his brand-new wife were on a lengthy trip approximately the world. 274. Who pertained to check ~ above the house and also how often? A caretaker come in as soon as in a while, maybe a few times a week, but he no live there. 275. What walk the rats execute with your garbage? They take it it out right into the woods in ~ night. 276. What walk the rats find out to do that winter? castle learned to write. 277. What time was it when Justin and also Mr. Ages returned v Dragon’s resting powder? It was after noon. 278. Why couldn’t Mrs. Frisby stay to hear the story the the toy tinker? because her youngsters needed to have actually their lunch. 279. Once were the rats walk to relocate the Frisby’s house? in ~ eleven o’clock. 280. What was Mr. Ages going to execute until then? He was going to take a nap. 281. What was Mrs. Frisby going come tell she children around the day’s events? She was just going to tell them that the rats had agreed to relocate their home that night. 282. Why no she going to tell castle what she to be going to execute with Dragon? because they would worry, and Martin would try to go rather of her. 283. Walk they expropriate the answer around the rats? No, they to be forever questioning why the rats were going to assist them. 284. Why didn’t Mrs. Frisby kiss her children goodbye once she went out to placed the flour in Dragon’s food? due to the fact that that would more arouse their suspicions. 285. Where was Dragon as Mrs. Frisby went to the rats’ nest that afternoon? He was lying in the sunlight on the earlier porch. 286. What did it median if the sentry rat moved the doorbell three times? It expected there was danger, and twelve rats would run up, all set to fight. 287. Wherein was the back door come the rats’ house? the went out v the blackberry bramble. 288. Whereby did Justin take it Mrs. Frisby? to the main hall. 289. What was emerging in the key hall? every sorts of work; rats were functioning machinery to make things and they were also moving provides from one location to another. 290. How did the rats destruction out the key hall? they didn’t have actually to; it to be a natural cavern made that rock. 291. What was the most vital invention the rats had, follow to Justin? A plow, for this reason they would be able to grow their own food. 292. Just how much food did the rats have? They had two years’ it is provided for their group. 293. How much seed did they have? castle had sufficient to plant 2 seasons’ worth, in situation the very first one failed. 294. What, exactly, together the Plan? To be self-sufficient, to develop their very own food so they didn’t have to steal. 295. As soon as did the rats leaving the deserted estate? On might 1, after staying there for eight months. 296. What subjects did the rats study while they were at the Boniface Estate? History, astronomy, biology, electricity, math, music and also art. 297. What walk they read about rats? castle learned that human being hated rats, mostly because they stole food and also had a call for biting kids. They also learned that rats had, plenty of centuries ago, to be close to developing civilizations; this rats happened called prairie dogs. 298. Why didn’t the rats build civilizations? The scientist assumed it was because their lives were also easy. 299. Exactly how would a rat human being be different from a human one? It would be listed below ground, and also would be an ext suited come a rats’ physical and also social needs. 300. What sort of see did the rats desire to settle in? they wanted and area v mountains, so there would be caves. They would additionally need to be close to farms, because that food. 301. Why was it good that they decided land that bordered the wilderness preserve? because people weren’t permitted in there. The rats were no observed by many humans. 302. What had actually happened come the guy the rats discovered in the woods? He had died, probably of a love attack. 303. Why wasn’t he an alleged to be wherein the rats were? because it to be a safeguarded wilderness preserve. 304. Just how did the rats bury him? By extending him increase with lots of leaves, stone, twigs and soil. 305. What walk Justin uncover as the rats were burying the man? They uncovered his truck. 306. What go the truck show that the man did because that a living? He was a repairer the toys. 307. Why did the rats think the toy tinker had come right into the woods with his truck? to camp because that the night. 308. What was wrong through the man’s truck? One wheel had obtained stuck in the soft mud, and also he had actually been make the efforts to destruction it out when he had actually a heart attack. 309. What was in the truck? The man’s life supplies, many toys, and also lots of motors and also tools. 310. Why were the tools and also motors therefore important? It intended the rats might make whatever they wanted, but they would an initial need electricity. 311. Why had the rats originally decided that the cavern under the rosebush wouldn’t execute for your house? that was as well close come the humans. 