Well, not dirty huh?... For this reason this is mine 23rd.... Fine you watch that! but as constantly read the story okay?...so right here we go....Previous part...well, if you check out the ahead part... You recognize it...if you havent, ns tell girlfriend now... So Po go to the noodle shop, to find something... After find it, the go back to the peach tree hill, about 24 minutes.... But before Po came ago to the peach tree hill, Tigress was play the action figure of Po and also Tigress, fine let just say, some kissing involve through the figures.while play the figures, Po came, i m sorry shock Tigress an extremely much, so she swiftly put the figures to the nearest of the tree"s root. After that Po hide other in his right hand, Tigress ask, Po answer that jokingly, but Tigress was severe enough, however not yes, really scary. After that BOOM!! a beautiful and also glowing tiger lily held by Po and Po claimed i love you! which do Tigress..... Friend know exactly how she react, like shock and surprised an ext than anything in this world.. But Po say the if Tigress no love him, that is okay... And also he confess his feeling around Tigress and bla bla bla ( Tigress desire to say part words however Po said too lot confess), "enough" claimed by Tigress. Po close up door his mouth and also listen come Tigress, Tigress then replied earlier by ask and say something, an initial she questioning why is the flower glowing, and also Po answer the by saying that the flower constantly glow as soon as he organize it.and Tigress speak " ns love friend too!" however Po no surprised in ~ all and said two questions favor is the forced? and also so..? likewise really? and finally Po establish "wait walk you claimed i love you?!" Tigress said" YOU simply KNEW THAT?! YES ns LOVE YOU!!" Po think" she love me? she love me?! SHE LOVE ME!!!" Po and also Tigress happy cheer every other, and Tigress do something to Po....(kiss).. For this reason now......( wow... Too long huh?)Tigress touch Po"s chest v both of her paws and also push Po to the ground (sleeping position) and kiss Po, Po can"t relocate his mouth, yet he deserve to move his paws, however he select to remain in that position and also enjoy his first kiss (although prefer that ) currently this is the timeline that kiss:12 minute Po still surprised...15 minutes later on Po close up door his eyes and also hold Tigress"s...(look at the drawing) ( i have to study anatomy in english to define it)3 minutes later he open his eye widely and also still hold Tigress (note: he"s not surprised by The kiss anymore, yet he surprised why is the sky revolve to the beautiful blue night through its stars everywhere....) (another note: check the night skies okay, you can find the stars shame like...inspect it okay?)12+15+3= 30 minutes of kissing!! woah!! someone deserve to do that?, i typical 30 minute of kissing to be like, wow....!!after the 3 minutes..Po: (still kissing) (mumbling since his lips enclosed Tigress"s lips) Tigress, need to we done through the kiss now...????Tigress: (still kissing) (mumbling the same thing as Po"s problem) uh.....well...Po: (still..) please??? my lips kinda feel....Tigress: (still) but you feel the love right?? kissing for more than likely 30 minutes yet no love at all to be feel..... You feeling the love right??Po: (still) yeah!! ns feel the ! and also i happy !! but can we please stop, as well as my chest kinda feeling hurt..Tigress: (stop kissing and also let Po go...) okay... But your chest still feel soft because that me ( sit position)Po: (sit) really?Tigress: yeah, the feels choose holding Lei lei but twice much more soft..Po: well... Thanks! i additionally feel the softness from her paws too.Tigress: really? however your chest is hurt when i-Po: no that time, once the competition, as soon as you and also Xu eye to eyes like around to battle each other, you touched my chest , and it feel like.. Well like dumpling, wait no, moon cake, wait no, well...Tigress: (chuckle) it s okay Po...Po: (chuckle) well , whatever that is ...it feels more softer than anything else...(look in ~ the sky..) beautiful huh?Tigress: (look in ~ sky...) (wait..) wait, why- the sky changing so fast huh, i mean the cloud move so-Po: possibly it due to the fact that we probably kiss prefer 30 minutes, and also while kissing.. The cloud relocate so quickly..Tigress: fine (remembering)... Sorry..Po: (shock ) for what??!Tigress: we can"t see the unique clouds.. As with you wanted...Po: (chuckle) Tigress, (closer come her) every i require this night, not just some distinctive clouds, all i need is a perfect location with a tree, (more close) a an excellent night sky, and you by my side...(hold she paw) that"s all i need, yet the most crucial thing is that you...Tigress: hmm, okay then, so.. Girlfriend wanna reap the night huh? cause its gaining cold at the moment of night here..Po: well ..do you?Tigress: i desire too, so you got any idea how??( hmm??)Po: (hmm) (thinking) carry out you desire to gain it together??Tigress: sure..!Po: fine come! i acquired an idea!! come here....getting excited!!!but... To it is in continue.....whatever will certainly happen.... As soon as again.. Not dirty!! okay!! fine it looks.... Never ever mind thenThere you go! as soon as again... My story,also the flower lily is hosted by Po"s right hand, not yet accepted by Tigress, and still.. The numbers behind the tree"s root, also... Wow... I love as soon as Po and also Tigress lastly kiss, through no accident in ~ all!! oh yeah, also there is one an ext drawing around this story,but there is a bonus part, more than likely in 4 or 3 or 5 days, and good news, ns in my vacation in the school from 4 to 12 may, so maybe 3 days... The bad news is that ns have last exams because that my class in 19 may... So i won"t be roughly from 12 or 9 may... Come study... Great me luck!!oh yeah additionally in the bonus part, fine there room no Po and also Tigress, but there are characters that i mention but i didn"t draw them...

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So have to i draw it or i create it in the bonus part (not draw it) ?.........See you guys later!! love you all!! for this reason if you guys in the college or schools, whatever your qualities are.. I wish you every the ideal luck ever! an excellent bye!!