Heavy love Meaning! discover the definition of the common idiom “heavy heart” with a lot of advantageous example sentences and list that synonyms because that this phrase.

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What does “Heavy Heart” Mean?

Do you want to find out an additional word to define the sadness rather of the normal adjectives? The idiom “(a) heavy heart” is one idiom that explains a feeling of unhappiness, in a state of grief.

When who feels “heavy heart”, it means that he/she is going with a challenging time and also he/she feel depressed, miserable around something.

For example:

He left her through a heavy heart, wonder if she would ever recover.

In this instance sentence above, the adjective “heavy” has been provided in the sense of “weighed down wit grief of sorrow”.

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Example Sentences

He returned with a heavy heart.He left the country with a heavy heart.She left her kids behind with a heavy heart.Mr. Cutting board handed end his resignation letter v a heavy heart.With a heavy heart, she turn to tide goodbye.She gave her letter to the postman with a heavy heart, wonder if she would ever before see she sister again.I bowed to premium will and entered journalism with a heavy heart.Here is a soldier who was waiting, with a heavy heart, come suffer and die in battle.It was with a heavy heart that Kate kissed her kids goodbye.She do her method to the cells with a heavy heart.Virginia went up to her bedroom with a heavy heart, to adjust out that the clothes she’d worn all day.Eve had spent the work wandering around Dublin with a heavy heart.Finally he left Claudia’s house with a heavy heart.It was with a heavy heart and a cold burn on my soul that I ongoing on come Boneyard.She looked in ~ Gerald now with a heavy heart.Read this with a heavy heart.You watch Liu Xiang Olympic Games with a heavy heart to leaving the scene it?She come home with a heavy heart.He called me the news with a heavy heart.They walk to meet her with a heavy heart.He walk home with a heavy heart.Everybody stayed with a heavy heart.He walked the end of the classroom with a heavy heart.After hear that, ns couldn’t speak a word with a heavy heart.

Heavy heart Synonym

Heavy love Synonyms List

Here is the list of useful synonyms for the expression “heavy heart” with instance sentences:

HeartbreakGriefWeight outGreat sorrowAching upper heart heartSadnessSick at heartDeep regret

Synonyms for heavy Heart v Examples