312. Why did they later on decide they would certainly live there? since they might get electricity and also water native Mr. Fitzgibbon’s shed. 313. Why go the rats start to feeling discontented after ~ they had actually fixed increase their civilization as they want it? lock felt that they didn’t have a mission, as to what to do next; they to be bored and life was ending up being too easy. They didn’t choose stealing what they had, and they constantly lived v the are afraid that they would be uncovered out. 314. Wherein did Nicodemus begin going on his walks? He explored the jeep trails in the preserve, do the efforts to uncover the areas least travel by humans. 315. How did Nicodemus accomplish the old owl? the asked some chipmunks what was on the other side of the mountain. They no know, but they motivated him come ask the owl, and they called Nicodemus where he lived. 316. What did that learn about from the owl? the learned about Thorn Valley. 317. Why no humans ever before go there? since the hill was also steep and rocky, and the see was extended with thorns. 318. What was mandrel Valley? It to be a level area in ~ the bottom the the rocky cliffs that had actually lakes and streams and flat, lush land. 319. Who did Nicodemus walk with as soon as he first searched for thorn Valley? Jenner. 320. Just how long go it take it to acquire there? much more than half a day. 321. Why didn’t Jenner want to relocate to mandrel Valley? since it would certainly be hard work, and also where they were now, they had actually what lock needed. In thorn Valley, there would certainly be no electricity. 322. Why go Nicodemus desire to relocate there? so the rats could build their own, self-sufficient civilization; castle wouldn’t need to steal. 323. Did zener care around stealing? No. 324. Just how long had actually it been since the rats had begun working top top the Plan? Over three years. 325. Once did the rats expect to leaving Mr. Fitzgibbon’s farm? By early on June. 326. What time did Mrs. Fitzgibbon feeding Dragon? six o’clock. 327. What to be the last concern Mrs. Frisby necessary answered? Why no Jonathan ever before tell her around all that had happened in the past? 328. That answered that inquiry for her? Mr. Ages. 329. What was the answer? Jonathan didn’t know how to call Mrs. Frisby that, although she to be going to gain older and die, that was no aging, seemingly, in ~ all. 330. What effect did all this have actually on Mrs. Frisby’s children? lock didn’t know whether they would have longer life spans, yet it to be clear the they had inherited their father’s capacity to find out quickly. 331. What taken place to Jenner? He and some others left the group since they didn’t want to relocate to mandrel Valley. 332. As soon as did Jenner ultimately decide come leave? as soon as the various other rats destroyed the machines. 333. Why did they do that? since they didn’t desire to leave evidence behind of exactly how they lived, and likewise because they want to be truly self-sufficient; they didn’t want to be tempted to move ago to the rosebush once things acquired difficult, as they were certain to in ~ the beginning, at thorn Valley. 334. Wherein did jenner go? nobody knew for sure, however they believed they would shot to go somewhere choose Mr. Fitzgibbon’s farm, where they can live similarly. 335. Why would certainly it be tough for Jenner’s group? since they didn’t have actually the Toy Tinker’s electric motors to get them started. 336. Just how was Mrs. Frisby going to obtain into the Fitzgibbons’ house to put the flour in Dragon’s food? She was going up through a hole in the kitchen floor. 337. Who would be in the kitchen at that time? Mrs. Fitzgibbon would certainly be making dinner for the family. 338. When would she feeding Dragon? after ~ the family’s dinner was ready. 339. Where would Dragon be? He would be waiting outside the kitchen door, ~ above the porch. 340. As soon as did Mrs. Frisby have to run come the bowl to put in the powder? In between the time that Mrs. Fitzgibbon put in the cat food and also walked to the door come let Dragon in. 341. Just how did Mr. Ages get hurt? He to be a small late getting to the cat bowl, and Dragon nearly got him. 342. Who went v Mrs. Frisby to the feet under the farmhouse? Justin. 343. Why can not Justin get in the kitchen v Mrs. Frisby? He was too big to fit v the hole. 344. When have to Mrs. Frisby open up the document package the powder, follow to Justin? before she ran out to Dragon’s bowl. 345. How much from Mrs. Frisby was the cat’s bowl? five feet. 346. What to be in between Mrs. Frisby and also the cat’s bowl? A kitchen stool. 347. What taken place to Mrs. Frisby after ~ she dumped the flour in the bowl? She was caught under a colander by Billy Fitzgibbon. 348. Where had actually Billy been? sitting on the stool. 349. Where did Billy put Mrs. Frisby? In a birdcage. 350. How long did Mrs. Fitzgibbon say the Billy can keep Mrs. Frisby? A couple of days. 351. Who believed Billy need to let Mrs. Frisby go? Paul, his brother. 352. Where was the birdcage? up on a was standing in a corner of the kitchen. 