Ecclesiastes 10:19 “A feast is created laughter, wine provides life merry, and money is the answer for everything.”

Explanation and also Commentary the Ecclesiastes 10:19

It shows up that in the context of the chapter, the verses room not completely separate thoughts, yet go together in a sort of unity. Verses 16-18 warning of rulers who space not wise but seek pleasure fairly than administer well. Special, verses 16-17 says, “Woe come the land who king was a servant and also whose princes feast in the morning. Blessed is the land whose king is of noble birth and whose princes eat in ~ a proper time—for strength and not because that drunkenness.”

In this light, the method to review this is the a feast v both bread and wine is produced laughter, so it have to be organized at the proper time ~ the to work of the day room taken treatment of. To add, “money is the answer for everything,” might mean that it is the money that will be in brief supply if the habit the feasting and also drinking prior to keeping to one’s duties is the norm. Not only is feasting and also drinking expensive, but also the revenue does no come by consuming, yet producing.

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It may likewise be that the divine Spirit intended for the reader to check out something the the Eucharist in the feast and also wine. ‘Feast’ has actually been much more commonly rendered as bread by translators. Indeed, the damaged body and also shed blood that Christ is what important makes males merry, and, contradictory to what this city says, the bread and also wine, rather than the money, is “the answer come everything.”

Breaking under the crucial Parts the Ecclesiastes 10:19

#1 “A feast is produced laughter, wine provides life merry,” God has given us all good things for our sustenance and also enjoyment, but for everything, there is a suitable time. The sustenance, despite enjoyable, is mainly for strength to monitor God (Ecc 10:17) and live the stays he has dubbed us to.

#2 “and money is the answer because that everything.” The definition of this part is no totally certain because in a an extremely real sense, money is most certainly not the answer because that everything. However, money is a concrete answer to specific questions, such as: deserve to we perform this costly point or not? Or: Is our current lifestyle sustainable and wise?

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Biblical Translations the Ecclesiastes 10:19

NIV A feast is produced laughter, wine makes life merry, and also money is the answer for everything.

NLT A party gives laughter, wine provides happiness, and money offers everything!

ESV Bread is produced laughter, and also wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.

KJV A feast is made for laughter, and also wine maketh merry: however money answereth all things.

NKJV A feast is created laughter, and also wine provides merry; but money answer everything.

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