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When someone says making a video clip call someday and also you reply it is a good idea (even unsure he/she is simply being polite) and also he/she states let me know your availability, walk he/she desire to know the specific time variety or have the right to you simply say "Will do"?


Yes, Let me recognize your availability straight equals "When are you prepared for the video?" "Do you have actually a time slot someday soon for the video?" "Based on her calendar, as soon as do you desire to schedule it?" organization etiquette argues looking at your calendar and also offering two or three slots together your reply.

Also, Would you like to dance? means "Do you want to dance v me to this song?" Shall we Dance? If in 3/4 time, that way "Let"s waltz, yes?" the is not an investigative inquiry for information as to your general interest in dancing together a concept.

Answering Will do simply wastes time due to the fact that you already said the is "a great idea." Like when someone asks if you know the time, you would say what time it is, no Yes, ns do recognize the time.

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There is no absolute answer. Economic climate of email (something as well rare today) argues you must tell him as soon as you can talk.

I would review the reply together a (overly?) polite version of "Let me understand when you"re available," and also I would do simply that. Otherwise, you"ll need an additional round of email to confirm that girlfriend really want to talk, and then to residence in on the time. And also do you yes, really want an ext email?

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