The longest losing streak because 1900 began on July 29 with a 4-3 ns to mountain Francisco and only acquired worse indigenous there. The Phillies perfect 47-107 (.305), last ar in the National organization that year, yet once their streak finally ended, lock won four straight and also seven that 11. (Teenie Harris Archive/Carnegie M/Getty Images)

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The faults that the 1988 Orioles have actually been well documented. They won on the second-to-last work of April to avoid a winless month, and despite not losing at that clip again for the remainder of the season, quiet didn’t have actually a month over .500 and finished 54-107 (.335). (Gene Sweeney Jr. / Baltiimore Sun)

Gene Mauch managed the 1961 Phillies to their record losing streak and almost matched the eight years later on in Montreal. The Expos to be 11-17 on might 10 and also didn’t victory again till June 8, and of the 20 accident in between, 12 were by three runs or more. They finished 52-110 (.321). (AP/Montreal Star,Peter Brosseau)

Connie Mack"s team shed 20 right from Aug. 6 come Aug. 24, finishing the season 49-105-1 through a operation differential of minus-220. All yet one the their beginning pitchers finished through double-digit losses, with Lum Harris finishing the year 7-21. (JS/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The first 20-game losing streak that Mack"s tenure as Athletics manager come in 1916, which began on July 21 and also carried on with Aug. 8. The 1916 A"s finished 36-117-1, and also were outscored by 329 runs. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

In their sixth year together an American league franchise, the Americans finished 49-105-1, losing 20 straight gamings from might 1 to might 25. Jimmy Collins (35-79-1) and Chick Stahl (14-26) managed the club, which had won the World series just 3 years earlier. Because that perspective, Fenway Park didn"t open up in Boston until 1912.
After losing 14 straight previously in the season, the Orioles hit one more rough patch beginning Aug. 3. The streak, which finished Aug. 25 through a 10-6 victory over the Los Angeles Angels, is the longest in significant League Baseball in 16 years, and tied for the fourth longest in MLB because 1900. The club currently secured a fourth straight losing season, and also is heading for 100 or more losses because that the 3rd time in four seasons — with the abbreviation 2020 season the exception. (Chris O"Meara/AP)
The longest losing streak of this century started in late-July and ran through most of August, through the Royals acquiring swept in 6 straight collection before ending the streak with a nail-biter of a 2-1 win versus the Oakland Athletics ~ above Aug. 20. They finished 56-106 (.346) and also took right-hander Luke Hochevar an initial overall the next year. He never ever really panned out. (Ed Zurga / AP)
In 1975, the Tigers had actually a nine-game to win streak that elevated them come 37-46. Later that month, they began a 19-game losing streak. Three much more five-game losing streaks ~ that aided them complete 57-102 (.358). (Preston Stroup/AP)
Buck Herzog"s Reds perfect with one of the best records of any team on this list at 60-94-3. A 19-game slide from Sept. 5 to Sept. 23 take it them indigenous 56-65 to totally out the contention. (Aaron Doster/AP)
2 Boston teams regulated to crack this perform in the exact same season. The Beaneaters, pictured below in 1886, shed 19 right from might 17 come June 9, finishing the season 49-102-1. (FPG/Getty Images)
What started on April 23 for a Braves club that at 8-6 was over .500 finished in farce. After ~ 16 directly losses, Braves owner and entertainment magnate Ted Turner placed himself in uniform and also managed the team on might 11, a 2-1 loss come Pittsburgh. He was told he wasn’t enabled to manage the team through the league, however maybe the brand-new manager bounce helped. The Braves snapped their streak through a 6-1 win the adhering to afternoon, finishing 61-101 (.377). (AP)
The worst team in modern baseball history doesn’t rank together high on this list as one would certainly think, despite they got to their 40-120 record by adding in streaks that seven, nine, 11, and also 13 in addition to it. (Frank Hurley/New York everyday News)
The very first team top top this list to protect against a 100-loss season, the 2011 Mariners had actually just climbed earlier to .500 at 43-43 top top July 5 prior to they shed the very first of your 17 straight. Castle were probably playing over their heads the first half, as they were 24-47 through a minus-101 run differential after ~ the All-Star break, finishing 67-95 (.414). (/ AP)
Well right into the Astros rebuild the these Orioles room trying come emulate, they were 51-96 v 15 gamings left in the season and had a chance, yet slim, to avoid 100 losses. Instead, they shed every video game the remainder of the way to finish 51-111 (.315). The an initial overall pick surrendered left-hander Brady Aiken, who they didn’t sign. (/ AP)
one of several appearances for the Mets on this list, this version of the team won just 5 times in August together they shed their critical 15 gamings of the month. They perfect 65-97 (.401). (ASSOCIATED PRESS, beam STUBBLEBINE)
v plenty of practice going on lengthy losing streaks native the year before, the 1963 Mets started the year with eight directly losses prior to dropping 15 right in late-June into July. They snap it v a operation of 3 wins in four games prior to losing 11 straight later on in July, finishing 51-111 (.315). (Frank Hurley/New York everyday News)
The 2002 evil one Rays were treading water at 9-10 in early on May prior to the bottom fell out with 15 right losses. They also were pardon a longer losing streak when a walk-off win on July 13 separated runs of eight straight and seven straight losses. They perfect 55-106 (.342). (STEVE NESIUS, associated Press)

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Ted Williams’ club had already done a lot more losing 보다 winning when they lost 15 directly at the end of September to go 3-23 the month — one of the worst calendar month this exercise has actually revealed. Lock won two of three in October to make them an also 54-100 (.351). (Frank C. Curtin/AP)