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Villain episode 1. The Riddler"s Revenge

Chapter 1. The Riddler makes a Withdrawal

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Minikit 1/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: Yes

Pick up the dumpster with the orange take care of on the left in ~ the start.

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Smash the objects at the basic of the column in prior of the closeup of the door shutters, you"ll uncover LEGO bricks that can be developed into a lever which will open the shutters. Usage the Riddler to hypnotise the guard inside and have him push on the crackhead switch.

Go up the ramp with the opened up gate to find a bunch that parked vehicles and a few police come defeat.

Minikit 2/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: Yes

Pull on the orange strength handle on the prior of the parked van to relocate it for this reason you have the right to use it come grab the Minikit in the air.

Minikit 3/10Requires: High JumpStory Mode: Yes

Use a automobile to smash into the blue booth in the near right edge to reveal a Minikit on peak of it.

At the earlier of the area is one orange truck, go to the ago of it and have Clayface usage the stamin handles to support it out of the way. Store pushing it till both levers are revealed and also you have the right to pull them at the same time to open up the lift through two buttons inside.

Minikit 4/10Requires: Grapple, BatarangStory Mode: No

On your appropriate after leaving the carpark is a grapple point. Make sure to smash the upper window with a batarang very first though.

Hostage 13/25Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Blow the end the windows simply to the left that the lift and also rescue the hostage inside.

Have Clayface High Jump approximately the handholds over the hostage window and climate jump to the left come grab the bottom that a folded increase ladder to traction it down.

Minikit 5/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- LEGO home window to get the Minikit inside.

Climb increase the ladder to reach the other side that the gate. Defeat a couple of Security Guards and then start throwing the trucks the end of the means using Clayface"s strength. The last one demands to be pulled every the means to the left until it"s top top the orange plate. The will disclose a bar in a room above.

Use The Riddler"s hypnosis to control the man in the room so that he pulls the lever. That will certainly attach component of a crane come the orange vehicle. Rally the bits that LEGO ~ above the floor behind and in prior of it to finish it off so you can start driving it. Stop your way through the silver LEGO gate.

Keep going to the appropriate smashing with a second Silver LEGO gate simply past where you exited the lift.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Just previous the silver LEGO gate is a home window you can shatter v the Sonic Suit.

Red Brick - Score x2Requires: Magnet Suit, High Jump, HypnosisStory Mode: No

Magnet walk increase the metal wall just come the appropriate of the ahead Minikit window and walk follow me the ledge come the left. High run onto the handhold on the authorize with the flashing red arrowhead to pour out LEGO onto the street below.

Assemble a small red vehicle out of that LEGO and drive it earlier down the street come the crusher wherein you discovered the an initial part that the crane. The cage will close once it"s in place. To activate the crusher girlfriend must first use your batarang to hit the yellow peak of the bars that room blocking the second lever in the hypnotism room. Then you deserve to hypnotise the guy again right into pulling that second lever. Now simply smash the car that pops the end to obtain your Red Brick.

Smash the silver- LEGO in ~ the much end and also then use stamin to open up a hatch on the wall surface to reach a new area.

Minikit 7/10Requires: High JumpStory Mode: Yes

High Jump approximately the handholds directly above where you go into this brand-new area.

Smash the call booth ~ above the ideal a the end of the alley to obtain the parts to construct a ladder.

Minikit 8/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Climb the ladder to a home window you have the right to smash v the Sonic Suit.

At the height of the ladder girlfriend can also build a tightrope point to rise over come the ledge across. Hypnotise the guy inside the building and have him jump to grab the handhold ~ above his wall. That will certainly dislodge the statue top top the prior of the building.

Minikit 9/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Down the alley top top the left next of the structure you knocked the statue off.

Minikit 10/10Requires: Explosives/CarStory Mode: Yes

Smash with the silver LEGO obstacle on the left in the Police car to discover the Minikit in the vehicle showroom.

