Calculate exactly how much she earned:Regular hrs ($6 every hour)40 x $6 = $240Overtime $6 x1.5 per hour)6.5 x ($6 x 1.5) = $58.5Holiday Time ($6 x2 every hour)8 x ($6 x 2) = $96Total Money$240 + $58.5 + $96 = $394.5Answer is "A."

6 = price for continuous overtime9 = price for overtime12 = price for holidays40 x 6 = 2406.5 x 9 = 58.58 x 12 = 96240 + 58.5 + 96 = 394.5The last answer is $394.5plz mark me together the brainliest :P


$6 is earned every hour over a 40 hour period. <6*$40=$240>

$9 is earned over a 6.5 hour perid. <$9 coming from $6*1.5, which is then multiplied through 6.5, the hrs worked. $9*6.5=$58.5>

$12 is earned end an 8 hour perod < $12 comes from $6*2, i m sorry is then multiplied by 8, the hours operated over holidays. $12*8=$96>

Once each of this are resolved they space simply added together $240 + $58.5 + $96 = $394.50

Mary Stevens functioned a constant 40 hours at $6. 40x6=240

She additionally worked 6.5 hrs of over time at time and a half. I beg your pardon is $9. That amounts to $58.50

And, she worked 8 holiday hours at dual pay which is $12. Which amounts to $96

Add 240+58.50+96=$394.50

Hope this help ya out.

She deserve $394.50

Step-by-step explanation:

Hourly earnings of mary Stevens in regular hours = $6Hourly income of mary Stevens in over-time =
Hourly earnings of mar Stevens in holidays =

Then, last week she operated

40 hrs of constant time, revenue =
hours of overtime, earnings =
8 hrs of vacation time, income =

Hence, her total earnings = 240+58.5+96 = $394.50

I included a pic with my working out. I disapprove of your teacher giving you a concern with stunner unhealthy functioning expectations and also wage. The is no okay for your teacher come express poverty together everyday, not also mathematically! climate again possibly your currency is an extremely different to mine.

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I think the price is $375if you do 6×40 you acquire $240then 6×8 is 48 yet you get dual so that is $96then you work-related overtime therefore 6×6 is $36 yet then you only work fifty percent of an hour i m sorry is $3. Climate if you add 240+ 96+36+3 you obtain $375. I think this is right
Mary Stevens deserve $375 , because 40 hrs Of continuous time = $240 , 8 hours Of twin Time = $96 , and 6 1/2 Overtime = $39 . Add It every Up and also It amounts to $375 .
Multiply the hrs buy she hourly pay: 6 × 40 = 2406 × 6.5 = 396 × 8 = 48Add castle together: 240 + 39 + 48 = 327ANSWER: mar Stevens made $327. I really hope this assisted you! c:
The answer is B. 394.5 6 X 40 for continual time = 240 and climate if you add in the overtime and also holiday time the answer will certainly be an ext than 240 and also the just answer over 240 is B
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