________ was an old reptile that resided in South America and also Africa throughout the so late Paleozoic. mesosaurus
In the early part of the twenty century, ________ argued forcefully for continent drift. Alfred Wegener
The previous late Paleozoic super continent is well-known as ________.

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Today, ________ is in about the same geographical position as during late Paleozoic time. Antarctica
Which of the complying with paleoclimatic evidence supports the idea that the so late Paleozoic supercontinent in the southern Hemisphere? tillites (rocks formed by glaciers) in south Africa and South America
The ________ is an instance of an active, continent-continent collision. northward movement of India right into Eurasia
Pull-apart rift zones room generally associated with a ________ bowl boundary. divergent
The temperature below which magnetic material can retain a permanent magnetization is dubbed the ________. Curie point
A very long-lived magma resource located deep in the mantle is called a ________. hot spot
Linear, magnetic patterns connected with mid-ocean ridges room configured together ________. normal and reversed magnetized strips approximately parallel to the ridge
The ________ is (are) a logical evolution analog of the afri Rift Valleys ten million years from now. Red Sea
A usual rate that seafloor dispersing in the Atlantic ocean is ________. 2 centimeters every year
Which of the following energy sources is thought to journey the lateral movements of Earth's lithospheric plates? export of warmth from deep in the mantle to the top of the asthenosphere
The continent drift hypothesis was garbage primarily since Alfred Wegener can not ________. identify a mechanism qualified of relocating continents
All that the following are evidence supporting the theory of plate tectonics except for ________. changes in the Moon's orbit as result of shifting plates
_______ was never ever proposed as evidence supporting the visibility of Pangaea. Islands that Precambrian rocks follow me the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Which one of the complying with most accurately describes the volcanoes that the Hawaiian Islands? shield volcanoes fed by a long-lived warm spot listed below the Pacific lithospheric bowl
Which the the adhering to statements use to the asthenosphere, but not the lithosphere? zone in the top mantle that deforms by plastic flowage
New oceanic crust and also lithosphere are developed at ________. divergent limits by submarine eruptions and intrusions of basaltic magma
Cooler, older, oceanic lithosphere sinks into the mantle at ________. subduction area along convergent bowl boundaries
Deep s trenches are surficial proof for ________. sinking that oceanic lithosphere right into the mantle at a subduction zone
A transform plate boundary is identified by ________. a deep, vertical fault along which two plates slide previous one an additional in opposite directions
Which one of the following is critical fundamental assumption underlying the bowl tectonic theory? Earth's diameter has been essentially consistent over time.
The modern Red Sea is described by bowl tectonics theory due to the fact that it is ________. a rift zone the may eventually open right into a significant ocean if Arabia and also Africa continue to separate
Mount St. Helens and the other Cascade volcanoes room ________. young, energetic stratovolcanoes constructed on a continent margin above a sinking slab of oceanic lithosphere
The volcanoes and deep valleys of eastern Africa are regarded a ________. continental rift along which components of the afri continent are start to gradually separate
The Aleutian Islands happen at a ________ convergent boundary on a volcano arc above a northward-subducting Pacific plate
________ most effectively outline the edge of the lithospheric plates. Lines of earthquake epicenters
Deep-oceanic trenches are most abundant roughly the rim of the ________ ocean basin. Pacific
Where would certainly you drill to recoup samples that the oldest basalts of the oceanic crust, which room Jurassic in age? oceanic next of the Aleutian trench
________ first related the symmetrical magnetic fads in seafloor basalts to seafloor spreading at a mid-ocean ridge. Vine and also Matthews
Early outcomes of the Deep Sea Drilling Project clearly justified the conclusion that ________. the ocean basins are fairly young; many ocean container rocks and sediments are Cretaceous or younger in age
Oceanic Ridge - Seafloor spreading - Arc volcanoes - Divergent Arc volcanoes
Hawaii - Island Arc - volcanic arc - subduction Hawaii
convergent - transform - divergent transform
fossil proof - right of the continents - paleomagnetism - paleoclimates paleomagnetism
plates are relocating apart native one another divergent
plates are sliding previous one another horizontally transform
curie allude - paleomagnetism - magnetic poles - polar wandering polar wandering
The oldest rocks top top the seafloor are much younger than the earliest rocks top top the continents. T
Earth's radius and also surface area are slowly increasing to accommodate the brand-new oceanic late being created at mid-ocean ridges. F
Hawaii is the earliest island the the Hawaiian Island chain. F
The earliest rocks that the oceanic crust are uncovered in deep s trenches much away indigenous active, mid-ocean ridges.

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As the southern Atlantic container widens by seafloor spreading, Africa and also South America are moving closer together. F
As the southern Atlantic container widens by seafloor spreading, Africa and also South America are relocating closer together. F
During various times in the geologic past, the polarity the Earth's magnetic ar has to be reversed. T
The price of seafloor spreading is, ~ above the average, around one meter per year. F
Wegener's continental drift hypothesis was weakened due to the fact that a viable system for moving the continents was lacking. T
During the geologic past, the magnetic field poles have typically been an extremely close to Earth's rotational poles. T
Seafloor spreading rates have the right to be estimated if the geologic periods of the magnetic ar reversals are independently known. T
The volcanoes of Hawaii are localized above a deep mantle warm spot; they are not component of the eastern Pacific oceanic ridge. T
Iceland is a good example of an island arc, developed from an oceanic-oceanic bowl collision. F
An extensive, so late Paleozoic glaciation influenced southern India, southerly Africa and also southeastern south America.Student T
The Himalayan hills are the tectonic product that a collision in between India and also Eurasia that started in Eocene time and also still continues. T