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Mario Hoops: 3 ~ above 3 Cheats because that DS

tough Mode finish the Rainbow Cup in the common Tournament to unlock difficult Mode.

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Contributed by: abcd9146

3rd Dribble race

Beat the two existing records in dribble race: Peach lock (45sec) & Sunshine roadway (55sec), come unlock the third dribble race: Rainbow roadway (1min)

Contributed by: abcd9146

Saikyou (Strongest) difficulty

Complete the Rainbow Cup in hard Tournament come unlock Saikyou challenge under exhibition mode. It the number "6", under the COM level.

Contributed by: abcd9146

Unlockable levels in Coin Hunters setting

Originally there are 2 stages easily accessible for this wireless mode:Mario standard 1-1Mario classic 8-4To unlock 2 much more (Mario classic 2-2 & woodland Stage) , you have to play and win 5 coin hunter gamings in a row (meaning don"t lose, and don"t turn off your DS) and also then the next time you turn on your DS, friend should have a post saying you have unlocked the 2 levels.

Contributed by: abcd9146

Unlock different Basketballs

Completing particular tasks acquire you various basketballs.

Unlockable Unlockable 2000 clues on file play Rainbow delivery on exhibition there is no coins and also win finish Training setting acquire Gold in hard Mushroom Cup obtain Gold in difficult Flower Cup collect 5000 clues in profile get Gold in tough Star Cup lose 5 time in wireless exhibition pat Bowsers castle in exhibition setting for the first time win 5 times in wireless exhibition On any type of tourney match,win by only using charged shots get Silver In difficult Mushroom Cup gain a yellow trophy in Star Cup usage all one-of-a-kind moves in the Star Cup acquire Gold in Flower Cup pat Daisy"s Garden in exhibition mode acquire Gold in Mushroom cup
All silver Ball
Black and Red Ball
Blue and Silver Ball
Cheep-Cheep Ball
Dice Ball
Gold Ball
Goomba Ball
Pumpkin ball
Purple and Orange
Rainbow ball
Red white and blue ball
Soccer Ball
Spiked ball
Star Ball
Yellow and also Green
Yoshi Egg

Contributed by: Konamix05, XBOX_DS, Nataku_kun, Swagfried, mejuami, Faraleth, matthewm978, Laslos

Unlockable personalities

In order come unlock any of this characters, i m sorry you have the right to later use on your team, do the task stated after that name.

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Unlockable Unlockable end up Hard Mushroom Cup (bronze prize) finish Rainbow Cup (Gold prize) end up Hard Flower Cup (bronze prize) finish the Star Cup. finish Flower Cup (bronze prize) complete Hard Star Cup (bronze prize) end up Star Cup (Silver prize) beat Rainbow Cup end up Mushroom Cup (bronze prize) end up Rainbow Cup (Silver prize)
Black Mage
Dixie Kong
White Mage

Contributed by: abcd9146, Mykas0, Nataku_kun, Doubleminy

alternative Costumes

These are alternate costumes for a character. To usage these, hold a direction that the control pad (up/right/left/down) if you drag the player right into the basketball ring. A various direction may mean a various costume (eg. Yoshi deserve to have 5 colors)

Unlockable Unlockable finish Hard Rainbow Cup (bronze prize) finish Flower Cup (silver prize) end up Hard Star Cup (silver prize) complete Hard Rainbow Cup (gold prize) finish Mushroom Cup (silver prize) end up Hard Rainbow Cup (silver prize) finish Hard Flower Cup (silver prize)
Black Mage"s alternating costume
Daisy"s alternate costume
Flyguy"s alternate costume
Ninja"s alternating colors
Peach"s different costume
White Mage"s alternative costume
Yoshi"s alternative costume

Contributed by: abcd9146

Unlockable cups

Perform the stated task in order to unlock the Cup stated.

Unlockable Unlockable complete the Mushroom Cup, i beg your pardon is at first available. complete the Star Cup. finish the Flower Cup.
Flower Cup
Rainbow Cup
Star Cup

Contributed by: Mykas0

Unlock stages

These space the fourth stages that the cup that deserve to be unlocked

Unlockable Unlockable win by 800 points in a enhance in star cup. Dunk 3 time in the last court that flower cup (daisy garden), and a dashboard appears, and from that gain a blue seed. In exhibition, between the time of about 4-6pm play noko noko beach and win by over 200 points.
Gira Gira Desert (Star Cup)
Malboro Garden (Flower Cup)
Sunset beach (Mushroom Cup)

Contributed by: Faraleth

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name file Size basic FAQs general FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough through Devicho 33K
FAQ/Walkthrough by xftrx 39K