Martha Maccallum Bio, Wiki

Martha MacCallum (Full name: Martha Bowes MacCallum) is one American news hold for Fox News. Furthermore, she is the host of The Story v Martha MacCallum, transfer from Manhattan. Martha join the network in 2004. Her interviews have actually been featured on her programs such together President Barack Obama, basic David Petraeus, Arizona Senator, and 2008 Republican presidential nominee john McCain among others. 

Previously, Martha held The Live workdesk with map Gallagher and ‘America’s Newsroom’ alongside bill Hemmer. She was likewise often the fill-in anchor for Megyn Kelly if ‘The Kelly File’ to be still running. Furthermore, Martha also has a weekly segment with Bill O’Reilly top top ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. She was awarded the Gracie award for ladies in Journalism twice. Furthermore, Martha additionally earned the American women in Radio and Television Award.

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Martha Maccallum Age

Martha was born top top January 31, 1964, in Buffalo, brand-new York, United States. She is 57 years old.

Martha Maccallum Height

Martha is a woman of median stature. She stands at a elevation of 5 ft 4 in (Approx. 1.63 m).

Martha’s photo

Martha Maccallum Family

She to be born in Buffalo, brand-new York, to mother Elizabeth B. And also father Douglas C. MacCallum, Jr. Moreover, Martha grew up in Wyckoff, brand-new Jersey.

Martha Maccallum Husband | Children

Martha married she husband Dan Gregory on august 22, 1992, in ~ St. Elizabeth Church, Manhattan. Gregory is a Gregory packaging director and also vice president. Together, Daniel and also Martha have actually three children, Elizabeth Bowes Gregory, Harry Gregory, and also Edward Reed Gregory. The family lives thriving in Ridgewood, brand-new Jersey, USA. Additionally, among their daughters has followed the footsteps of both that the parents and also has chosen politics as the profession and also has joined Villanova for her education.

Maccallum Education

She i graduated from Ramapo High school in Franklin Lakes, brand-new Jersey. Subsequently, Martha received her bachelor’s degree in political scientific research from St. Lawrence college in the North nation of brand-new York State. She later studied at the one in the Square Theatre school on Broadway, establishing the Miranda Theater company in brand-new York. In addition, Martha served as an associate in corporate connections at Dow Jones & Company.

Martha Maccallum Fox News

Martha offered as an associate in corporate relations at Dow Jones & company for part time. Then commenced she journalism career at wall surface Street Journal tv in 1991. Later, Martha offered as a company news correspondent and anchor because that The wall Street journal Report until 1996 v the people Market Outlook and also Business USA. Furthermore, she relocated to WPXN-TV, a sports and also business station in new York, together an anchor and also reporter in 1996.

Prior come her work-related at Fox News, she operated as a reporter and anchor in ~ NBC/CNBC. Additionally, Martha additionally worked in The News with Brian Williams, this day Show, BC affiliates, and CNBC World. After functioning for some time, she was called the co-anchor because that CNBC’s Morning Call with Martha MacCallum and also Ted David. Recently in 2017, Martha was called the organize of a brand-new program, The first 100 work on Fox News Channel. And also 0n April 28, 2017, the display has retitled The Story v Martha MacCallum.

Martha’s colleagues at Fox News include:

Dana Perino – political commentator

Bret Baier – host

Bill Hemmer – host

Blake Burman – correspondent

Dawn Timmeney – basic assignment reporter

Andrea Michaels – Meteorologist

Jackie De Tore – anchor/ reporter

Amy Lutz – anchor

Bryanna Gallagher – reporter

Janice Dean – senior meteorologist

Martha Maccallum Salary

She is a Fox News anchor, over there is no doubt, therefore, she earns a kind salary. Martha’s mean salary is $ 700, 000 per year.

Martha Maccallum network Worth

She earns her income through her career as a Fox News anchor. Over there is no doubt therefore, she has built up a kind fortune over the years. Martha’s estimated net precious is $ 8 million.

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How Old Is Maccallum

Martha to be born top top January 31, 1964, therefore, she is 57 years old.