I just finished my reply of 1.5 and also I'm earlier to replaying some points in 2.5. Anyway, I only just discovered out there are mystery bosses in bear By Sleep the you can access after you beat the game and get all the neccessary requirements, every one of which ns seem come have.

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So here's mine question. Whereby the heck space these bosses? perform I have to go in with a details character an initial to get to them? I understand one unlocks ~ you loss the very first boss, yet other than that, I'm a loss. If everyone has any type of info, deserve to you let me know?

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There is always a way.
They can all it is in beaten as any kind of character.

Vanitas Remnant - on a postgame save, get in the Keyblade Graveyard and go to the Badlands. ~ above beating this boss, you'll unlock the next one. (The unlock will not occur on a last Episode file, for this reason if you desire to confront this boss as Aqua, execute it on one 'Aqua' document instead!)

Mysterious figure - after clearing the an initial boss, walk to the floor of Departure. (You need to get any kind of chests girlfriend missed before beating the very first boss, since after the your just opportunity will be ~ beating this second one.)

Armor of Eraqus - Light's Lessons, Mirage Arena. Unlocks at Arena level 28.

No heart - Peering into Darkness, Mirage Arena. Unlocks in ~ Arena level 30.

Monstro - Monster of the Sea, Mirage Arena. Unlocks at Arena level 8.

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Vanitas Remnant

Quick indigenous of warning for this battle, don't bring any Cure commands, else he'll have the ability to use them together well.

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