Sucking helium and speaking in high-pitch voice might be a fun party trick, however it’s time to placed a stop to the hazardous activity. Also though it’s certain to get a laugh or 2 from the gathered crowd, the puts your grandchild at risk of major injury or even worse — death.

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Just freshly a mother in the U.K. Panicked after finding her daughter unresponsive in the beat area the a McDonald’s. The 9-year-old had sucked helium indigenous a balloon and also was entertaining she younger brother v her high-pitched voice once she slumped over.

“I looked round and she was slumped in the corner — she had collapsed. She eyes were rolling and also I to be terrified,” the girl’s mom told The Sun. If this youngster was quite fortunate, no everyone is.

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When you breath in helium, you’re depriving her body that oxygen, for this reason it’s no surprising the you can pass out from a lack of oxygen. If you’re suck helium from a party balloon, “at worst you’ll store going till you obtain lightheaded and also pass out — in ~ which allude you’ll avoid inhaling helium and your body’s oxygen level will return to normal,” Daniel Engber reported for Slate.

The real worry arises as soon as you sucking helium native a helium tank. “It’s far an ext dangerous come suck helium out of a pressurized tank: If the gas come in as well quickly, her lungs might burst and also hemorrhage.” Engber wrote.

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In 2012, 14-year-old Ashley long suffered and embolism after ~ “huffing” helium native a tank and died.

Dr. Note Morocco, an combine professor the emergency medication at the Ronald Reagan Medical facility in Los Angeles, contrasted inhaling helium from a tank to a diver emerging from deep water also quickly.

“A gas balloon gets right into the bloodstream, perhaps through some kind of tear in a blood vessel, and can block blood circulation to the brain, bring about a stroke,” that said. How scary!

With these current tragedies bringing irradiate to the issue, many much more parents and also organizations prefer DARE room coming together to speak the end on the risks of inhaling helium. Perhaps it’s time to call your grandchild and also let them understand that there room plenty of other safer methods to have fun.

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