PHOENIX, AZ – DECEMBER 08: Chandler Jones #55 that the Arizona Cardinals in action during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in ~ State farm yard Stadium on December 8, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 23-17. (Photo by rob Leiter via Getty Images)

Most forced Fumbles in a solitary Season

Last year, both Chandler Jones of the Arizona Cardinals and T.J. Watt the the Pittsburgh Steelers landed close to the peak of the NFL’s all-time perform for most fumbles required in a solitary season. They tied each various other for most in the NFL with 8 apiece, yet both players have actually every reason to think they have the right to do even far better in 2020.

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The Steelers were placing together a truly fearsome protective unit in 2019, yet it was also one that had actually to carry the full weight of a team the still wanted to crash the postseason despite featuring their 3rd string quarterback much of the season ~ injuries to both Ben Roethlisberger and also Mason Rudolph. Currently Chris Wormley has actually been included to the former line and also Minkah Fitzpatrick is in location from the start, definition the Steelers could be even far better on defense in 2020. That might mean bigger points for Watt.

The same can be said in the desert where the Cardinals could be placing some surprising piece together. Jones has long been the solitary most underrated happen rusher in the NFL, but now he’s acquired the draft’s most exciting defender in Isaiah Simmons as a teammate to go with new front seven imports favor lineman Jordan Phillips and also linebackers Devon Kennard and also De’Vondre Campbell. If he doesn’t have to shoulder so much responsibility in 2020, Jones could come to be a sales machine.

The record right here belongs to several players through 10 compelled fumbles in a season. Most recently, Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts matched the feat in 2013, one year after Charlest Tillman that the Chicago bear did the same. Cornerback Dwayne Harper that the Seattle Seahawks to be the an initial to attain the feat, and also Osi Umenyiora that the new York Giants matched him in 2010. Perhaps it’s time for one player to organize the title.

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Here’s a closer look in ~ 10 NFL records that can fall in the upcoming 2020 season.

They say documents are made to be broken. Offered the incredible level of talent in the NFL these days, native future hall of Famers to thrilling young phenoms at every position, the organization is bound to watch a number of those records broken in the comes year.

With the 2020 season coming right into view, we thought it would be a funny exercise come look in ~ 10 records that stand a an excellent chance of falling this year.

Most Completions in a single Game

The maxim that the NFL is now a happen league has been supplied again and again in current years and also it’s true. Teams room figuring out exactly how to score points in bunches these days, yet this offseason more than most, that feels like more teams than ever before are emphasizing the offense.

Consider that abundant quarterbacks like electronic came Newton and Jameis Winston were sitting top top the shelf for much longer than castle would have in recent years. That’s a great sign that perhaps there’s more talent (or at least potential talent) than ever at the quarterback position. Litter in the fact that this year’s vast receiver class was incredibly deep and you could have higher-octane offensive units as well.

Taken together, it’s not hard to envision shootouts aplenty in the NFL this season. Take it the AFC West, because that example. In a division dominated by Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, the rest of the West determined to abide through the saying, “If friend can’t beat ’em, then sign up with ’em.” The Raiders included Henry Ruggs III, Lynn Bowden and Bryan Edwards in the very first three rounds. The Denver Broncos brought in Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler. The Chargers determined to move on from Philip Rivers and drafted Justin Herbert together the succession apparent. That alone should lead to a lot of passing attempts.

Is this the year that drew Bledsoe‘s 25-year-old record falls? It was 1994 once the new England Patriots quaterback completed an tremendous 45 passes against the Minnesota Vikings. What sound even more insane is the he attempted 70 throws overall. In the end, he just threw for 426 yards and also three touchdowns, which sounds favor an afternoon’s occupational for the likes that Aaron Rodgers.

Still, Bledsoe hold the record and also it’s held up v a lot of solid offensive years in the NFL. Will certainly it continue to stand? I’d bet this one lastly topples in 2020.


KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – DECEMBER 15: Patrick Mahomes #15 that the Kansas City Chiefs jogs off the ar following their victory over the Denver Broncos in ~ Arrowhead stadion on December 15, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Most passing Yards in solitary Season

The nine peak spots ~ above the NFL’s single-season pass yards list have all taken place in the last decade. Three of them occurred in 2018 and also 2019. The stands to reason, then, the the trend would continue and that someone—even multiple players—could eclipse Peyton Manning‘s record of 5,477 happen yards collection back in 2013.

