Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors initial release vinyl lp document for sale. Get this classic album from the southern rock supergroup Lynyrd Skynyrd. Initial flames cover.

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Condition & Info:
Vinyl:Looks: Very great (lots of an extremely light sleeve marks) | Plays: Very an excellent + (plays well) | surname on label
Jacket:Very an excellent / + | Refurbished | Spine nicely clear videotaped (by us) as result of a split in THE side of the spine, not center of, hence still decent and also readable | Bottom seam additionally clear taped because of 1" separation in center | Writting upper ideal inside gate
Inners:Plain Sleeve | !! tourism INSERT !! | see PICS
Info 1:Original Release with "Banned" Jacket
Info2:GATEFOLD (fold-open cover)
Comments1:Still an extremely Collectible Although no Pristine
Comments2:Great purchase ! reduced due come imperfections
Shipping Info: HINT: combine Multiple Items for KILLER Shipping (only .50c every extra item)


Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors - MCA records MCA-3029 - 1977 - initial Release - This is obtaining harder and also harder come find. GOES native $75-300 FOR close to MINT- come SEALED - initial Flames covering - Pickneyville Pressing

The critical album tape-recorded with initial vocalist Ronnie valve Zant and also guitarist Steve Gaines, that passed far in a tragic aircraft accident three days after ~ its release in 1977.


1. What"s her Name2. That Smell3. One an ext Time4. I recognize A Little5. You gained That Right6. I never ever Dreamed7.

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Honky Tonk night Man8. Ain"t No an excellent Life

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