Beauty metaphors can be used to add flair to your descriptions of people you find amazing, like:

She is a rare jewel.She is a rose.She is one angel.

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Others have the right to be provided to explain how their beauty makes you feel, such as:

Her beauty, beauty is intoxicating.She blew me away.She collection off a fire in mine heart.

In this article, I’ll synopsis some that my favorite metaphors because that beauty.

A perform of beauty, beauty Metaphors

Below is a list and also explanation of 11 beauty, beauty metaphors.

1. Her Beauty is Intoxicating

The phrase ‘intoxicating’ is regularly used to suggest that you room doing points you wouldn’t normally do since you’re under the influence of other – normally alcohol. But in this situation, it method you are greatly influenced through someone because they’re so beautiful.

This metaphor can be supplied for someone who could stumble over your words or to speak something silly as soon as they’re approximately someone they’re attracted to. The attraction consumes them so lot that your decisions are blurred.

2. She Eyes were an ocean of Wonder

This metaphor from our metaphors for eyes article would job-related really well once describing someone that is beautiful. It means that someone’s eyes space so beautiful you can stare into them forever. This ide of the eyes being an ‘ocean’ can regularly be provided to say the the eyes have ‘depth’, i beg your pardon is additional by plenty of other eye metaphors prefer “eyes room a window into the soul”.

3. Her Beauty led me off the Cliff

This one could be offered when a beautiful human being is also evil or deceptive. Their beauty could make you make bad decisions, or make you monitor them and do something through them that’s no ethical. Before you know it, you’ve unable to do to far and also made a tragic decision because you can not look previous that person’s beauty.


4. She Beauty blew me Away

Imagine being recorded in a storm – a hurricane – i m sorry literally lifts you up and also blows you right into the sky. This storm was something the was so powerful that that was the end of her control.

The use of beauty beauty in this metaphor gives united state the feeling that the who beauty is as powerful as a hurricane. That a force of nature. You saw her and also – like you were captured in a storm – that felt favor you to be “knocked off your feet” by her powerful great looks.

5. Beauty is a light in the Heart

This is a metaphor that indicates there’s a direct link in between love and looks. Girlfriend look in ~ someone and also they’re therefore beautiful you feel love in your heart. This an allegory has plenty of layers due to the fact that you additionally need to know that the heart is a price of love, and that light is considered ‘good’ in our culture.

Overall, you’d want to usage this an allegory perhaps once telling someone you love the their beauty, beauty is amazing and it melts your heart – it renders you feeling deep love because that them.

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6. She to be a Beautiful Butterfly Floating By

There are details animals that move with a particular elegance that is taken into consideration beautiful. Possibly most amongst them is butterflies, i beg your pardon ‘flutter’ as the paris from sheet to leaf.

You can use this an allegory when talking about someone in a gown at a round who walks v such elegance the it feels favor they float.

This metaphor is additionally invoking the idea the butterflies have beautiful trends on your wings. So illustration the analogy come a person, the person could have analogous beautiful features that make you attracted to them.

7. She Beauty Radiates

Things the radiate ‘push’ out light or warm (usually in the kind of waves and rays). For example, a fire radiates. You deserve to feel its existence without having to touch it. Its irradiate is cast about your campfire and also its heat makes you feeling cozy.

So, a human who radiates beauty, beauty may likewise have an result on everyone roughly them seemingly without initiative or needing to touch them directly. Anyone in the room could be mindful of their existence at all times and people about them can get a little flustered when talking come them.

8. Beauty is a Feast for the Eyes

This an allegory creates an analogy between beauty and also food. Imagine a tasty feast in former of you. It might be delicious. It might likewise smell and look delicious.

To attract the analogy end to someone who is beautiful, their looks can metaphorically be called ‘delicious’ if the something that’s aesthetically pleasing. Friend could additionally consider beauty, beauty to be a feast for other senses, too, prefer a beautiful flower smelling amazing or beautiful soft skin feeling amazing.

9. She is a rare Jewel

To call a woman a rarely jewel is to say the there space not plenty of women together beautiful or lovely as she is. It’s a means of separating the mrs from others around her to present her the she’s who to that you’re unique attracted to. That might additionally be a speak you would usage if you to be talking around a woman that it took you a lengthy time come find. Similar to you look for a lengthy time to discover a rarely jewel, girlfriend may have actually taken a long time to find a human being with such beauty.


10. She is a Rose

A rose is taken into consideration one that the many beautiful flowers, so the analogy come a beautiful mrs is apparent on the surface. However there are various other reasons why you can draw this analogy. One might be the roses are only in bloom for part of the year. So, yes impermanence about the beauty beauty that renders it particularly special. You might therefore say this about a younger woman.

11. She’s an Angel

An angel is something that you might admire. She’s also someone that is for this reason beautiful that she’s not also from this world. So, there are some evident analogies friend can attract here between angels and also beauty.

This metaphor is regularly used to describe your daughter that you desire to tell is beautiful. That’s since angels can likewise represent innocence, i beg your pardon is connected with young people.

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This perform of beauty, beauty metaphors is through no method exhaustive. But it provides some useful beginning points for thinking about how come make her own an allegory to describe someone who is beautiful. Take into consideration creating metaphors the either emphasize the human (‘they’re a rose’, ‘they’re a jewel’) or the effect the person has actually on girlfriend (‘they’re intoxicating’, ‘they blew me away’).