The Denver Broncos saw the Super key the year the Manning collection the record, proof the the team’s offense was virtually impossible to conquer with Manning at the helm. In 2013, Manning would certainly be the an initial to enter the 50/5,000 club through 55 touchdowns and practically 5,500 passing yards. Only Patrick Mahomes has actually reached those same numbers in a solitary season, and Manning’s stat sheet the year might be the solitary finest season by a quarterback in NFL history.

With a 80.9 full QBR that season, Manning completed over 68 percent that his passes and also threw just 10 interceptions in a year that cemented him in the conversation because that the NFL’s ideal quarterback ever.

Looking front to 2020, Mahomes absolutely has the playmakers about him to beat Manning’s seven-year-old mark yet he’s not the only one. Attracted Brees is the job leader in passing yards and brand-new Orleans included Emmanuel Sanders come the mix to offer the Saints offense even much more firepower. Indigenous Jared Goff and also the Rams come Tom Brady and the Bucs to the return of huge Ben with the Steelers, there space plenty of other candidates to additionally consider. Manning’s note is impressive however it’s no ridiculous in the it can’t it is in touched. It can and also it will and also it can happen in 2020.

PHOENIX, AZ – DECEMBER 08: Chandler Jones #55 the the Arizona Cardinals in activity during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in ~ State farm Stadium ~ above December 8, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 23-17. (Photo by rob Leiter via Getty Images)

Most required Fumbles in a single Season

Last year, both Chandler Jones of the Arizona Cardinals and also T.J. Watt that the Pittsburgh Steelers landed close to the height of the NFL’s all-time perform for many fumbles required in a solitary season. They tied each various other for many in the NFL with 8 apiece, however both players have every factor to think they deserve to do even much better in 2020.

The Steelers were putting together a important fearsome protective unit in 2019, but it was also one that had actually to lug the full weight of a team that still want to crash the postseason in spite of featuring their 3rd string quarterback lot of the season after injuries to both Ben Roethlisberger and also Mason Rudolph. Currently Chris Wormley has actually been added to the prior line and also Minkah Fitzpatrick is in location from the start, definition the Steelers can be even much better on defense in 2020. That can mean bigger points for Watt.

The same can be stated in the desert wherein the Cardinals could be putting some surprising piece together. Jones has long been the solitary most underrated pass rusher in the NFL, however now he’s obtained the draft’s most exciting defender in Isaiah Simmons together a teammate to walk with brand-new front 7 imports favor lineman Jordan Phillips and also linebackers Devon Kennard and also De’Vondre Campbell. If the doesn’t have to shoulder so much responsibility in 2020, Jones could become a sales machine.

The record right here belongs to number of players with 10 required fumbles in a season. Many recently, Robert Mathis that the Indianapolis Colts matched the feat in 2013, one year after Charlest Tillman of the Chicago bear did the same. Cornerback Dwayne Harper of the Seattle Seahawks was the very first to achieve the feat, and also Osi Umenyiora that the brand-new York Giants matched him in 2010. Perhaps it’s time for one player to hold the title.


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JANUARY 26: drew Brees #9 of the new Orleans Saints warming up before the 2020 NFL agree Bowl in ~ Camping world Stadium on January 26, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by note Brown/Getty Images)

Most job Passing Attempts

Drew Brees has been liven over the last couple seasons re-writing the NFL record books in a variety of categories, and also he’s poised to rest yet one more career mark within the an initial half that the brand-new Orleans Saints’ an initial game uneven something correctly happens—either an injury or a complete adjust in the team’s attack philosophy. That’s because Brees sits only 8 completions behind Brett Favre because that the many passing attempts in one NFL career.

At present, Brees has actually 10,161 happen attempts in his job while Favre has 10,169. Brees should, well, breeze right by Favre against the Tampa bay Buccaneers in the season opener and establish a new norm at season’s end. If Brees does retire as supposed after the 2020 season, the perform of accomplishments and records will be remarkably lengthy at his push conference provided that he’s additionally the NFL’s leader in completions, pass yards, pass touchdowns and also completion rate.

Interestingly enough, the quarterback in that season opener ~ above the opposing next is Tom Brady, who sits at No. 3 every time ~ above the exact same list v 9,988. Brady have to eclipse Favre’s note this season as well, but he’ll need an additional year in the NFL to capture Brees.


