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Does anyone have actually chords come The Promise by The Martins? I have the words. My husband and also I song in church and also I heard this song and also it is together a blessing!!
I don"t recognize if this is that or not yet this is likewise a song referred to as "The Promise"I never said that i would give you silver or gold. Or that you would never feel the fire or snap in the cold but I go say, girlfriend won"t make this people your home....the chorus: You recognize I make a promise that I"ve ready a place and also someday sooner than you think I"ll watch you challenge to face and you"ll song w/ the angels and the countless multitudes this is the promise this is the promise I"ve made come you.If this is the track let me know and I"ll send you the entirety"s sort of lengthy!
Looking for lyrics to a track I think that is dubbed He cared that lot For Me.Some components of the track goes favor thisI know, I understand he loves methis he proved at calvaryhe offered his life the I could livehe cared that lot for me

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THE PROMISE: by THE MARTIN"S I never SAID THAT ns WOULD give YOU silver- OR GOLD. OR that YOU WOULD never ever FEEL THE FIRE OR snap IN THE COLD. But I DID speak YOU"D never ever WALK THRU THIS civilization ALONE. And also I walk SAY, DON"T do THIS world YOUR HOME. I never ever SAID THAT fear WOULDN"T discover YOU IN THE NIGHT. OR that LONELINESS to be SOMETHING YOU"D NEVER need to FIGHT. However I DID say I"D BE right THERE BY your SIDE. And also I DID speak I"LL ALWAYS assist YOU FIGHT. Reason YOU know I make A PROMISE, THAT i INTEND to KEEP. Mine GRACE will BE SUFFICENT IN EVERY TIME of NEED. My LOVE will BE THE ANCHOR that YOU have the right to HOLD ONTO. THIS IS THE PROMISE ,THIS IS THE PROMISE I"VE MADE to YOU . I never ever SAID that FRIENDS WOULD never ever TURN your BACKS top top YOU. OR the THE WORLD about YOU WOULD"NT see YOU as A FOOL. However I DID say YOU"LL SURLEY be DISPISED. And also I DID say MY ways CONFOUND THE WISE. Ns DID"NT to speak YOU"D never ever TASTE THE bitter KISS the DEATH. OR have to WALK THRU chilly JORDAN TO enter INTO REST. Yet I DID say I"D it is in WAITING, ideal ON THE various other SIDE. And I did SAY, I"LL dry EVERY TEAR YOU"VE CRIED. Reason YOU recognize I make A PROMISE, THAT i "VE prepared A PLACE. And also SOME job SOONER 보다 YOU THINK I"LL see YOU challenge TO FACE. And YOU"LL SING with THE ANGELS and also A countless MULTITUDE. THIS IS THE PROMISE, THIS IS PROMISE I"VE MADE come YOU. SO simply KEEP on A wade , DON"T turn TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT. And also IN THE midst OF DARKNESS, allow THIS BE your LIGHT. That HELL CAN"T separate US,YOUR GONNA do IT THRU. THIS IS THE PROMISE, THIS IS THE PROMISE I"VE MADE to YOU. OH, THIS IS THE PROMISE , THIS IS THE PROMISE I"VE MADE come YOU.