RuneScape offers many a an approach of taking under foes, whether it’s with a crossbow, scimitar or even halberd. Of all of them, bows room a reliable choice for ranged firepower. Players have loved the reliable DPS outputted native a distance, so lot so that it’s one of the most famous play-styles in the game.

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Whether you’re a returning veteran or a new player, you require to know which bows space the best and optionally, you can learn how to attain them too. I’ll be providing you every the information you need to determine which bow you have to be making use of at which phase of her character’s development!

So take a look in ~ the peak 10 best bows in RuneScape, specifically the Old institution version!

10. Yew Comp Bow


Around the ranged level the 40 mark, you’ll should use the Yew Comp Bow for maximum damage. Providing a quite ranged bonus the 49, this bow’s strike speed is respectful. Shot to move on to higher things though together it yes, really does absence firepower compared to those additional down ~ above this list!

Ranged Requirement: 40

Ranged Bonus: 49

Grand Exchange price: 1254

(SPOILER) just how to obtain: complete a sweetheart Trail through a tool difficulty. Or buy native the cool Exchange.

9. Magic Longbow


With a high firing range and an excellent ranged bonuses because that its level requirement, the Magic Longbow must be derived as soon as friend hit ranged level 50.

Unlike the previous entry, the Magic Longbow has a special strike called Powershot. If you usage it, you’ll consume 35% of her special strike energy however it’s guarantee to hit!

Ranged Requirement: 50

Ranged Bonus: 69

Grand Exchange price: 1366

(SPOILER) exactly how to obtain: craft it v a Fletching level of 85 or buy the from the cool Exchange.

8. Magic Shortbow


Almost similar to the Magic Longbow, the Shortbow variant sacrifices selection for a much far better fire-rate. Qualified of outputting a ton the damage, making use of this bow in pvp instances is recommended. It shared the Powershot special attack I pointed out in the vault entry.

Ranged Requirement: 50

Ranged Bonus: 69

Grand Exchange price: 818

(SPOILER) how to obtain: craft it v a Fletching level that 80, get as a drop indigenous Spiritual ranger or buy it from the grand Exchange.

7. Magic Comp Bow


Such power for the ranged level is bizarre, the Magic Comp Bow has a mixture of selection and firepower. That fires fairly fast, at a good range and retains the Powershot special strike of other Magic Bow variants.

Ranged Requirement: 50

Ranged Bonus: 71

Grand Exchange price: 2977

(SPOILER) exactly how to obtain: finish a level 3 Treasure trace or buy that from the grand Exchange.

6. Seercull


Despite contributing less ranged bonuses 보다 the Magic Comp Bow, the Seercull bow is superior as result of its special attack called Soulshut. If you use it, you’ll consume your whole special strike energy reserve to insurance a hit and lower the magic level that the enemy.

In PvE, this special attack is quite useless but versus magic users, the can solitary handedly victory you a fight!

Ranged Requirement: 50

Ranged Bonus: 69

Grand Exchange price: 25,200

(SPOILER) just how to obtain: Dagannoth Supreme has actually a 1 in 128 chance of dropping this bow, or buy it from the grand Exchange.

5. Craw’s Bow


PvP wise, Craw’s Bow does no justify that price. In the Wilderness though, no various other bow will serve you better!

It’ll should be charged through revenant ether, v each assault consuming 1. You can charge the bow in the Revenant Caves, by death Revenants. Consuming a fee upon shoot will increase the damage and accuracy by 50%.

Ranged Requirement: 60

Ranged Bonus: 75

Grand Exchange price: 67,900,000

(SPOILER) exactly how to obtain: A possible drop from Revenants. Or buy that from the grand Exchange.

4. Dark Bow


Hitting favor a truck, the Dark Bow’s assault speed is extremely slow to make up such high damage. So slow-moving that it’s by much the lowest in the entire game!

It go fire 2 arrows every shot though, at a large range, greater than most other bows. That is true strength lies in the one-of-a-kind attacks, Descenet of Darkness and also Descent of Dragons, that cost 55% that the player’s special assault energy each.

Descent that Darkness deals up to 30% much more damage. Lower of Dragons can only be offered with dragon arrows, dealing approximately 50% much more damage.

Ranged Requirement: 60

Ranged Bonus: 95

Grand Exchange price: 590,200

(SPOILER) exactly how to obtain: Dark Beasts have a 1 in 512 possibility of dropping this bow. Or buy that from the grand Exchange.

3. 3rd Age Bow


Wow, end 300mill for one bow. Worth it though, together the third Age Bow combine the fire-rate the a shortbow v the variety of a longbow. Together you have the right to imagine, this bow offers a ton that DPS.

No special strike is essential to make this weapon among the ideal in the game, as a high fire-rate and great range do it reliable in both PvP and PvE.

Ranged Requirement: 65

Ranged Bonus: 80

Grand Exchange price: 357,500,000

(SPOILER) how to obtain: A feasible reward from Treasure Trails. Or buy that from the cool Exchange.

2. Decision Bow


A max condition Crystal Bow can hit hard, through a nice attack selection and really nice strike speed. Because that every 250 hits, the condition degrades by 1, beginning at 10. After that degrades as well but, it’ll have to be recharged because that a hefty price.

One of the best facets of this bow is its lack of ammo, you don’t need to equip any arrows to usage this bow!

Ranged Requirement: 70 (and an Agility necessity of 50)

Ranged Bonus: between 64 & 100 depending on condition

Grand Exchange price: 914,100

(SPOILER) just how to obtain: feasible reward because that completing Roving Elves, buy the from Islwyn or buy the from the cool Exchange. If you buy it, Roving Elves have to be completed to wield.

1. Twisted Bow


Worth an ext than every other bow on this list & every crossbow on this list linked is the Twisted Bow. Classified together a longbow, it has actually a high attack selection with an attack speed lower than shortbows. Damages wise, this bow is unique….

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The greater the magic level the the opponent you’re firing, the much more damage this bow’s strike does, and it having higher accuracy. Capable of hitting as much as 89, it’s extremely an important against a range of miracle bosses!

Ranged Requirement: 75

Ranged Bonus: 70

Grand Exchange price: 1,200,000,000

(SPOILER) just how to obtain: The Chambers of Xeric have a 2.38% opportunity of dropping this bow, or buy it from the cool Exchange.