I"ve heard this is an old cg-tower.com saying definition "Love can"t exist there is no trust". What is the literal meaning translation? "Mi amore" is straightforward enough, and also "vole" is probably from "volere", but what is "fe yah"? I"d guess: v it"s from a dialect.

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It"s southern cg-tower.com dialect: "mi amore vole fe"", yah is not a actual word, it is like to to speak in English "do you recognize me huh?"."Yah" is favor "huh".


In cg-tower.com: IL MIO AMORE VUOLE FEDE

In English: my LOVE needs FAITH


I heard this in Lady Gaga"s tune "Born This Way".Given the the an interpretation of the song is all about loving yourself,in context: "I love mine life, i love this record and also my love needs faith"it doesn"t yes, really make any type of sense to the remainder of the song.Saying "wants to have sex" is a really Lady Gaga thing to imply, so i think she"s utilizing the expression "Mi amore vole fe" come say "I want to have sex v myself" in a "I love myself" type of way. Which fits the song."I love my life, ns love this document and, ns love myself."



I don"t desire to be rude but, yet in language "vole" way "want" and also "fe" "to do", "vole fe" way "wants to do", and when it"is not specified what, it way "wants to have actually sex".Example of language use of indigenous "vole".


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