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Walter Hawkins - to ~ Jesus ns Love you to "Dear Jesus i Love You" by Walter Hawkins. Too ~ Jesus ns love / you"re a friend of mine / you it is provided my every need / my hungry spirit you feed / I"m
Walter Hawkins - text ManiaWalter Hawkins, Walter Hawkins discography sorted by album.
Norman Hutchins - Jesus ns Love friend come "Jesus ns Love You" song by Norman Hutchins: ... Jesus ns love You because You care, i couldn"t imagine if girlfriend weren"t there. You room the joy of my salvation, ... "Jesus ns Love You" provided for educational functions and an individual use only. ...
Walter Hawkins - What Is This? cg-tower.comI love and miss you pastor Hawkins for even though you in a much much better place and also at peace but you will ever die since your music live in so countless of ours heart. Alaw need you with Him come serenade our love ones, so sooner or later I would come and join your heavenly choir.
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Jesus ns Love girlfriend cg-tower.comJesus, ns love You since You care, ns couldn"t imagine if you weren"t there. You are the happiness of my salvation, You"re the peace in mine storm. Your loving arms defend me, You sanctuary me from harm.
Walter Hawkins - readjusted cg-tower.comWhen ns think about the kindness od god, and all he has actually done because that me, the points that he allowed to come into my life, to carry me closer come him, all I deserve to say is thank you lord, and for this I wanted to live because that him.
MARANATHA! GOSPEL - ns LOVE you LORD now cg-tower.comI love you, ns love you, i love you lord today/ due to the fact that you treatment for me in such one-of-a-kind way/ thats why I praise you/ ns lift friend up/ and also I megnify her name/ that why my heart is filled with praise/ ns love you, i love you, ns love you lord today/ since you cared because that me in together a special method ...
Plumb - God will Take care Of girlfriend cg-tower.comBe no dismayed what e"er be tide God will take treatment of you beneath His wing of love abide God will certainly take treatment of girlfriend God will take care of you with every day, o"er all the way
Lionel Richie tune cg-tower.comLionel Richie Synopsis / text / picture / Videos / News. Peak Songs. Hello text ... Jesus Is Love 2003: Sail On 1992: dancing On The Ceiling text ... You room The sunlight 2012: soft Heart text 2000: Ballerina Girl 1997: Everytime text 2007: tho In Love
ANITA WILSON - JESUS will certainly cg-tower.comLeader:/ Who opens up doors that I deserve to not see/ Jesus Will, Jesus Will/ who will make all mine decisions because that me/ Jesus Will, Jesus Will/ Choir:/ Who opens doors that i cannot see/ Jesus Will, Jesus Will/ who will make all mine decisions because that me/ Jesus Will, Jesus Will/ when I’m in trouble, He offers ...
Petra - ns Love You mr cg-tower.comTake joy my King (Take delight my King) In what girlfriend hear (In what girlfriend hear) let it it is in a sweet, sweet sound (Let it be a sweet sound) In your ear. Ns love you, Lord
Luther Barnes - Spirit loss Down to "Spirit loss Down" by Luther Barnes. We"re every gathered here, in Your visibility Lord / v our arms open large / with lifted hands and with open hearts
Religious Music - His Eye Is ~ above The Sparrow ...His Eye Is top top The Sparrow by religious Music - 1 text explanation and 10 tune meanings. ... Let not your love be troubled; this tender words i hear; ... Me included and also protects us all with His immeasurable love. Say thanks to you Jesus for dying for every one of us unworthy though us are. Add your reply.
Donnie McClurkin - Wait on The mr cg-tower.comSometimes in life you"ll find that You gain in a hurry but when you have actually assurance No require to problem You can wait, wait, wait ~ above the Lord and also you"ll see
Luther Barnes - God"s elegant cg-tower.comThanks to lillian lindsay for adding these Many thanks to Reginald Howie, Catrina Jefferson, Nita Jones, Sylvia Fair, Veronica for correcting this
Kirk Franklin - My world Needs girlfriend to "My human being Needs You" song by Kirk Franklin: display me your face Fill increase this space My world needs you right now My human being needs girlfriend right now I can...

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