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Hello, i am looking for a diagram to placed the belt ago on a 1978 man deere version K301AQS lawn tractor , this would certainly be for the mowing deck. Any assist would be appreciated. Thank you, Debbie
diagram because that 212 38 customs mowing deckHello, i am spring for assist to replace the belt for the mowing deck on a 1978 212 lawn tractor. A photo or diagram to follow would certainly be great. Give thanks to you. Debbie
Hers"s one because that the engine come mower deck. If it"s the belt the is on height of the deck the connects tongue to blade, we need to recognize if the 38" deck is the 3 blade model #39, or the 38" 2 blade replacement deck.

Here is the routing from the engine to the deck.
Here is the routing because that the tongue to tongue belt.

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BTW, I moved this come the suitable forum. The test Forum is just for experimentation for images, etc., and is no for technical inquiries of any type of kind that"s regarded the tractors and also the attachments. Also, to obtain the appropriate answers to your technical questions, posting in the appropriate forum will give you the answers you need.Welcome come WFM.
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