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Start a brand-new adventure while playing Kim possible - A Sitch with time Episode 1: Presentgame! Kim is a high institution student that not just has great grades however is likewise a hero fighting crime and also villains such as Monkey Fist. In this game, you need to assist Kim prevent Monkey fist from assembling the Tempus Simia Idol. Achieve this by navigating she up and also over various obstacles.

Use her UP key to assist her jump and also bounce turn off objects, such as dinosaur skeletons and also totems. You will also need come avoid call with adversaries who will try and protect against Kim. If they control to fight you v their environment-friendly power-balls, Kim will shed energy. Girlfriend will additionally need come watch out for Ninja Monkeys, that will try and take you once you get in the tropical level. Sounds exciting, right?

How come play the game

Use UP and also DOWN arrow keys to protect against their an effective weapons, and also when you are close to them, conveniently hit space to do your enemies vanish! You should be mindful though, because if her power bar operation out, Kim will shed a life. Don't worry, you have a complete of three lives prior to you must start over.

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Alongside enemies who shot to prevent Kim from completing she mission, girlfriend will also be fighting time. Together a result, Kim will need to breakthrough to the following room before the timer at the peak of the display runs out; otherwise she will shed a life.

Useful tips

To earn extra lives, which room going to help you come fight Monkey Fist successfully, you need to pick up Kimmunicators follow me the way. Don't get too excited yet, practically all the time an enemy is guarding it!

If you favor earning extra points and also brag around it to her friends, choose up cuddle Buddies, however be quick, due to the fact that they disappear after ~ a while!

So, carry out you have actually what that takes to help our girlfriend Kim stop the dreaded Monkey Fist from completing his mission? we bet the you have the right skills of a superhero who can assist Kim, and also have so lot fun in ~ the very same time!

This game is only among the three-part series. The other two gamings are Kim feasible - A Sitch with time Episode 02: Past and also Kim feasible - A Sitch in time Episode 03: Future.Have fun!

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