The Honor culture motto the Strength and also Honor was liked to uniquely stand for the qualities we value as an organization. We wanted to made decision something that exemplifies both the historical significance the what an honor culture was, but also symbolizes what Honor culture should stand for in today"s world.

The Strength and also Honor phrase is obtained from the latin Virtūs et Honos. Virtūs straight translates to strength, courage, excellence and et Honos method "and Honor". This words strongly denote what we host to it is in a valuable component of personality excellence in our members. The terms "Strength" and also "Honor" have deeply rooted meaning in historic text as having actually both a mutual respect because that one another and trust amongst a team of peers. Strength has actually a physical component come it, but more importantly respresents the strength of personality a human has.

Our honor culture strives to aid members succeed and also develop a solid character that will help them achieve much more in life.

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As we flourish as a society, it has actually become an ext and much more important come explicitly define the core worths from i beg your pardon we construct our culture, our mission, and also our decision-making framework. For more details, please see our Core values page.


Our LVBP an individual Branding routine exists is to ensure that all members space receiving the leadership skills, are representing the main point values, and making the many of their Honor culture membership.


Honor societies are a rich legacy with a background that spans over 200 years. Honor culture aims to identify the accomplishments of that is members too as assist and accumulate them to attain more. Read more about Honor society here.



Honor culture seeks to promote excellence in every facet of a member’s life. These policies are in ar to defend the organization’s typical of excellence, but an ext importantly, the wellness of ours members. The goals of Honor society include, but are not limited to: exclusive benefits, scholarship, community and also recognition.

Some particular policies (For meetings, events, or otherwise) to keep in mind are:

Foul/unprofessional language is prohibited.

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Also, please stop using slang or street terms once speaking.

Appropriate Attire. If you arrangement on make an appearance in your snapchats, make certain your attire is appropriate. (By appropriate, we average wearing something the you would feel comfortable in approximately your household or at your location of employment).

Public Ridicule of other members, jokingly or otherwise. As one organization, Honor culture strives for professionalism and leadership. Publicly embarrassing or ridiculing one more member is strictly prohibited. Such behavior is not consistent with ours ideals and also and a member may be subject to disciplinary activity for displaying command unbecoming a member of our organization

Appropriate usage of society Media. Members are entitled come expressing their very own opinions and also posting what they want, yet when attaching Honor culture name to it, all write-ups should be professional. Any policies that apply to members in life likewise apply to their use of society media once citing Honor culture or express the website. Take treatment to personify the organization in a positive way. For photos or videos, wear clothes that is in an excellent taste, speak carefully, and exhibit proper behavior.