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First gentleman, thank you because that the help & knowledge you"ve noted to all. I"ll figure this website out yet; the tractor, well... Recently bought a 2004, gt 235 48C deck. A few remaining issues. Had deck off to replace some pulleys. Reinstalled same as removed and tested deck. Primary belt (engine come dbl pulley) rubbing on black color plastic lid atop tower by nearby arm (m143350). Belt lies between pulley & cap. Belt routing watch correct. I"m can not to obtain clear pic v this tablet computer (aka paperwgt). I"ve ran across this in threads and also think I"ve got rid of most possibilities. Her thoughts would be appreciated.
A snapshot would really help. The belt operation pretty close to the j-pin mountain bracket, yet it should clear the plastic spindle wheel covers easily. If not, miscellaneous is not fairly right.EDIT: okay perhaps I to be misunderstanding what it"s rubbing on. I view what you room talking about. I recognize that routed properly with the ideal tension the drive belt will certainly not contact that rubber guard, yet my deck is off the mower in ~ the moment, so ns can"t it is in of any help. Sorry.
You space correct the the belt runs between. Space you certain you have the exactly belt? Is there enough tension on the belt? there shouldn"t be any kind of slack, the is what would reason the rubbing if you are on the within of that rubber piece.
If any type of of the bushings in the assorted levers are worn that permits the assorted pulleys to ride higher or lower and contact have the right to happen. It"s pretty usual as I watch a the majority of older decks with this cap worn v or lacking all together.
Thanks for her responses and the pics. I did replace the 4 bushings top top the obelisk for the black color plastic cap prior to the first test.The exactly belt; no method I have the right to tell. It"s ribbed & in good shape. Listed in prior posts that ribbed is HD, smooth is standard. I"ll gain a new one and also eliminate that possibility. The springs i wonder about. The spring to the right and below the dbl pulley-block is slack when main belt is engaged (handle is locked ~ above deck). This looks prefer it"s typical position.Is the spring that"s attached to the handle for removing/replacing the major belt a likely possibility? there doesn"t it seems ~ like countless possibilities and also the location of components leaves tiny room because that error. Thanks for her input. I"ll acquire the belt first. Is this together a usual problem?
gt 235 48C deck belt rub+
I am stumped! Bought brand-new belt, exact same as old belt; yet here"s the surprised - reinstalled deck with brand-new belt and it"s so loosened it wouldn"t connect deck. Thought possibly belt stretched somehow, nope! Old belt exact same problem. Rechecked all attachment points on both deck and also tractor. No metal fatigue. Don"t recognize what"s up. This isn"t on ancient burial grounds or a haunted home.I can"t figure this out; it provides no sense. I"ve been doing this because late last century.

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Yes the is one with huge spring in the middle. Changed that yesterday and also attached deck, no change. I am gaining VERY great at pulling the deck on and off. Uncovered a article from last year about loosened primary drive belt on various version deck. Will take a look in ~ dbl wheel again. Thanks!
Is over there a this plastic sleeve (bushing) ~ above the vertical pillar that hold the moveable pulley? If it is worn or cut it will reason the "droop" you room describing...sorry, just shot I"ve got! had actually to change it top top both 48" mower decks I have rebuilt...
OK, took the dbl pulley-block off and also finally watched the remnants of 2 nubs top top the plate it sits on. Man, how"d I miss out on that. Aligning the dbl sheave on such eliminated the very loosened primary belt that definitely had me concerned. Don"t understand if the black plastic cap is still being shredded.(This is whereby I started.). I"ll test maker soon & look at at/for bushings. Not lot left to replace on deck. Hope the spindles host out because that awhile. Unsure if it"s initial deck. Thank every one of you for her input. Learn something brand-new everyday. I did acquire pics; but wasn"t able come download them. Still learning. Ideal wishes!
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