Let me start by saying, ns never had actually the opportunity to accomplish Lil Snupe, Lil Phat, or Lil JoJo or speak to either among these adolescents while they to be alive. Together a nerd, and also Artistic Being, ns feel pain for some desolate souls. I also know someone needs to tell their story.

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Lil JojoLil PhatLil Snupe died too soon, and they closed your eyes due to the fact that of nonsense. The last thing they heard to be bullets in their young bodies. All 3 knew they weren’t college bound. Music was their life, yet we all recognize that as soon as you room doing your damndest to do your dreams come true, someone wants to shoot you down. In all three situations young guys wanted come live life and carry out for their families.These men knew they would certainly never get in Yale or Harvard. These young men did not mean to send their resumes come Fortune 500 Companies.

Three Young monarchs Who obtained Their Heads…

See their tiny hearts, and limited resources transformed them into picture they felt determined them. They want to live be, but an unified in the wrong lane, by imitating the enlarge men about them. There is no too numerous other observations and social breakthrough skills, where they doomed native the start? No, because Meek Mill made the out, and also he is no angel, but he has listed for his family and also given money come charities. That is possible to live the life and also not end up in a casket, or in “The ship Of The Beast.” Watch these young men’s as their ambitions and also drive push them come the limelight. Clock them in your proud moments being able to administer for your loved ones.Watch together they feel that me accomplishment.

Watch their cockiness, and also talent gift poisoned through jealousy, and also the “Crabs- In- A Barrel” Syndrome.

Then look around you and wonder how plenty of Lil JoJo’s will be in buried in their favorite diamond studs and fitted hats. I desire you come think around Lil Phat’s baby Mama having actually to raise an additional child without a father, and what can those expensive garments do because that him now? remember Lil Snoop when he had that proud look at on his challenge when Meek Mill offered him that chance to leaving the streets. How numerous have to leave us, before we leave the beef ~ above wax.The factor I love URLTV and other battle Rap Arenas, is because that day we room hearing gun talk and also bravado, however during that minute when we space all the town hall nobody is loosing your lives. Hip-Hop has actually kept lock from gift on that block.. Fight Rap creates an atmosphere to save men and also women all different races and ages power-driven and also determined to make history.They phone call the heartbreaking stories, world in Utah could never ever before envision. Everyone has actually a story. Simply by describing the heart ache and tragedies in city cities, made Donald Goines a critically acclaimed writer. I have every book, I indicate you read those books too.

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Take the time to hear around these young men and also their 15 minutes of Fame…

The welfare of your people has to average something come you, evaluate your life if it way nothing come you.

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