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Former boxer Joe kagan moves come Sleepy Eye and offers his assistance with the maintenance of the blind school while Adam and Houston space out of town. Joe is plainly in love with Hester Sue, but she refuses to get involved. Later, once she is unable to obtain through come a struggling student, Hester inquiries her teaching abilities and also ends increase making part foolish choices.

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Upon being sold a generous piece of land, Almanzo is eager to start building a residence for himself and also his fiancee Laura. He rental his girlfriend Harv fearbut to aid him through his chop and help take treatment of Eliza Jane"s house. Eliza Jane creates a quick fondness because that Harv, but the feelings could not it is in mutual. Meanwhile, Laura is available a teaching project at a faraway school, and also Nellie gets a surprised that leaves her mom speechless.

Almanzo"s desires of structure a house do no go rather as planned, forcing him come postpone the wedding until he have the right to get back on his feet. Laura argues an idea because that them to earn part money, but it at some point drives a wedge right into their relationship. Meanwhile, Eliza mrs is encouraged that she has discovered the love of she life, and with no friends to speak to, she diary is the only way she deserve to express she emotions.

Jonathan and Andy Garvey relocate to Sleepy Eye in a quest to rebuild your lives. Jonathan decides to become a deputy sheriff come clean increase the city of crime, but his job is a dangerous one that eventually threatens his young son.

A former football star, settles earlier into his childhood city of Walnut Grove v his wife and also son, and he reflects an active interest in coaching the boys" football team. Return his intentions space good, he ends up overexerting the youngsters with long practices and also a ideology that worths winning at every costs.

The orphanage in Sleepy Eye deals with a challenging situation when two young brothers meet with a potential adoptive family. The younger child refuses to speak and also shows symptoms of emotionally trauma, therefore the family is only interested in acquisition the larger child. Quite than be separated, the boys run away to the nearby blind school, wherein the you re welcome Houston agrees come help. Although the aging Houston would love to adopt them himself, that creates troubles that he cannot take care of by himself, therefore Charles and also Jonathan must intervene.

16-year-old Annie Crane, a beautiful girl who lives with she adoptive parents in Walnut Grove, exhibits an significant gift for painting, in spite of her physics blindness. A guy who owns a cable of arts galleries recognizes Annie"s talent and expresses his trust in she work, which leads to a public art exhibit in Sleepy Eye. Upon finding her biological daughter"s name in the paper, a woman named Marge Crosby sends out her husband to face Annie, yet the girl--who vividly remembers being abandoned b y her mommy as a toddler--fiercely refuses to accomplish with her. Anyone backs away the end of respect, but as Annie"s passion for paint is tarnished by this newfound pain, her adoptive mom teams up v Caroline to resolve what has been broken.

Newlyweds Laura and Almanzo have actually been having actually some relatively harmless disagreements lately, but it reaches a whole brand-new level once Laura suspects the he"s cheating top top her, then decides to leaving him. Elsewhere, Charles is the proud owner of a beautiful brand-new glass window, yet installing the is a little more complicated than that anticipated.

To sharpen writing skills and increase social awareness in her classroom, Laura arranges for she students to exchange mail with children from various other areas. Albert connects automatically with his pen pal, but as it transforms out, they are both going come unhealthy lengths to admire each various other in their letters.

Charles and Almanzo broaden their company by delivering products to Sleepy Eye. After ~ arguing around the quickest method to get there, they decision to make it a race, i m sorry produces amazing results.

A freak accident threatens Adam"s life, however when he wakes up, he realizes that his eyesight has actually returned. Everyone is thrilled for him, but Mary becomes concerned when the decides to abandon his to teach career and also pursue another lifelong dream. Meanwhile, Harriet is determined to shed a few pounds after she son-law makes some negative comments around her weight.

As his love swells v hope for a law career, Adam top to Minneapolis for the huge exam, yet nothing appears to walk his method once he arrives there. Is achieving this dream prove to be more than he could handle after all? back in Walnut Grove, Harriet is struggling with her diet, and also Nels believes that a visit from she thin, beautiful cousin Miriam will motivate she to stick through it.

A female activist come in Walnut Grove to encourage the males to re-superstructure equal residential property rights through their wives. After acquiring into a huge fight about it v her husband, Harriet Oleson goes to live in ~ the hotel. Matters worsen once Caroline decides to monitor Harriet"s lead, setting off a firestorm the threatens even the town"s most close-knit families.

When Percival"s parental Benjamin and also Edna arrive for a visit, Harriet and also Benjamin clash miserably over your grandchild"s spiritual upbringing. Nellie"s joyous pregnant is tainted by the strenuous fighting, however the families ultimately reach an unusual agreement.

While Almanzo is eager to begin a family with Laura, she is not ready to offer up her teaching career simply yet. Established to assist Laura adjust her mind, Almanzo uses to treatment for his brother Royal"s two young sons while he and his wife room on vacation, which proves to it is in an regrettably mistake.

Former boxer Joe kagan moves come Sleepy Eye and offers his assistance with the maintenance of the blind school while Adam and Houston space out of town. Joe is plainly in love with Hester Sue, yet she refuses to obtain involved. Later, once she is can not to gain through to a struggling student, Hester questions her to teach abilities and ends increase making some foolish choices.

Laura timeless resigns native her teaching position as soon as she is compelled to integrate French and also art appreciation right into the curriculum, for the services of earning institution funding. Mrs. Oleson takes end the position and also begins to altar the classroom instruction, if Laura struggles to accept her duty as a fulltime housewife. The students, meanwhile, are frustrated through their brand-new teacher and hatch a setup to gain things ago to normal.

An attractive, yet painfully insecure teenage girl named Sylvia becomes the victim of a violent rapist. Together she faces her domineering father and attempts to save her mystery at school, Albert serves together an unexpected resource of comfort for her. A romance soon blossoms, and also all is well until Sylvia is revealed to be pregnant.

Rumors fly about town that Albert is the father of Sylvia"s unborn child. Despite Mr. Webb"s threatening objections, the young couple continue to accomplish secretly and grow in their affection because that one another. Albert easily becomes a huge source of solace in Sylvia"s life, but in the finish he is not quite able to protect her native the attention rapist, who cons an unsuspecting Albert into informing the of Sylvia"s whereabouts.

Adam is dazzling to officially be a lawyer, yet he is unable to discover a job. Through no other options available, he decides to leave the blind institution in Hester Sue"s hands, pack up through Mary, and also become Walnut Grove"s very first lawyer. His first client is Edgar Mills, a male who appears to have swindled the townspeople into purchasing a worthless item of land.

When Laura announces she pregnancy, Caroline believes the she it s her is also expecting--until Doc Baker confirms a painful reality that sends out Caroline right into a deep depression. V emotions to run high, Charles decides come cheer his devastated wife by acquisition her top top a vacation to her old hometown. As they satisfy up v old friends and revisit their favorite childhood places, they rekindle the romance and also find a method to thrive closer than ever. Meanwhile, Albert procedures up to take care of the farm, and also Laura and Almanzo have their hands full with Carrie and also Grace.

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While making an out-of-town delivery, Albert and also Charles meet and also travel through the Cooper family. A horrifying accident wake up en path with the parents, and in the blink of one eye, their two young youngsters are orphans. Unable to ar them with any type of living family members members, and also knowing that he is no in a place to embrace them himself, Charles is compelled to step back emotionally and hand them over to the state...until a voluntarily decision transforms everything.

James and also Cassandra go home with Charles, and also they readjust quickly v the Ingalls family and also their new school. Just as lock are start to prosper again, a pair the adoptive parents come along, however their ulterior motives might put the kids in danger.