Our printable mathematics Dictionary words that begin with O has the all the mathematics terms that start with the letter O that ns have found in the plenty of years I have been using children Math glossaries.

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If girlfriend teach the vocabulary an interpretation of the prefixes ob- and oct-, the children will find out this list quickly.

Math indigenous That begin With O: complimentary printable Math thesaurus below.

List Of Words That start With O

Words That start With Ob-

Oblate Spheroid - one ellipsoid developed by rotating an ellipse through 360º about its young axis.

Oblique - slanting or sloping no horizontal or vertical.

Oblique Angle - an angle whose measure up is better than 90 degrees.

Oblique Coordinates - a coordinate device in i m sorry the axes space not perpendicular.

Oblique Lines - those which strategy each other, and will meet if sufficiently produced.

Oblique Prism - one who sides do not form 90 level angles through the bases.

Oblique Triangles - a triangle whose measure up is greater than 90 degrees.

Obtuse Angle - an angle larger than 90º however smaller than 180º.

Obtuse Triangle - a triangle that has one angle that is higher than 90 degrees.

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Words That start With Oct-

Octagon - an eight sided polygon.

Octahedron - a 3 dimensional geometric figure (a polyhedron) that is comprised of 8 it is provided triangles.

Octant - any one that the 8 portions of an are determined by the 3 coordinate planes.

More math Terms That begin With O

Odd Function - a function f(x) is dubbed an odd function if f(x)=-f(-x) for every x.

Odd Number - one integer the is no evenly divisible through 2.

One come One - a role f is stated to be one to one if f(x)=f(y) implies that x=y.

Onto - a function f is stated to map A onto B if because that every b in B, over there is some a in A together f(a)=b.

Open Interval - an interval that does not encompass its 2 endpoints.

Optical Illusion - a drawing or object that appears to have actually an effect that the does no really have.

Order of Operations - tells which bespeak of operations used to settle math problems: (1) Parenthesis (2) index number (3) Multiplication & division (4) addition (5) Subtraction. (Please Excuse mine Dear Aunt Sally.)

Ordered Pair - a collection of 2 numbers in the form: (x, y).

Ordinal Number - a number describe the order of a point in a series.

Ordinate - the y-coordinate that a point in the plane.

Origin - the suggest at i m sorry the horizontal and also vertical axes intersect, in ~ zero (0,0).

Orthic Triangle - the triangle who vertices are the feet that the altitudes that a given triangle.

Orthocenter - the point of intersection of the altitudes of a triangle.

Outcome - any one the the possible results of one experiment.

Outcome Space - the set of all feasible outcomes of a given experiment.

Outlier - a data suggest (or points) the lie far external most the the rest of the points in the data set.

Outlier - a number in a list of data that is distant from the various other numbers in the list.

Output - the number or worth that comes the end from a process. P0=0, P1=1, and also Pn=2Pn-1+Pn-2. 

Free Printable mathematics Dictionary

Printable mathematics Dictionary

You deserve to print and also keep these Math meanings as a navard in her binder or a record folder. You can likewise download it to your tablet or bookmark this page. See the alphabet links listed below for more online mathematics words.

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