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SNOWMOBILE MAINEMaine has some the the most varied snowmobiling, native mountains and wooded trails to open up fields. One can view the beautiful scenery from the tops of plenty of hills and mountains, and sightings of deer, moose and other wildlife space common. Many miles of trails travel on abandoned railroad beds and logging roads, with exciting bridges crossing streams and rivers.Some 250 Clubs in the State maintain most of the trail device with assistance from the State office of Parks & Recreation. In the heavier snow belt component of the State, the biggest State-of-the-Art tools is supplied to groom the trails. Lot of the ITS system (going from phibìc to South and also East come West) is groomed come at least 8 feet wide.Conditions space generally great (at least in some components of the State) from mid December to the end of March, with one of the heaviest snowfalls in the East.Finding one"s means is easy, as the trails space well significant with the trace number, mileage, direction, gas, food and lodging. Additionally many the the areas sell and service all the machines.There are miscellaneous scheduled snowmobile tasks throughout the winter such as races, sno-deos and Clubs have team trail rides and cookouts. Maps are easily accessible in every area, so that one have the right to go on their own or travel guide are obtainable to escort groups on together activities.Support the sports - sign up with a Club and MSAAroostook County uses Miles the TrailsWith the an initial appreciable snowfall Aroostook County, the biggest county east of the Mississippi puts out the welcoming mat because that snowmobilers. Well-known to plenty of as merely The county it is encompassed on three sides through the Canadian districts of brand-new Brunswick and also Quebec and offers every little thing the snowmobile enthusiast is seeking.The in march 1993 concern of snow Goer magazine rated Aroostook ar Trail riding the greatest in brand-new England and third highest in the whole North American snowbelt. The over 1600 mile of fine groomed snowmobile trails incorporate converted railroad beds while rather traverse a power line up and over large rolling hollowed that capture the picturesque beauty the the landscape. Summer roads, abandoned logging roads, and also a magnitude of society trails command the snowmobilers end the comb of a hill and also look the end at the range of terrain "The County" has to offer.The vast majority of follow grooming is carried out through volunteer of the end 40 snowmobile clubs. The snowmobile clubs in Aroostook ar develop and maintain their trails through the recent equipment and club members put in countless volunteer hours to keep the County"s trail device in height notch problem for riding.A person can spend an entire week"s vacation in Aroostook ar - snowmobile day-to-day - choose various routes - and also with the magnitude of loop trails never ever cross the very same trail twice might county areas are located right ~ above the Canadian border which renders travel through snowmobile into Canada a cinch. Running with the heart of Aroostook county is the Northeast Snowmobile follow (NEST), an worldwide snowmobile trail system linking Maine, brand-new Hampshire, Vermont, and the province of Quebec. NEST, the Interconnecting Trail solution (ITS), and also local society trails provide the snowmobiles through a variety of scenic rides to pick whether it it is in a lengthy loop ride, brief scenic ride, or a expedition through the entire County.It"s usual to see double wide snowmobile trailers headed phibìc to the county on 1-95 and also US path I during the whole snowmobile season. There are various other snowmobilers that fly right into the county because that a whole vacation that snowmobiling while your snowmobiles space enroute plank a tractor trailer unit.Aroostook county has straight snowmobile accessibility to gas, food, lodging, service and parts.Whether friend are looking for candlelight dining or a great old-fashioned residence cooked meal, friend will uncover the restaurant of your choice. In addition, there are several County companies which carry out snowmobile rentals and clothing through the job or week and also snowmobile guides who administer everything including guided tours. Every the snowmobiler requirements to lug is his or her camera.While the significant winter task is snowmobiling, "The County" likewise offers downhill skiing, cross nation skiing (over 100 mile of groomed cross nation ski trails); ice cream fishing; snowshoeing; and ice skating. "The County" is an area warmth with tradition and also hospitality, so a winter vacation is one you"ll long remember. A range of exciting activities await the visitor: snowmobile traction racing; winter carnivals; snowmobile events; a winter Mardi Gras; have the right to AM global dog sleds racing; and also the well known Log chauffeurs cookout. These events draw thousands that snowmobilers annually. Eye falls early on in north Maine"s Aroostook ar so be certain to begin planning now.You can travel come "The County" via federal government 95, the Trans-Canada highway, or through air. North Maine regional Airport in Presque Isle is serviced by several major commercial airlines v several other municipal airports offering ease of access for lighter aircraft. A person have the right to actually overcome the Canadian border by snowmobile in ~ St. Pamphile, Quebec with brand-new Brunswick port of entry in ~ Houlton, Maine; ft Fairfield, Maine; valve Buren, Maine; and also Madawaska, Maine. Added border crossing details is detailed on the snowmobile follow map.THE ft FAIRFIELD POTATO flower FESTIVAL HISTORYThe year 