Heineken is among the best-known unavoidable companies in the world, i beg your pardon was developed in 1864 in the Netherlands. Now the company has that is production framework in end 70 countries worldwide and produce 250 various beverages under that is sub-brands. The key product of the company, Heineken beer is still on the height of the world list among the most selling beer labels.

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Meaning and History


The instantly recognizable green logo the the world’s well known beer bring away its root in the 19th century, being very first designed in the 1860s. Unfortunately, the initial version of the this firm visual identity hasn’t been conserved by today, but it is known, the it came to be a prototype because that the logo design from 1884, just had fewer elements on it.

1884 — 1889


The oldest well-known logo the the beer label was draft in 1884 and also featured one oval shape with a special green framework in a white outline. The middle component of the emblem consisted of a black horizontal ribbon through a wordmark top top it, a black contour of a five-pointed star, and also a fine green ornament under the ribbon.

The an initial name the the product to be “Pilsner Beer”, and this engraving in white was inserted on the black color background in the center of the emblem. The eco-friendly oval frame featured a “Heineken’s Amsterdam-Rotterdam” lettering, celebrating the birthplace of the beer.

1889 — The 1930s


The redesign that 1889 brought red color to the logo and also made the green more intense. There were also some monochrome details included to the main part that the emblem, i m sorry was 2 coins and extr lettering, reflecting the rewards that the label.

The upper component with the star now included a red inscription about its perimeter. So the iconic green and red color palette the the label began from here.

The 1930s — The 1950s


Two versions of the logo were developed during this time period. One of them was designed specifically for the dutch market, when the various other one to be an global logo.

The one because that the inner industry featured a upright rectangle through a red outline and also a large red star in the middle. Over there were two seals placed in both top corners and an “Amsterdam Rotterdam” lettering under the star. As for the wordmark, it to be executed in two different styles — white script lettering in a dark green outline for “Pilsener”, inserted in the facility of the star, and also a stricter and also straighter “Heineken’s Bier” in dark green, located over and under the main inscription.

The international logo featured the very same style and also symbols as the variation of 1889, yet some alters were made. First of all, the star was finally pained red. Another major change remained in the black color ribbon with the wordmark. That was now enlarged and composed a “Heineken’s Brewed in Holland” inscription.

1951 — 1954


The red star was changed back to the white, no to be connected with communist after the second World War. The eco-friendly color became brighter and the bottom component with the rewards — an ext intense and also ornate. No other major changes to be made.

1954 — 1974


The redesign the 1954 was pretty delicate. The black color lines and contours were replaced by the red ones, but the most essential thing about the new logo to be its nameplate. Finally, the label began using only “Heineken” inscription in white, locations on a black horizontal ribbon-bar. The wordmark remained in the location case, and the typeface to be bold and pretty elegant, with some gothic format features.

1974 — Today


One of the two Heineken logos we all understand today to be designed in 1974. The is a sleek version that the ahead brand’s insignia, with much more distinct lines and also shapes. The green color gained that signature shade, and also the additional logotype, i beg your pardon is still being in use by the brand, was additionally colored green.

The black color ribbon was slightly extended and the lettering — enlarged, when the red lines and inscriptions now acquired less room and started looking much more elegant and also fine, accenting ~ above the key hero, the name.

1991 — Today


The 2nd official logo for the renowned beer label was draft in 1991. That boasts a sleek and also instantly recognizable engraving in green with a heavy red star, placed whether ~ above the left or over the lettering. Sometimes only the star is supplied by the brand, in other instances — white wordmark in a black color ribbon, v the red star over and a environment-friendly leaves ornament under it.

The signature eco-friendly red and black shade palette and the classic typeface space two elements, which do the Heineken logo instantly recognizable. The is a timeless and an effective visual identity design, mirroring the brand as the one, which worths its roots and also heritage.



Probably the many recognizable attributes of the Heineken logo are the oval shape and a characteristic the shade of green color. Two much more important visual aspects are the five-point star and the black color horizontal bar. The bar has actually curled up edges.

Emblem: current changes


Designers the the Heineken home are open to readjust and react to present visual trends. In many cases, the transforms that have actually been presented over the current years space minor ones and also consumers frequently do not notification them.



The existing version that the Heineken symbol uses three colors. Green is storage of the shade of the bottle. It is a pretty recognizable shade, i beg your pardon is sometimes also referred to together the Heineken green. To create a visually appeal contrast, designers added red and black.

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There are numerous customized typefaces provided within the Heineken emblem. In the second half of the vault century the capital letters were changed by an ext rounded and little ones, and a ‘smiling e’ appeared.