353. Who was Mrs. Frisby many worried around as she waited in the cage? she children. 354. What did Mrs. Frisby learn around rats when she waited in the cage? A team of rats had actually been electrocuted in ~ the hardware store while make the efforts to move a motor. 355. What else occurred that to be of interest to Mrs. Frisby? The government wanted come know an ext about it, and when Mr. Fitzgibbon told them about the rats at his farm, they stated they wanted to come out and investigate his rats, too. 356. Why did they desire to inspection his rats? due to the fact that they hadn’t been able come look at the electrocuted rats; your bodies had already been taken to the dump. 357. Why go Paul think the federal government was interested in the rats? since they assumed they could have rabies. 358. As soon as were the public representative going come come? In two days. 359. What to be the guys going to perform to the rats? They were going to exterminate them through poison gas. 360. Who remained in charge the the federal government group? some doctor; Mr. Fitzgibbon couldn’t remember his name. 361. Had the resting powder functioned on Dragon? Yes. 362. As soon as did the Fitzgibbons’ walk to bed? at ten o’clock. 363. What go Mrs. Frisby try to perform then? She do the efforts to obtain out the the cage by opening the door, but she couldn’t. 364. Walk Mrs. Frisby think the rats would certainly still relocate the house, although she was caught in the house? Yes. 365. Besides worrying about her children, why did Mrs. Frisby currently really require to gain out that the cage? come warn the rats around the damage that was going to be done to their home, and to them, on Saturday. 366. Who came to rescue Mrs. Frisby? Justin. 367. Exactly how did he understand what had actually happened? he heard indigenous under the kitchen floor. 368. What had actually Justin said Mrs. Frisby’s children? that she to be OK and that she’d be home late. 369. To be Justin maybe to get Mrs. Frisby out? Yes. 370. How had actually Justin acquired into the house? through the attic. 371. Who did Justin think the rats were that had passed away at the hardware store? Jenner and his group. 372. Was Justin grateful to Mrs. Frisby for the information she called him around the men who were coming to poison them? Yes. 373. What to be the problem with the relocating of the Frisbys’ house? The shrew didn’t believe the rats that Mrs. Frisby had asked castle to relocate it; she thought they were stealing it, and she wouldn’t let them close to it. 374. After ~ she fixed the problem with the shrew, whereby did Justin go? come tell Nicodemus what Mrs. Frisby had learned. 375. How was Timothy defended from the night air together he waited because that the rats to relocate the house? that was every wrapped up in blankets. 376. What go the rats do first to move the house? castle dug a brand-new hole in the lee the the stone, and they dug approximately the residence so they’d have the ability to get it out of its present hole. 377. Exactly how did they gain the residence out the the ground? castle attached pulleys to it and, functioning together, pulled it up and also over. 378. How did they move the residence to its new position? v rollers that they moved from prior to earlier as require be. 379. Once the home was in place, what still required to be done? They required to destruction a brand-new entrance hole, sheathe the residence with grass, and fill in the old hole. 380. How long go it take it the rats to destruction the door, versus just how long it had taken Mrs. Frisby to execute it before? 5 minutes, as compared to a totality day. 381. Why would the Frisbys have the ability to use their winter residence over again year after ~ year? since it was now in a location undisturbed through the farmer’s plow, and would remain there forever, because no one can see it from over the ground. 382. Who concerned see Mrs. Frisby that morning? Brutus. 383. What did that want? He wanted Mrs. Frisby come come and talk come Nicodemus about what she had actually heard in the Fitzgibbons’ kitchen the various other night. 384. That was at the conference Mrs. Frisby go to? every the rats of the colony, as well as the few who were doing sentry duty. 385. Why did the rats feeling Mrs. Frisby had actually done lock a good favor? since they never ever would have actually known that the guys were comes to damage their house if she hadn’t overheard the world talking about it, and warned them. 386. How countless rats were in Jenner’s group? Seven. 387. Walk the rats think the men coming to be from Nimh? Yes, castle assumed they were. 388. What go the rats need to convince the exterminators of? that they were just normal rats. In other words, they had to ruin or cover increase all proof of their books, carpeting, electricity, etc. 389. Just how much food walk the rats currently have at mandrel Valley? Eighteen months’ worth. 