Assemble the parts from the collapse statue in addition to the parts from the benches and the silver- LEGO crate that you deserve to open by steering the Police car through it. To complete the level run on the plunger.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter


-The Riddler

Chapter 2. ~ above the Rocks

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

First take out the large number of police that space attacking you, the ones increase top must jump down once they"re the last ones left.

Use Mr. Freeze"s superstrength to pull on the orange handle on the pipeline in the earlier left corner. You can then drive a blast of air up onto the top of the snowman billboard wherein a few more cops will attack.

Minikit 1/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Smash the red thing in former of the ice cream Cream van in the close to left edge to discover the pieces to resolve it for this reason you deserve to drive it. Journey it come the blue garage door in ~ the snowman billboard and also park it within (after beating the policemen). The Minikit will appear above.

Minikit 2/10 - part 1/3Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

In the near right edge is a tree in a pot that you deserve to smash to disclose a little snowman. The very first of three.

Minikit 2/10 - part 2/3Requires: Sonic Suit, HypnosisStory Mode: No

In the back right edge is a doorway through some glass impede the way, Sonic Suit v it and also go inside. The tree pot is not what you"re searching for this time, the snowman can be viewed inside a little booth against the wall surface a small further in. To open it hypnotise the male behind the glass and have him traction the lever.

Minikit 3/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: Yes

Pull ~ above the orange handle over the snowman billboard and also go within the window, the Minikit is in ~ the right end.

Minikit 2/10 - part 3/3Requires: StrengthStory Mode: Yes

At the far end of the ledge above the snowman billboard is the critical plant in a pot come smash. The Minikit will show up under the nearby long handhold.

Jump down to the ledge that"s in former of the billboard and also assemble the first lever here after wrecking the ice cream. Pull it and then jump ago up utilizing the lengthy handhold and also smash the various other ice cream to construct a second lever. After ~ pulling both the leave to the area will certainly open, letting in a few policemen together it does.

Once you"re inside defeat a few police the come down the icy slope and also then traction on the orange handle to produce some measures to reach the handhold ~ above the wall. Shimmy to the right to the optimal of the slope.

Advance to the best a quick distance, take out the polic that attack, and also jump down onto the blue platform in the red waters. From there you"ll be able to freeze the sparkling ar to the right, and from that platform frozen a second spot.

Minikit 4/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Before you hypnotise the guy above make certain to freeze the following two platforms and also blow up the silver LEGO hatch and go through it. You"ll currently be behind the glass whereby there"s a Minikit.

Hostage 14/25Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Climb the ladder in the glass room to get on optimal of it.

Red Brick - Score x4Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

From the hostage jump down to the right and build a lever. Pull it climate cross end to defeat a couple of enemies and build the object containing the Red Brick.

In Story mode you"ll must hypnotise the guy and have him build a spinner switch, rotating it will certainly raise the level the the red water. Note that this will cut off access to the glass area top top the appropriate in complimentary Play so make certain to have done every little thing you want to earlier there already.

Minikit 5/10Requires: Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

In the left edge Magnet walk increase the metal wall to gain to the ledge through the Minikit top top it.

Smash the yellow basket to the left the the big gate and assemble the stuff. It"ll explode byitself providing you much more LEGO to rally onto the exit as an orange handle, press it to open up the door.

Defeat a couple of enemies and also go increase the stairs to the following area.

Minikit 6/10Requires: tempt SuitStory Mode: No

Fill the Attracto Canister through all the loose LEGO you find roughly this area.

Hypnotise the guy in the small enclosure and also smash the object next to him so you can develop a lever. Have actually Mr. Freeze stand on the communication on the left before you traction the lever as it will raise the platform, he"ll then should shove package off to the ideal to create a feet in the floor.

Minikit 7/10Requires: HypnosisStory Mode: Yes

Go to the left and also jump down to the ar below, if girlfriend grab the handholds listed below that you can grab a Minikit hoving under there. To get back up you build a ladder.

Follow the crate you driven off and also drop through the floor. Defeat the enemies to the right, have actually Mr. Frozen walk v the eco-friendly gas and pull top top the manage afterwards. Rise up the ladder and defeat a few more enemies before jumping on the wheel together The Riddler so you can hypnotise the male up top into standing ~ above his wheel too.

