Located in phibìc America, Mexico is a nation situated beneath the United says of America. Well-known as Estados Unidos Mexicanos in Spanish, Mexico shares boundaries with six various other areas, 4 of which space land regions and two of which room bodies the water. V the U.S. In the north, Mexico share its southeastern borders with Belize, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea. The Gulf of Mexico is in the east, and also the Pacific oceans lies to both the west and also the south of Mexico.

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GPS works with of Mexico

The phibìc American nation of Mexico has a latitude of 23.6345° N, and longitude the 102.5528° W. This points location Mexico in the northern and also western hemispheres, respectively. Likewise, Mexico lies to the north of the equator.

Most too much Points the the Country

In the north, Mexico"s furthest point is in Monumento 206. This suggest is in the city the Los Algodones of the Mexicali Municipality. In particular, the northernmost point of Mexico is part of Baja California. The latitude of Mexico"s northernmost suggest is 32°43" N.

The southernmost point of Mexico has actually a latitude the 14°32" N. That is positioned along the border the Mexico shares with the central American country of Guatemala. This allude is top top the Suchiate River, known as the Río Suchiate in Spanish. An ext specifically, the many extreme allude of Mexico in the southern is in the mexico state of Chiapas.

The easternmost point of the nation is uncovered on the Isla Mujeres. This island is situated in the Gulf the Mexico. As component of Mexico"s Isla Mujeres Municipality, this suggest is considered to be component of the peninsula of Yucatán. Through a longitude the 86°42"36" W, Mexico"s easternmost point is component of the free and can be fried State that Quintana Roo.

To the west, Mexico has two points of extremity. ~ above the mainland that Mexico, the westernmost point of Mexico is in Baja California, close to the city of Tijuana. This point has a longitudinal coordinate of 117°02" W. Once it pertains to extremities beyond Mexico"s mainland, Guadalupe Island is residence to Mexico"s westernmost point. Positioned along the Pacific Ocean, this suggest is located in Roca Elefante.

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Physical dimension and populace of Mexico

Mexico is made up of a full of 758,449 square miles. The full area that Mexico is the thirteenth largest herbal area the all nations in the world. Mexico’s population as of 2019 is around 131,563,359 people. This number amounts to 1.72% the the worldwide population. Mexico is the 10th largest nations of all 196 countries about the world.