390. Why couldn’t they bring more? because there wasn’t time. The exterminators to be coming the next day, and also they essential to be gone. 391. Just how were they going come cover up the proof of their advanced society? They to be going to put whatever in the cave and also seal up the entrance, so they wouldn’t find it. Climate the first tunnels and holes they would make look choose an simple rats’ nest, through garbage, etc. 392. Were all the rats walk to leave the hole prior to the males came? No, many would leave and go to thorn Valley, however a couple of would remain behind and also run out the secret exit together the toxicity gas was put in the entrance. 393. I beg your pardon rats available to continue to be behind and face the exterminators? Justin, Brutus and eight others. 394. Just how were the rats that stayed going to try to prevent the poison gas? They would run the end the mystery rear exit as the gas to be being pumped in, make certain the men saw them, and run off right into the woods. 395. Why to be Mrs. Frisby sad that night? because the rats were going away. 396. Why go Mrs. Frisby call her kids that the rats were leaving? since she wasn’t ready yet to tell lock the totality story. 397. Why walk Mr. Fitzgibbon placed the bulldozer ~ above the tractor and park it by the rosebush the next day? because he was obtaining ready to destroy the rosebush in order come look because that the rats, once the scientists arrived. 398. Whereby did Mrs. Frisby walk to clock what taken place to the rats? She visited a hickory tree in ~ the edge of the woods and also climbed increase onto a branch. 399. What could she watch from there? She can see the rosebush and also she could likewise see wherein the rats’ secret exit was, for this reason she’d be able to watch their escape. 400. How numerous men arrived in the white truck? Three, one of whom wore hornrimmed glasses. 401. What type of poison were the guys going to use? Cyanide. 402. Who was in charge of the scientists? The man with the glasses, who the other men referred to as “Doc.” 403. What walk the males do first? lock bulldozed the rosebush, so they might get come the entrance to the rats’ nest. 404. What could Mrs. Frisby see as soon as the shrub was gone? She can see 2 holes, one the entrance, and also the other the fake exits. 405. What did the guys put over the entrance? A hose that covered the entirety opening. 406. What did the guys put end the exit? A cage, to record the rats the tried to escape. 407. How long after ~ the males pumped in the gas go the rats come out the real exit? At least a minute. 408. How many rats come out? just seven, return Mrs. Frisby knew the ten had stayed behind. 409. Why did the rats move around among the men’s feet, fairly than running immediately to the woods? They wanted to make the males see them, and they want to make the males think over there were an ext than a mere 7 to ten of them there. 410. What come out that the hole as the other rats were confusing the men? an eighth rat come out, yet he did not look right. He no walking straight, and then he dropped at the edge of the woods. 411. How did the men shot to catch the rats? v nets. 412. Did they succeed? No, the rats ran into the woods. 413. What go the men do as soon as the rats were gone? castle dug into the rats’ home. 414. What go they find? two dead rats, and also a most garbage. 415. What walk Mr. Fitzgibbon want the dead rats tested for? Rabies. 416. To be the rat at the sheet of the woods dead? Mrs. Frisby no sure, but she thought she witnessed it move. 417. I m sorry rat was it? It to be Brutus. 418. Who was through him? Mr. Ages. 419. What go Mr. Ages do? He gave Brutus some medicine to against the poison. 420. Exactly how did Brutus acquire out? A rat moved him toward the exit and also the new air. 421. What occurred to the rat who saved him? that went back, most likely to assist others. 422. Go he do it out? No. 423. What did Mr. Fitzgibbon do a few days later? he plowed the garden. 424. What taken place to Mrs. Frisby and also her children? lock were safe in their house. 425. Did Mrs. Frisby think she would check out the rats again? No. 426. Why couldn’t she go visit them? She no know how to get there, and also it was too long a go for she family. 427. Why did the Frisbys must leave soon? due to the fact that the garden was going come be as well busy through people and animals to be safe for the mice. 428. When did they relocate to your summer house? In May. 429. Just how long go it take it them to obtain there? A half a day. 430. Why were Mrs. Frisbys’ children happy to check out their summer house? there were countless other youngsters to play with there, unlike at Mr. Fitzgibbon’s farm. 431. Why go Mrs. Frisby decide to phone call her kids all about the rats? due to the fact that of the connection to their father, and how who their father was made castle so different from various other mice. 432. Who had actually suspected that his father and Mr. Ages knew the rats? Timothy. 433. Who did Teresa think had saved Brutus and also died in the rat hole? Justin. 434. Whereby did Martin desire to go? To thorn Valley. 435.

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Exactly how did that think that would get there? that ask Jeremy to take it him.