Minikit 8/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- LEGO flower on optimal of the hypnotised man"s frozen cage and then again inside it to punch up the crate.

Smash the stuff down to the best of the hypnotised guy to develop a lever that will certainly fill up the vat on the right. Frozen the vat and also the hypnotise the guard write-up to open the door to the last area.

Defeat the police at the start and then assemble a cannon come fire a ball.

Minikit 9/10Requires: Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Magnet walk increase the left vat and also glide end the gap to acquire the Minikit.

Approach the far end and also hypnotise among the civilization above.

Minikit 10/10Requires: HypnosisStory Mode: Yes

Grab the Minikit top top the left using the hypnotised man.

Shove the crate turn off the edge and also then build it. Rise up and also defeat the guards, then a second wave of guards. Now you should solve a puzzle, all that"s affiliated is stepping on the buttons in former of the coloured canisters in the order displayed in the middle. For this reason blue, green, yellow, climate red.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter

-Mr. Freeze

25,000Mr. Freeze"s Kart

23,000Mr. Freeze"s Iceberg

Chapter 3. Green Fingers

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Minikit 1/10Requires: an innovation SuitStory Mode: No

Use the an innovation Suit on the tech Panel to the appropriate at the begin of the level to open the obstacle (use the analog stick to relocate it) and go through to a small racetrack. Hop into one the the red cars and also drive that once around the track to earn the Minikit.

Take a left prior to the silver- LEGO gate and also defeat a few security guards. Opposite the brown door come the building smash the objects to discover the bricks to develop a flower car. This deserve to smash with Silver LEGO so take it come the right and smash with the door there.

Minikit 2/10Requires: Explosives, Grapple, High JumpStory Mode: No

Blow increase the gate on the best (the vehicle won"t fit with to with it unfortunately) and go through right into a garden area. Grapple up in ~ the back a couple of times and then High Jump up to the last platform with the Minikit on.

Behind the gate room some gardeners and also then part flowerbeds come smash so that you can construct a crackhead switch. Push on it once the various other character is on the hanging basket in ~ the back so that you lift castle up. As soon as they"re increase you"ll have the ability to ride the basket up and then usage Poison Ivy"s High run to with the handholds high above.

After shimmying follow me the handhold, quit the statue and also finish off the tightrope so that The Riddler deserve to follow. Toxicity Ivy will have the ability to walk with the poison gas so have her go to the second lever to pull it when Riddler pulls the first to open up the door below.

Minikit 3/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Around the corner you deserve to see a Minikit in the air above a collection of four small handholds.

Go inside the building and have toxicity Ivy use her plant growth ability on the sections in the green water that space glowing with pink hearts. This will assist The Riddler get across as Ivy deserve to just swim v it no problem.

Use her plant growth capacity again ~ above the pot beside the giant plant cage to thrive a bouncy mushroom. Bounce ~ above it come the 2nd one and then as much as a handhold to aid you get up onto the ledge above. Shove the statue turn off the edge.

Hostage 15/25Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- door to the left that the statue and also go v to a room v the hostage in.

Red Brick - Score x6Requires: Explosives, Attracto SuitStory Mode: No

In the very same room as the hostage to fill up the Attracto Canister with the loosened LEGO you witnessed in the ahead room and by shattering all the ingredient in here. Make certain to stop the respond to so that once you usage the technology Panel to drive the little cake automobile that gets built you deserve to drive it right into the range at the earlier to obtain your Red Brick.

After shattering the tree cage you"ll discover the components to build a hypnosis window, have actually the Riddler usage it to get the door open.

Go under the steps and defeat a couple of gardners prior to smashing all of the plants in the area beside the silver- LEGO door ahead. After ~ doing therefore you"ll have the ability to build a walking tree vehicle, it"s not quite ready to drive just yet though. First you"ll have to hypnotise the guy in the room in ~ the back into pulling the bar to get the last few parts.

Now you can roam approximately eating guards and smashing silver- LEGO.