Tom Brady, brand-new England Patriots. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Most pro Bowl Selections in a Career

Speaking the Tom Brady, the Buccaneers quarterback can collection a mark for the most Pro key selections in one NFL career. The record could sound meaningless come some yet it’s an superior measure of not just Brady’s production gradually but also his popularity, a sustained position at the optimal of the video game for the much better part the two full decades.

To date, Brady has actually been voted to 14 agree Bowls—an remarkable feat already—which has actually him at this time tied through quarterback Peyton Manning, tight finish Tony Gonzalez, attack lineman Bruce Matthews and also defensive lineman Merlin Olsen.

From 2004 to 2018, Brady failed to do the agree Bowl in only two seasons and also one of those (2008) was shed entirely as result of injury after the tore his ACL from a hit by security Bernard Pollard. Upon his return in 2009, Brady would never ever again fail to earn his pro Bowl invite until the 2019 season. Even then he still winner 12 games and threw 24 touchdowns versus only 8 interceptions.

It will be amazing to check out if Brady can earn his an initial Pro Bowl together a member of the NFC. Will he proceed to regress statistically as he did critical season or will certainly he prove to be reinvigorated by his surroundings? It will certainly aid to have targets choose Rob Gronkowski earlier alongside exciting new receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.


HOUSTON, TX – NOVEMBER 21: Jonathan Williams #33 the the Indianapolis Colts provides a stiff arm to Johnathan Joseph #24 that the Houston Texans in the 3rd quarter in ~ NRG stadium on November 21, 2019 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Most Passes protected in a Career

While he’s earned a couple Pro key nods in his 14 periods in the NFL, the spotlight has largely eluded veteran cornerback Jonathan Joseph. Regardless of playing in 200 games in lengthy stints for just two teams, Joseph is frequently overlooked for players with flashier stats or, in recent years, an ext potential. The reality, however, is that Joseph has actually been a an important corner because that a really long time, the perfect example of an under-appreciated career.

Maybe he’ll knife a better share of the spotlight if he breaks the NFL document for most passes safeguarded in a job in 2020. Joseph is learning the ropes v a new team after signing a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. If he have the right to earn another starting spot, or garner sufficient reps, he should have the ability to surpass room of Fame great Champ Bailey, who owns the current mark with 203 batted passes.

Ronde Barber sits at No. 2 top top the list through 197 and also then Joseph come in 3rd at 194. He requirements only 9 to happen Bailey, and Joseph has had only one season lower than that complete in his 14 year career, ago in 2010 as soon as he had actually only 8. He had actually 13 in every of the last 2 years, for this reason it’s clean he’s still productive enough to set the mark also as he viewpoints his late thirties.

In his career, Joseph also has 755 tackles, 31 interceptions, and 7 forced fumbles.


Chase Young, Ohio State Buckeyes. (Photo through Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Most Sacks in a Rookie Season

Nearly everyone agrees that chase Young is a really special talent, someone that would have been take away atop the first-year player breeze in most years if no for the opportunity for the Cincinnati Bengals to lastly solve their quarterback woes. Together dangerous as he to be at the university level, Young is supposed to be simply as leading as he measures up to confront NFL-level competition for the first time.

What’s walk to make Young every the more dangerous this upcoming season is that he’s surrounded by far much more talent 보다 most people realize. The Washington soccer Team is earning headlines for all the wrong factors this offseason, however their front 7 is amongst the an extremely best in the business.

Forget the miserable method in which the team’s pass rushers were utilized last season under Greg Manusky. New head coach Ron Rivera and his defensive head Jack Del Rio are instituting a 4-3 front that will gain the most out that recent very first round choose Da’Ron Payne, Montez Sweat, and Jonathan Allen alongside fertile sack artists prefer Matt Ioannidis and also Ryan Kerrigan. The team likewise imported thomas Davis indigenous the Carolina Panthers to it is in the veteran leader in the love of Rivera’s defense.

Taken together, chase Young should have actually plenty of chances to acquire after the quarterback due to the fact that opposing teams merely won’t be able to focus too much on wherein he’s at. Washington has actually too countless other bodies to account for, which way Young can end up with an ext than 14 sacks, the rookie record currently held through Javon Kearse.