1937 organized the very first ever Maine Potato blossom Festival. The venue was an really potato farm labeled the Doyle Farm, place is no documented. Here, a solemn event was arranged to respect the State"s great commodity-the potato. It was held during the mid-summer when the potato areas were in bloom with beautiful pink and also white flowers, and, likewise after planting season.The very first ever Maine Potato flower Queen, Irene Griffeth, was selected to preside over the festivities.From 1937 to 1960, the Festival was held by a different neighborhood each year. In 1960, those connected with the to plan of the Festival make the decision to select a permanent hold community. Ft Fairfield - climate the world"s biggest potato producing neighborhood - was selected to be the official hold community. A ar of 5,000 people banned together to accept this tremendous challenge.To show respect to those serving our nation during human being War II, and, likewise due to Depression, the Festival was no held during those historical periods.Over the year this occasion has establish the respect of many as one of the oldest and most established festivals in Maine.It has drawn civilization from every State the the Union. It has actually received nationwide media attention due to the uniqueness that the event. Celebrities such together Babe Dedricson, louis Prema, K. C. .Jones and Tommy Heinshon have likewise participated in the Festival.Recent years have actually seen the Festival focus on the prestige of the family farm. Return farming has actually succumbed come the technical era, the family members farm has been the mainstay the the industry.This year will mark the 47th year the this event. With the years it has realized many transforms due to transforms not just within the industry, yet also, transforms in the regional economy. Contradictory to the alters that have and also will occur, this event has and also will continue to promote the market that has made the ar what that is today. Church the the introduction EpiscopalThe Church the the introduction Episcopal is the oldest and perhaps most beautiful building in town. The was built in 1881. The historical structure was put on the nationwide Register of historic Places in 1991. It combine the formats of high Gothic and also Romanesque. This consists of a high barreled vaulted ceiling, hand made pews, kneelers, railings, and walls which were put in addition to square handmade nails. The church has the original altar, a new altar (c. 1912) and the original "1876" bell. In 1897 the church was moved to Church Street indigenous its original site at the good news Cemetery ~ above the Grand drops Road. Come and also visit v your camera the is fine worth it! Masses: contact Eliza Ward at 325-4755 Priest: Perry KingmanHistoric CemeteriesThe city of Limestone possesses countless historic cemeteries. The protestant Cemetery is the oldest. It has graves dating earlier to the 1860"s; numerous of lock belonging to the town"s first citizens. The Kearney Cemetery, across from the Catholic Church on key Street additionally dates back to the exact same period. It has much of the Kearney family and their relatives. The St. Luigi Catholic Cemetery dates to the early 20th century, and has some exciting headstones i m sorry bear engravings in French and English. The Webster Cemetery on Ward Road likewise dates back to the founding of the town. All of these cemeteries have countless beautiful and unique headstones which room worthy of acquisition rubbings of. Family lines and genealogy may also be traced through them. Call the Limestone/Caswell historic Museum and Information center for an ext information. LIMESTONE COMMUNITYLimestone is a township situated on the eastern side of Aroostook ar adjoining new Brunswick, Canada ~ above its east boundary. A reasonably small, close-knit community, Limestone is landscape in nature and is strikingly scenic with exceptional outdoor to chat resources. The ar is basically a mix of agrarian and "bedroom residential" characteristics.Limestone is located at the intersection of 3 well preserved highways. Path 89 travel west v downtown Limestone and also intersects U.S. Highway 1 in ~ Caribou. U.S. Highway IA traverses north and also south from downtown Limestone. Route IA south provides access to the north terminus of federal government Highway 95, situated 55 miles to the southern at Houlton. The third highway is course 229 i m sorry heads east two mile to the Canadian Border. The Limestone-New Brunswick port-of-entry gives 24 hour personalizeds inspection through the Trans-Canada Highway located three miles past this border. Primary local airport framework are situated at Presque Isle, 26 roadway miles native Limestone second airport facilities, including passenger and also freight transport, are situated 12 miles from Limestone in Caribou. Bus facilities are also obtainable in Caribou. The city of Limestone is around 25,000 acres in size with 48% that its acreage in farmland, 39% in forest, and also the continuing to be 13% in occurred area. Limestone is renowned for that is beautiful roll hills interspersed through potato and also grain fields, forested areas, and a variety of lakes, ponds and streams. There are three major watershed control dams situated within Limestone that room utilized because that recreational boating, fishing, swimming and also picnicking. Limestone stream runs with downtown Limestone and also is one of numerous local streams that provides excellent fishing for native brook trout. The name Limestone was obtained during the 1800"s native the limestone deposits included in the rock strata basic the rich, sandy loam found in the area. In the beforehand 1900"s it was