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Martha Stewart Patio Tables-Exploding Glass (Home Depot, outside, weather, company)
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BUYER BEWARE! purchase a Martha Stewart Patio set at residence Depot two weeks ago. Ns was within the house and also heard this thunderous noise. As soon as I looked out on the deck, there was glass everywhere. Thankfully no one was sitting at the table. After doing part research, apparently these tables have actually been shattering for a couple of years and the manufacturing firm (JRA) is in bankrupcy. Residence Depot has readily available a finish refund. Martha Stewart hasn"t approve a remind although there are hundreds of complaints.
It isn"t a defect, the is a feature?Sounds like a class action suit wait to happen. Tempered glass will certainly "explode" into tiny bits under particular conditions. It is innate in the material, and actually is a safety and security feature. Large shards room what part arteries. Glass is no a really good choice of products to usage for an outside table.
It isn"t a defect, the is a feature?Sounds prefer a class activity suit wait to happen. Tempered glass will certainly "explode" into tiny bits under specific conditions. That is inherent in the material, and also actually is a safety feature. Large shards room what part arteries. Glass is no a really great choice of materials to use for an exterior table.
Found fairly a couple of incidents the the table exploding ~ above line. In mine case, weather to be 75 degrees, short humidity, wind was much less than 5 mph. Actually a beautiful morning.
Could have been a manufacturing defect, tension from some point source, or a large robin landing ~ above it.
Tempered glass deserve to be strange. Most of the moment it is ok, periodically not. Ns gather there to be no possibility of a boy with a BB pistol or a tree dropping nuts on it.
We had one the these walk off as soon as a random huge gust that wind caught the umbrella and jerked it come the side. Kaboom, glass everywhere.
We had actually one of these go off as soon as a random big gust the wind captured the umbrella and also jerked it come the side. Kaboom, glass everywhere.
I"m v the over two posters.....same situation with the umbrella getting jerked to the side in a gust that wind. The glass shattered into thousands of little pieces. That too, was not a MS!
http://consumersavvy.wordpress.com/2...-patio-tables/No umbrella, no kid and no wind. After researching on heat there have been plenty of incidents of these tables wrecking without reason.

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I didnt have this problem but an additional with the Martha Stewart patio set I bought - the Miramar format at home Depot. Us hadnt had actually it yet a couple months once I went the end in the backyard and found the the cushions were sort of meled ~ above the sides. Transforms out the the material inside the cushion gets really hot from the sun and also melts (melting the exterior cloth as well). Referred to as up ms (they knew exacly what ns was talk about) and also they sent out out new cushions in around 6 weeks...
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