Am having a bit of an obstacle trying to acquire in contact with the Brotherhood that Steel. Have found Hidden Valley and also looked in every the bunkers however still nothing. Space they motivated by a particular quest or lvl up? Or have I let go something an easy yet vital?



You can only go into the Brotherhood of stole bunker if you found a dead Brotherhood of steel Paladin and recovered your password, if you have Veronica through you or if you space told to uncover them through either residence or yes Man. As a last will you can likewise pick the very hard lock (100 skill required).

Entering the bunker because that the an initial time always starts the tho in the Dark quest

See the covert Valley Bunker for more details.

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There room 4 bunkers in covert Valley. Simply as you go previous the gate for surprise Valley, it"s simply to her left. It has actually a tree stump on top of it, the fence will be beside it too.

Once within the very first part that bunker, the door will be locked, needing a ability at 100. Or, an easy method to gain inside at level 2 is to just go to town 188, pick up the bodyguard in there, then come earlier to concealed Valley. She will open it because that you quick and easier.

Oh, as soon as most goals are done, the elder will certainly tell you come come ago later. That way you should go out of the bunker and come earlier in 2-3 days" time. Then, an ext quests will open with both the elder and also that paladin.


There is another method to gain in through the surprise Valley that ns accidentally stumbled upon:

I forgot which bunker the was, yet it had the door with computer system next come it. You enter the room if crouching. Hide behind the crates or boxes in the room and also wait like 20 seconds. Then walk out and also you will see 3 of castle standing at the door. Go talk to them and you will certainly be offered some search you have to do.

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Kill a paladin situated at Caesar"s conference on the search Out the the burning pan. Correct you will get all of security after ~ you however it"s precious it.

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