Before the movie star and wrestler confirmed audiences a peek into his past, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was spanned in balloon bath because that his movie The video game Plan.

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released in 2007, the Disney film to be an epic victory for both the studio and for Johnson in his first-ever family members film. Johnson stars together Joe Kingman, a effective major-league quarterback who is shocked when an eight-year-old daughter native a previous relationship, Peyton, reflects up on his doorstep. Ill-equipped to parental anyone, Joe has to learn exactly how to balance his growing career v his cultivation paternal feelings for the daughter he never ever knew. The Peyton, together played by son actress Madison Pettis, is a curly-haired, very cute little girl who loves ballet certainly helps!

Since the film crushed that at the box office, Pettis has certainly stayed busy, consisting of guest clues on multiple tv shows, a main role on a on facebook Watch series, and appearances in numerous movies. Here"s what Pettis has actually been doing due to the fact that her breakout duty in The video game Plan.

Madison Pettis has had actually an agent because she was five years old, and she reflects no indications of slowly down. Even when she remained in theaters with Game Plan, Pettis was already a continuous in the Disney show Cory in the House, whereby she played the president"s naughty young daughter, Sophie Martinez. ~ Cory in the House was cancelled the following year, the actress then appeared in the 2008 will Smith dramedy Seven Pounds and the movie Free Style.

But Pettis would uncover her greatest success ~ above television, including voiceover duties on Phineas & Ferb and also The Lion Guard as well as guest clues in shows choose Parenthood and The Fosters. In 2011, she ended up being a continuous on the American-Canadian sitcom Life v Boys, playing Tess" cheerleader best friend Allie. The present would air 40 illustration on Nickelodeon around the trials and also tribulations of cultivation up before it ended in 2013.

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In 2018, Madison Pettis was actors in the facebook Watch drama collection Five Points. Executive-produced through Kerry Washington, the teen show takes location over a week and from lot of perspectives as 5 Chicago students experience a life-changing event. Pettis starred together Natasha "Tosh" Bennett, a seemingly perfect "mean girl" cracked from the load of her mother"s expectations. The shifting viewpoints of the present meant that "Tosh" might be viewed as an overbearing girlfriend, a bully, or just another cheerleader dating the jock, and also Pettis handled every readjust in she character. However, the show ultimately hasn"t been renewed for a third season as of 2021.

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Of course, that has actually in no means stopped Pettis" momentum. She many recently showed up as Annie, a teen desperate to lose her virginity, in the 2020 film American Pie Presents: Girls" Rules, the ninth(!!) in the series. And the 22-year-old was newly signed by massive firm CAA, suggesting bright things are heading her way. Don"t be also surprised if you watch the actress in theater again really soon, nearly 15 years after The video game Plan.