New Orleans is among the largest and the most famed cities that the state that Louisiana, as well as one that the crucial economic centers and an important port top top the southern shore of the US. The population of the city itself have the right to not be expressed through too high value, however annually the city attracts a great number that tourists and guests, so periodically the real variety of people in brand-new Orleans is actually 3 times higher than the factual variety of its permanent residents. The city is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, the northern parts of the city confront Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans is the city of totally free lifestyle, great music and also street art, gardens and also galleries, universities and theaters, and many various other sides the people"s social life.Due come its location in the southern component of the country, the city is often influenced by such natural catastrophes as floods or hurricanes. In the start of the present century, Katrina Hurricane led to over 80 per cent the the city area walk underwater. But it in no method affects the lifestyle and breakthrough of the city as a crucial center of all the aspects of life. There room plenty that landmarks and also attractions located all around the city, beginning from old structures like the one of St.Louis Cathedral and also ending up with modern-day office and shopping centers, or venues like the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Over there are numerous parks and also wonderful green areas throughout the city whereby local human being live spending a lot of time time outdoors and also enjoying exorbitant time of your usual activities.

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Where is new Orleans, LA, USA top top Map?

Road map of brand-new Orleans, LA, USA mirrors where the ar is placed.

New Orleans, LA, USA Lat Long works with Info

The latitude of new Orleans, LA, USA is 29.951065,and the longitude is -90.071533.New Orleans, LA, USA is located at United States nation in the Cities place category with the gps works with of 29° 57" 3.8340"" N and also 90° 4" 17.5188"" W.

CountryLatitudeLongitudeDMS LatDMS LongUTM EastingUTM NorthingCategoryCountry CodeZoom Level
United States
29° 57" 3.8340"" N
90° 4" 17.5188"" W

Coordinates the New Orleans, LA, USA is given above in both decimal levels andDMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code offered is in the ISO2 format.

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