Minikit 4/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow increase the door to the room at the ago on the left (the walking plant can"t seem come smash it) to reach a coloured block puzzle inside. Simply push the block onto their equivalent squares. The red block in the bottom left edge goes come the middle, the yellow block in the optimal left corner goes come the bottom ideal corner, and also the environment-friendly block ~ above the ideal goes to the bottom appropriate corner.

Use the plant to smash through the silver LEGO gate, you"ll then unfortunately have to leave the behind many thanks to some bollards prevent the way.

Smash the objects ~ above the shore right here to gain the LEGO to repair the adjacent swan boat. Sail it across the water following the course of studs around the mines.

Minikit 5/10Requires: Swimming, Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Swim down with the hole in the center of the water to pop the end in the cage top top the earlier wall. In here use the Sonic suit to stop the glass therefore you deserve to pull the bar opening the door and transforming the fountains on. Journey the middle one to gain the Minikit over it.

Smash with the gate on the far side and also jump out. Hypnotise one of the males behind the fence and have him smash the 2 canisters. Run on the plunger to open up the gate so that Ivy and also Riddler can acquire in. Build a lever out of the second one to open up the door to gain inside.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Sonic Suit, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Use the Sonic suit on the glass just inside the enntrance gate to obtain the parts to build a metal wall surface for Robin come Magnet walk as much as reach the Minikit up top.

Use toxicity Ivy to overcome the green goo and smash all the stuff on the much side so the you have the right to repair the vehicle and also drive it ago to the Riddler so the he have the right to safely drive throughout the goo and hypnotise the guard post. Drop under the ladder.

Minikit 7/10Requires: Explosives, Strength, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Blast v the silver LEGO door ~ above the left and then develop a steel tube. Use the orange manage to shove it backwards to kind a wall to walk up in the Magnet Suit. Drop down on the left to obtain the Minikit.

Walk through the poison gas and stand on the pink button to shut that off. Next climb the ladder and also pull the lever to open up a hatch and then was standing on an additional pink button to shut off the remainder of the gas. Go through the opened tube.

Minikit 8/10Requires: heat Protection Suit, GrappleStory Mode: No

While wearing the heat Protection Suit, grapple up and also go v the hole to with the Minikit far above.

Go down the procedures to the right and smash the objects alongside the yellow platform to find the components to end up it off.

Minikit 9/10Requires: Sonic Suit, SwimmingStory Mode: No

Continue previous the communication up part stairs right into a room with a glass door on the much side. Sonic Suit v it and then swim through the water come hit a button at the bottom. That"ll lower the water level and open a door come the opposite tank. In there stand on the switch to progressive the water level so friend can acquire the Minikit above. To get earlier out reverse the process.

Use poison Ivy"s plant growth on the pots next to the yellow communication to grow a pair of plants that you can high jump up to reach the ledge above. Up there smash the canisters to find the last parts come the lift.

After talk the yellow elevator you"ll do your means to the last area of the level. A greenhouse v a fairly annoying continuous stream of protection guards attack you when you"re trying to settle the puzzle. You get barely two seconds in between defeating the critical of the current wave and also the arrival of the following lot.

The goal below it sot strength up the three lights in the middle. The middle light you can start up straight away, simply jump top top the middle switch For the 2nd light girlfriend must first hypnotise the man up on the communication to the left, have actually him support the statue off the sheet so that you deserve to rebuild it and also complete the first circuit. Jump on the left of the 3 red buttons to irradiate up the second light.

Minikit 10/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow increase the silver- LEGO situation just below the hypnotisable man.

For the final light walk to the best side of the area at the ago where there"s some plants covered with poison gas. Toxicity Ivy will have the ability to smash them safely and then rally a pump out of the remains. Run on the a couple of times to complete the last circuit, then to finish the level just jump on that last red button.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter

-Poison Ivy

Chapter 4. An enterprising Theft

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Minikit 1/10Requires: Sonic Suit, High JumpStory Mode: No

To the left at the start smash the glass cabinets v the Sonic Suit. Indigenous the cabinet in ~ the back build a bar to raise the room slightly. High run on peak to reach the Minikit high above.

