We’re being asked tocalculate the molarity (M)of ahydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution.

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Recall thatmolarityis theratio the the mole of solute and also the volume of systems (in liters). In various other words:


We’re given the fixed percent of H2O2 in water,3.0%. Recall thatmass percentis given by:


This way in100 g of solution, us have3.0 g H2O2.

The actions we need to do for this solution are:

Step 1:Calculate the mole of H2O2

Step 2:Calculate the volume of the solution (in L).

Step 3:Calculate the molarity that the solution.

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Problem Details

Household hydrogen peroxide is an aqueous solution containing 3.0% hydrogen peroxide by mass. What is the molarity that this solution? (Assume a density of 1.01 g/mL.)

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