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – DECEMBER 22: wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson #84 that the Chicago bear reacts if warming up before taking ~ above the Kansas City Chiefs in the video game at Soldier field on December 22, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Most Yards per Kick Return in a Career

This record is acquiring a bit in the weeds, however it’s amazing to keep in mind that the Cordarelle Patterson really is among the biggest returners of every time and also has a opportunity to eclipse even the an excellent Gale Sayers because that a record that would certainly provide more of a spotlight on his great work on distinct teams.

Assuming the Patterson breaks camp v the Chicago Bears once again (he’s early out a reasonably hefty cap hit the $5.75 million in the last season of a two-year deal), the former an initial round pick has actually an outside chance that edging Sayers with wonderful year, one the would should come close come the productivity of his first pair seasons in the league.

Patterson’s rookie year was one of the best years ever for a returner in the NFL. That year, Patterson turned heads v the Minnesota Vikings by returning two kicks because that a touchdown, including a 109-yard return the was the talk of the league. Overall, he went back 43 kicks for 1,393 yards, good for a lining 32.4 yards/return average. Regrettably the following year, that mean dropped to a career short of 25.6 yards/return and his career numbers have actually never completely recovered.

Sayers is the every time leader in ~ 30.6 yards/return, but Patterson has actually bested that mark in 3 of his seven years in the NFL to provide him an typical of 29.9. It’s been four years since he’s topped the 31 yards/return mark, but it’s not completely out that reach. Patterson has the juice to walk all the method on each and every return (as illustrated by his 7 job touchdowns ~ above returns) and just needs fantastic special groups play around him to set the new record.


DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 22: Brandon McManus #8 the the Denver Broncos talks to Matt Prater #5 that the Detroit Lions, a former Denver Broncos kicker, on the field after a 27-17 Denver Broncos victory at Empower field on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Longest ar Goal

When friend look at all-time stats for NFL kickers, it’s clear that the power and also accuracy that today’s kickers are higher than any type of other duration in league history.

Matt Prater, currently the kicker because that the Detroit Lions, is the document holder in ~ an incredible 64 yards, a benchmark set during his tenure through the Denver Broncos if kicking in the altitude of Mile High Stadium. Yet also away native the Rocky Mountains, today’s kickers room still may be to transform their ar goals at greater ranges than ever before. In fact, 12 the the height 14 longest field goals in NFL background have every come in the critical 10 seasons.

Only new Orleans Saints kicker Tom Dempsey (1970) and also Denver Broncos kicker Jason Elam (1998) space the exception on list of NFL’s longest field goals ever and also both are tied in ~ No. 2 overall with a 63-yard switch to your names. That the kickers v a proven ability to hit from 60 yards or more, numerous are still active including Prater, Graham Gano, Brett Maher, Jake Elliott, Justin Tucker, and Greg Zuerlein. In addition, younger kickers like Harrison Butker the the Kansas City Chiefs have presented they deserve to hit from ridiculous arrays (like 77 yards) in practice.

It just makes feeling that more recent kickers come the NFL will proceed to press that distance also farther, i m sorry should ultimately bring around the NFL’s first 65-yard ar goal conversion. Perhaps it will come this season.


NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JANUARY 05: Michael thomas #13 the the new Orleans Saints in action during the NFC Wild card Playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings in ~ Mercedes Benz Superdome on January 05, 2020 in brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Most Receiving Yards in a Player’s first 5 Years

Last season Michael cutting board was the many dominant wide receiver in the NFL through a league-leading 149 receptions because that a league-leading 1,725 receiving yards. Yet what you could not realize is that he’s to be on a historic tear the goes ago to his rookie year that has him on monitor to set the organization record for many receiving yards v his very first five NFL seasons.

Currently, NFL legend Torry Holt owns the record with 6,784 receiving yards through his an initial five periods with the St. Louis Rams. Randy Moss is second with 6,743. Cutting board is No. 16 top top the list v 5,512 yards through a player’s very first five year in the league, but he’s only played four season through the Saints.

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Thomas’s run with drew Brees together his quarterback and also Sean Payton as his head coach has provided him a unparalleled head start among his receiving partner in NFL history and it could lead to room of Fame-level production when all is said and done. His single lowest receiving totals came throughout his rookie year whe the still placed up 92 captures for 1,137 yards and also 9 touchdowns. Also with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders come the offense, thomas is still going to garner many of targets and they have to equal sufficient yards to collection a new high mark for manufacturing through the an initial half-decade the a player’s career.