Two world who obtained international attention two decades ago when they endured eight days in frigid temperatures in northwest Nevada stated the ordeal that ended with this week’s rescue of a family near Lovelock struck acquainted notes through them.

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A group gathers exterior the command post in Lovelock ~ above Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013, awaiting the return of a group of six civilization who made it through two work in the frigid mountains east of Reno. The 2 adults and four kids are gift treated at the neighborhood hospital. (AP Photo/Cathleen Allison)

RENO — Two civilization who acquired international attention 2 decades earlier when they made it through eight job in frigid temperature in northwest Nevada stated the ordeal that finished with this week’s rescue of a family near Lovelock struck familiar notes through them.

“When I very first saw the story, I believed to myself, ‘Oh boy. I understand what they’re walk through,’” Jim Stolpa said the Reno Gazette-Journal in a telephone interview indigenous Milwaukee. “The reality that it was in northwest Nevada, that piqued mine interest.”

Jim and also Jennifer Stolpa and also their child son, Clayton, spent eight days in north Washoe county in December 1992 and also January 1993 after obtaining stuck in snow trying to uncover a shortcut to Pocatello, Idaho. Clayton was no injured, but the then-San Francisco bay Area pair lost toes come frostbite. The situation drew significant media attention and was made into a TV movie starring Neil Patrick Harris together Jim Stolpa.

Their occurrence took place about 90 mile north of wherein the family was rescued in the wilderness near Lovelock top top Tuesday.

Jim Stolpa said he first heard around the group of two adults and also four children when human being were in search of them ~ above Sunday.

“I’m not going to lie and say i don’t think around what happened to united state every day, yet when I watch something prefer that, I emphasis on it more,” Jim Stolpa said. “Having gone through it, ns know precisely what they’re feeling. … The feeling of helplessness and frustration and also fear and also all those things.”

Jennifer Stolpa said once she heard about the lacking family close to Lovelock, she had actually the same reaction she gets when she hears about others who space missing.

“I feel more for the world who don’t know what’s walking on,” Jennifer Stolpa said from she Wisconsin home. “The only thing I ever before get teared up around is gift a parent now and also I couldn’t imagine not learning where my youngsters were.”

Jennifer Stolpa claimed she first learned about the Lovelock event on Tuesday when her mom posted a story ~ above her on facebook page about the search for the lacking family. It wasn’t long afterward once a cable news network carried a story that the family members had to be found.

Everyone is fine and also the kids are safe, therefore it ended well, Jennifer Stolpa said.

“I guess there’s part of me that’s, ‘Wow, i can’t believe you’d carry out that with youngsters that young,’” Jennifer Stolpa claimed of the adventure into the snow. “At the same time, what the father did past that point, heating up rocks, that’s great, i applaud that. … yet I question their referee of being the end there in the very first place.”

“Making the decision to go the end there may not have been the ideal in the world, yet keeping a level head and making an excellent decisions is an essential for survival in a case like that,” Jim Stolpa said. “The adults in this case must have actually made some correct decisions, otherwise we would certainly not be having this conversation now.”

Would he have advice because that those involved?

“It’s a terrible situation and also you have poor thoughts sometimes and it can be type of nightmarish,” Jim Stolpa said. “I would recommend the they talk to each other and talk come others about it. Be totally free in mentioning it with family.”

He is enduring single-digit temperature in current days in Milwaukee.

“Feeling that cold on mine skin brings the all back,” Jim Stolpa said. “Had we hidden it deep a lengthy time ago, that would certainly make a day favor today tougher.”

Jennifer and also Jim Stolpa applauded the efforts of civilization who looked for the absent group. Jennifer Stolpa stated she still think fondly that the world who rescued them and of the Reno doctors who conserved their feet so they are able to walk.

The two, who divorced in 2006, came earlier to Nevada through “Dateline NBC” ~ the incident yet have not made any kind of other major trips to Nevada because the incident.

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Clayton Stolpa experienced no ill effects from the incident and is enrolled in college, Jennifer Stolpa said.