As you breakthrough to the right past the flowerbeds you"ll encounter a few guards near the bottom of the escalators. After defeating them smash the chairs in former of the escalators to construct a crackhead switch that will reverse the escalator direction.

Hostage 16/25Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

To the best of the escalators is a room through a glass door, after smashing it v the Sonic suit you deserve to rescue the hostage inside.

Minikit 2/10Requires: Sonic Suit, technology SuitStory Mode: No

And to the right of the hostage room is one more room blocked by a glass door. Once you"re inside smash everything and build yourself a large robot computer mouse which you deserve to drive. Take it it out of the room and also park it in the open door simply to the left that the elevators, this will open up the door come its left.

Inside right here use the technology Panel to regulate a robot approximately a tiny maze, you need to drive over each red square in turn to open up the route to the following red square, you have the right to just about see the barriers blocking them. Take treatment not to drive with the wires when they"re lit up. The last wire has a slightly different pattern come the rest, it"ll flicker off and back on again quickly prior to it transforms off because that a long sufficient time come actually acquire past. The Minikit will appear in the hostage room.

Go increase the escalators.

Minikit 3/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow increase the silver LEGO crate at the top of the escalators and also jump ~ above the button you construct a few times to crank open the elevator door.

Minikit 4/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Through a glass home window at the peak of the escalators.

Smash the blue benches and also red cabinets to the left that the laser clogged door to build yourself a fast colour puzzle. You need to step on the buttons in the order the they are shown to friend on the wall. For this reason blue, red, yellow, green. Or native the left it"s 3, 1, 2, 4.

Use your firearms to shoot the security on the high communication in the room friend reach. Climb up the ladder come the left of the entrance and use the handhold above the enntrance gate to obtain over to some jiggling LEGO that deserve to be developed into a plunger button. This will certainly fill the bottom level that the room through toxic waste so don"t walk swimming in it as The Riddler, Two-Face is well though.

Minikit 5/10Requires: Hypnosis, peril ProtectionStory Mode: Yes

Once the toxicity waste level has actually been elevated you deserve to hypnotise the man in the room right into pulling a lever. This will open up a steel tube throughout the room, if girlfriend jump into it you"ll acquire a Minikit.

Minikit 6/10Requires: Explosives, modern technology SuitStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver LEGO bars come the left the the hypnotism room and also build a remote manage helicopter from the parts inside. Usage the tech Panel to regulate the chopper to fly it up to grab the Minikit.

Jump to the communication at the left next of the room and also rebuild the green power box to unlock half of the exit. To open the other fifty percent you have to swim v the toxicity waste (as Two-Face) to acquire to a communication on the appropriate side that the room. When you"re over there smash the present box and also rebuild the on the tiled floor so you can push it into the wall and open the exit.

Assemble the parts to the maker at the begin of the new area, making use of Two-Face for the bits in the toxic waste puddle, and also then hypnotise the male behind the glass to take manage of the assembled robot. Walk him through the laser barriers and smash the strength conduit top top the other side come shut castle off.

Minikit 7/10Requires: Explosives, High JumpStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- LEGO panel just past the laser barriers. You"ll have to High run to reach the Minikit inside.

Minikit 8/10Requires: Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Sonic fit the glass door of the very first room previous the laser barriers and also at the ago smash the objects and build a big weight the gets sent out up the tube. It"ll drop down on a scale additional in the level and also open a door to expose the Minikit. You deserve to grab the in a bit.

Red Brick - Score x8Requires: Explosives, risk ProtectionStory Mode: No

Blow increase the door to the second room and smash all the stuff inside. In the ago left corner you"ll be able to build a projector i m sorry will reveal a door you have the right to go through.

Enter Bruce Wayne"s office (I guess) and stand on the red button at the back three times to open up up a floor puzzle. You need to stand ~ above the squares in the very same order as the game shows you:


Once you"ve done that the painting of Bruce Wayne will certainly slide open up to reveal the Red Brick.