mined at a quarry that currently lies in ~ the previous Loring Air pressure Base.RECREATIONOne the Limestone"s strongest assets is that diversity of entertain resources. One of the most distinctive of these resources is the recreational area situated in downtown Limestone. The ar pond and also Albert Michaud Memorial Park area administer a number of outdoor recreational activities which include, swimming, canoeing and also fishing in the neighborhood pond and also an equipped children"s park area. The ar pond meets the highest water high quality standards and also was constructed during 1976. The coast area is staffed by lifeguards throughout the summer and also includes a bathhouse, beach, swim area, watercraft launching ramp, basic play area and also a little playground. An 85 acre Trafton Lake Recreation Area was built in 1967 and is located on the Ward Road, 3 mile from downtown Limestone. That is taken into consideration one of the finest fishing lakes in northern Maine v trout weighing increase to several pounds in size. Over there are comprehensive picnicking framework at Trafton and also a bathhouse, beach, swim area, boat launching ramp, general play area and also a little playground.The city of Limestone provides year-round recreation programs for both youth and also adults. Small League is especially popular during the summer. Soccer, lawn volleyball, swimming and tennis lessons and also numerous other tasks are additionally included in the summer fare. Throughout winter months the pool and also gymnasium at the high school are open to the public. The department likewise offers such programs as pre-school enrichment, ballet lessons, arranged activities, and a municipal ice skating rink.The winter month round the end the 4 seasons recreational methods for Limestone. Snowmobiling on groomed trails, expertly kept by area snowmobile clubs, provide an endless network that "highways" that crisscross Aroostook county. Both cross-country and downhill skiing are accessible in and also around Limestone, while various other enthusiasts gain snowshoeing and also ice fishing.For the wildlife watcher and hunter, Limestone has plenty of wildlife including white-tail deer, ruffed grouse, fox, pheasant, rabbits, moose and also bear. Aroostook county and also adjoining sections of Canada are well-known nationally for their hunting and fishing opportunities. Limestone is perhaps among the couple of communities in the country that deserve to boast an excellent trout fishing in it"s downtown, neighborhood pond area. During the summer months, a nearby stock automobile track provides extr excitement. For the golf enthusiast, there space several exciting golf process in close proximity come Limestone that will challenge one"s skill.The Booster club has actually been arranged as a assistance for youth tasks thru ar fund-raisers. Worthwhile and recreation recreation is the focus, and the facility of a scholarship program. 4th of JulyLimestone has actually the largest freedom Day solemn event in the County. Throughout the week over there are countless events for all ages, ranging from the peanut parade and carnival, teddybear picnic and the strawberry shortcake festival. At 11 o"clock the longest running parade begins on main Street. Following the parade, tasks begin in ~ Trafton Lake v swimming, picnicking, food and also game booths, and a live band for her listening pleasure. The job concludes v a breathtaking fireworks screen at dusk mirroring over Trafton. Come early, the crowds are big for this household oriented day. Potato Harvest
autumn is perhaps one of the most beautiful periods in Aroostook County. The foliage changes from its green state come radiant jewel tones. The beautiful harvest moon rises almost every night and also the constellations space magnificent. Perhaps one of the most fascinating experience of the autumn is the potato harvest, which takes location in September and October. Colleges are dismissed for 3 weeks so that students may help in collection the earth"s bounty. Part farmers still usage the historic technique of harvest by hand with baskets and barrels, but most farmers currently use mechanically based harvesters. Almost any farmer would be happy to show curious visitors roughly their operations. Winter ActivitiesThe winter months round out the 4 seasons that recreational avenues for Limestone. Snowmobiling ~ above groomed trails, expertly maintained by the Limestone Snowhawks and also area snowmobile clubs administer an countless network that "highways" that crisscross Aroostook County. The trails are available to plenty of local businesses for food, gas, or a cup of hot chocolate. The trails also interconnect to those in Canada. Both overcome country and also downhill skiing are easily accessible in and around Limestone, while other enthusiasts reap snowshoeing and also ice fishing. Spud SpeedwaySpud Speedway, situated on the Sawyer Road located on Thompson Road, Caribou, Maine, is house of the best stock automobile racing in Aroostook County. There space seats obtainable in the cool stands and also in the pit area for your viewing pleasure through multiple concessions. Together with the continual racing, there are plenty of special occasions including Mini-cup cars, Vintage racers, Late design Sportsman races, Funny car shows. Spud Speedway holds a 50/50 raffle every weekend to benefit needy organizations. They also hold countless drawings because that door prizes.

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Come reap a fun filled household outing at Spud Speedway wherein the stock vehicle racing is second to none may through September. For an ext information, examine us out at www.spud-speedway.com, send email to karin