So you just finished anl an excellent Harem Anime and you"re thinking: will certainly there be a 2nd season?

So you look over about the net trying come findsl part news if her anime has or WILL have actually a second season only to fibd out it"s cancelled or in developement.

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So I"m here to discuss with friend the peak 5 Harem Anime that demands to do a comeback!


Madan Ou come Vanadis

Is This A Zombie?!


5. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Let me gain this directly up! The anime rocks! that rocks so much that that repelled all the dislike it got on the begin of the anime.

The girl in the anime are likewise different from your typical harem too. It"s too damn colorful. Ours protagonist, Lux can additionally attract dem ladies.

But let"s acquire straight come the point. This anime deserves a second season because it simply does. The animations are good, the voice exhilaration is cool and Krulcifer is just awesome! (KrulciferXLux come Foreverland everybody!) however if Krulcifer isn"t your type there are also some various other girls the rock over there Phi and also Yoruka. If girlfriend haven"t watched a Harem anime in her life, I suggest going here first!

4. Majikoi: five Samurai Girls! (Maji De Watashi Wa Ni Koi Shinasai)



It was a game so an excellent that it got adjusted to an anime. Majikoi was released ago in 2011 and also you could barely identify it native the anime that today. The numbers of the Anime room as good as the gets and the Anime chin is simply plain funny!

It"s among those harems that really doesn"t absorb the drama, in fact it explains the life the the Anime in a comedic fashion. Every the girls space somehow loveable and every one of them have their very own uniqueness in the story.

Since most video game to anime directories don"t have a 2nd season, it"s favor an unfair advantage that we don"t obtain to view the cliffhanger in the ending.

3. Aria: The Scarlet Ammo (Hidan No Aria)



If an Anime deserves to be on this list it is certainly this one. The Action, Harem, Comedy anime was good in it"s own terms. The protagonist likewise had a funny ability in i beg your pardon if he"s turn on: he gets powerful.

Hidan No Aria isn"t praised by most people. Part say that the story is bland and also tasteless yet to me the Anime is beautiful in it"s own right. The time it to be released was trying out with other storylines and also Hidan No Aria offered off a certain "I favor Anime" to the 75% the watchers.

Unfortunately, i think us won"t see an additional Hidan No Aria again. The anime itself was cancelled because of the gun regulate stated in Japan and the anime reputed inappropriate for some reasons.

2. Limitless Stratos

Made famous by it"s techy structure and also happy storyline. Limitless Stratos really needs a third Season! In fact, the factor I included a "/3rd Season" to the location of this blog to be this Anime alone.

To placed it simply, the only thing bad about the Anime is how dense the key protagonist is. The Anime is wonderful and also really puts increase a an excellent story in many times. Like Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles, this anime has a different set if it"s very own girls.

1. Trinity Seven

Hey yo listen! Whaddup! best Harem series in existance am ns right? however let"s head into the deeper parts.

Trinity seven was do in 2014 and also it"s intended that we have actually a 2nd season this instant! but NO! it was estimated that the 2nd season was coming in spring of 2016 yet there hasn"t been any updates.

Trinity Seven provided off a specific vibe as soon as I began watching it. I favor all the girls and also my main waifu is top top this Anime.

Trinity seven proves that you deserve to really find a good Harem Anime anywhere. As lengthy as you prefer it.

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shawn lee


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Majikoi: five Samurai Girls! (Maji De Watashi Wa Ni Koi Shinasai) have s2?

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I agree with every single one the them to be honest most importantly trinity seven and majikoi hope they would get a second seaso

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I simply finished trinity Seven"s 2nd movie

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Ziv Cohen

Trinity 7 season 2 mostly will come april 2019

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