Go through into a huge open area, loss all the guards girlfriend see and jump increase the handholds in ~ the ago beneath whereby a couple of of them to be standing (at the peak is wherein Minikit #8 is revealed). Have Two-Face walk through the puddle of toxicity waste come the left and then smash the sparking yellow dashboard to shut off the lasers below.

Pull the lever where the lasers to be to open up the door so you have the right to release a goo suck vehicle. There"s no goo to suck this time, rather just journey it roughly the central circle over every one of the red squares to irradiate them up. The main dome will open and allow you to push the crackhead switch i m sorry will extend a bridge up alongside the toxicity waste.

Climb up the handholds again and this time walk to the right, hit an additional sparking yellow panel and also all the lasers will shut off.

Minikit 9/10Requires: heat Protection SuitStory Mode: No

Use the warmth Protection suit to clamber up on height of the red hot pipes in the corner and also smash the valve on height to relax a gust of air that"ll advanced you up to obtain the Minikit high above.

Go with the departure to another huge room, a colour puzzle will show up as you with the middle.

Minikit 10/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Go behind the color puzzle screen and also to the right of the glowing purple cage is where you"ll find the final Minikit.

The mix is yellow, red, eco-friendly (or front, back, middle). Resolving it will reduced a black and also yellow object right into view and also raise up a couple of yellow and also black crates behind it. Smash those crates and attach the piece to the dangling object.

Go to the earlier left next of the room and also hypnotise a male behind the glass wall into pulling a lever. This will certainly raise increase some an ext parts to attach to the yellow and also black machine. Top top the ideal side the the room punch the door and also have Two-Face walk through the toxic waste to traction the lever at the back himself.

Finish assembling the mech and hop it. Usage it come smash every eight the the glow red pylons come disable the glowing purple cage at the back. Strategy the cage to complete the level.

Character UnlocksCostCharacter



24,000Two-Face"s Armoured Truck

Chapter 5. Breaking Blocks

Super-VillainStory ModeFree Play

Try come avoid gaining in the helicopter"s search light as it"ll shoot in ~ you if you do.

Minikit 1/10Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Off the edge just past the bollards come the right, friend should be able to see the orange clips inside wall up turn off the side wherein you jump down onto some big leaves.

Head come the right and defeat a couple of SWAT. At the closed door at the far end use The Riddler"s strength of hypnosis top top a man on the various other side and also have that smash all the red objects in the direction of the display screen so the he can develop some dynamite and also a plunger to detonate it.

Now friend can gain in and smash the remainder of the objects in stimulate to repair the large yellow digger so the you have the right to drive it.

Use the digger to smash the silver LEGO crate blocking the ladder the handholds just external the gate. Run up those handholds (it"s rather a long way) and also smash the searchlight in ~ the top. That"ll fall a pair of bricks that have the right to be assembled top top the tiled path and also then pushed into position.

Pull the lever next come the path to activate the very first half, then assemble the tightrope and also use that to get across, down to where you just powered. Go past it come the far end and also have Two-Face shoot the padlock, that"ll fall a ladder so you can obtain up to the 2nd searchlight where you can do the exact same point and totally power the central light. Which of course will make that explode.

Have Riddler sit in the mind manage chair come take regulate of the helicopter the was annoying you earlier.

Minikit 2/10Requires: HypnotismStory Mode: Yes

Use the helicopter to blow up three defense cameras ~ above the wall. 2 on the ideal side and one come the left of the key entrance.

The helicopter have the right to blow up the door to let friend inside fort Blox.

Defeat a couple of guards inside and also then stop the sofas in former of the glass windows. You should find the parts to construct a couple of spinner switches. Once you"ve opened up both the doors usage hypnosis to regulate the man behind the glass and also have him traction the bar at the much end.

Minikit 3/10Requires: Sonic Suit, tempt Suit, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Use the Sonic fit to stop the glass windows that the hypnotised guy is behind to gain to the Attracto Canister therefore you can fill the up.

That will produce a slim metal wall for Robin come Magnet walk approximately reach a ledge with the Minikit on.

