ns just obtained Lego Star battles - The complete Saga because that my son. It appears to autosave in part fashion. Yet it additionally warns me on exit that my progress will be lost since the last save. How deserve to I conserve manually?




Don"t worry around it - many games that usage an autosave function give a warning choose this, even if it"s simply saved the game. You can read it as "make certain you hit a checkpoint before you quit, otherwise you"ll lose whatever you"ve done because the last one".

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As long as you quit ~ hitting a checkpoint your progress will be saved.


Go to the bar in the begin of a new game and also you can develop a brand-new autosave under the personality option. You can visit bars in ~ the game to conserve at anytime...


Playing ~ above iOS I"ve uncovered a method to cause a conserve in the cantina without having to purchase an item. View among the minifigs in the cylindric water chamber, adjust at the very least one that their parts using the white arrows and also exit the modify mode. This brings up the fatality Star summary in the top right corner indicating a save is happening.

For every the people who have actually a difficulty with conserving the video game Star wars TCS, here"s a equipment which functioned for me.

The problem lies not in the Xbox 360 game or Xbox One or one Xbox Live account. It lies in the hardware. The is in the WiFi router in ~ the settings. Make connection to your WiFi router and see if cloud security is on. With me the cloud protection was enabled, which must be collection to disabled. Conserve the brand-new settings on her WiFi router. Climate you go to your Xbox One. Begin the video game Star battles TCS and also you will check out that it instantly recognizes her user profile and also starts downloading it for your Xbox 360 game. Then, after playing each level, you deserve to save the game. If this tho does not job-related the avoid your WiFi firewall. It must certainly succeed.

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