I just finished my reply of 1.5 and I'm back to replaying some things in 2.5. Anyway, I only just found out there are secret bosses in Birth By Sleep that you can access after you beat the game and get all the neccessary requirements, all of which I seem to have.

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So here's my question. Where the heck are these bosses? Do I have to go in with a certain character first to get to them? I know one unlocks after you defeat the first boss, but other than that, I'm a loss. If anyone has any info, can you let me know?

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There is always a way.
They can all be beaten as any character.

Vanitas Remnant - On a postgame save, enter the Keyblade Graveyard and go to the Badlands. Upon beating this boss, you'll unlock the next one. (The unlock will not happen on a Final Episode file, so if you want to face this boss as Aqua, do it on an 'Aqua' file instead!)

Mysterious Figure - after clearing the first boss, go to the Land of Departure. (You should get any chests you missed before beating the first boss, since after that your only opportunity will be after beating this second one.)

Armor of Eraqus - Light's Lessons, Mirage Arena. Unlocks at Arena level 28.

No Heart - Peering into Darkness, Mirage Arena. Unlocks at Arena level 30.

Monstro - Monster of the Sea, Mirage Arena. Unlocks at Arena level 8.

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Vanitas Remnant

Quick word of warning for this battle, don't bring any Cure commands, else he'll be able to use them as well.

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