Minikit 4/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Use explosives ~ above the three portraits in the back right edge of this room. The third one will certainly flip about to a snapshot of a Minikit and also spill the end LEGO that deserve to be developed into a lever.

The hypnotised lever pull will have actually opened the gate resulting in the right. After defeating a few guards you"ll involved a lengthy thin checkered floor. Shoot the junction box on the wall next come the gate at the finish of the to open the gate. Smash all the stuff behind over there to develop a large golden object the you deserve to push follow me the track.

Push it every the way into the lasers in ~ the finish to blow them up and also then loss the SWAT guys on the various other side.

Minikit 5/10Requires: StrengthStory Mode: No

To the appropriate after the lasers is a bookcase v an orange handle on the side. Support it out of the way and stop the wall behind it.

Hostage 17/25Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow up the silver- LEGO door on the left side and go through into the room beyond.

Minikit 6/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

In the same room together the hostage blow up the silver LEGO cage in ~ the back.

Red Brick - Score x10Requires: Explosives, Sonic SuitStory Mode: No

Still in the exact same room as the hostage, stop the crates at the finish of the checkered track and also assemble a yellow block to push along it. Sonic the glass and smash the junction crate up top to lower the lasers top top the left side. Punch up the silver- door behind lock to reveal the Red Brick.

Smash the pile of objects in prior of the yellow fence to build a spinner switch. The elevator door at the earlier will pop open up as you construct it. Have actually Two-Face run v the toxicity waste and stand in the elevator while the Riddler pushes ~ above the crackhead switch come lift the up.

Up optimal punch the padlock and also pull the bar that gets revealed. That"ll open up a ladder because that the Riddler to rise up so that he have the right to hypnotise the man at the end into pulling the bar behind him.

Shoot the guards behind the lasers and then hit the junction box on both sides of the laser fence to open up a dashboard on the wall surface which once you smash will blow increase the lasers.

Minikit 7/10 - part 1/4Requires: electric BuzzerStory Mode: No

On the best just before the wall surface of gas is an electric generator, power it to open up the door so you can smash the very first of four golden piggy banks.

Two-Face can safely walk v the toxicity gas. Have him traction the lever at the back and then support the object follow me its path.

Minikit 8/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow increase the silver- LEGO cage in the tiny room that opened up up using the bar after the gas.

Smash the an equipment behind the door to shut off the gas so that the Riddler deserve to join you.

Minikit 7/10 - part 2/4Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

In the corner behind whereby the gas machine was.

Minikit 7/10 - part 3/4Requires: High JumpStory Mode: No

Behind a portrait whereby the gas to be flowing. You"ll must High run to reach it.

Stand on both red plungers at the earlier to reduced the laser fence climate shoot the junction crate at the ago to shut turn off the last collection of lasers.

Minikit 7/10 - part 4/4Requires: NoneStory Mode: Yes

Behind the final laser fence.

Defeat a pair of tide of SWAT as soon as you enter the last area.

Minikit 9/10Requires: Sonic Suit, Magnet SuitStory Mode: No

Use the Sonic fit to smash the glass crate at the back in bespeak to release some metal LEGO. Walk up it and then support the cage off the edge to release the Minikit inside.

Have Two-Face stop the cages in the toxic waste pond in the earlier left corner so he have the right to reach the bar behind them. This will open the large vault door and knock over that large dollar sign.

Just to the best of the big vault door friend can develop a small bouncy communication to use to with the ledge above where you can shove things off the edge. The will produce a lever for you come pull and also open the metal shutters to her right.

Minikit 10/10Requires: ExplosivesStory Mode: No

Blow increase the tiny Silver LEGO vault door to the appropriate of the big one and go up the ladder inside. Punch up the silver- LEGO cage up right here to cost-free the Minikit.

Hypnotise the male in the appropriate section and have him rebuild the ladder in his room. Climb it and also smash the cages so that he have the right to now build a spinner switch. Push that and also jump down the ladder in the following room so you have the right to pull the bar in here.

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That will reason a entirety load of an ext LEGO bricks to spill the end of the vault. Assemble the mech and also blast your means into the vault, run out and enter the vault to finish the episode.