Silver iodide is insoluble in water and kind a bright yellow precipitate in water. If that is described in other way, you can see a glowing yellow color solid is deposit at the bottom of the aqueous solution. You deserve to verify AgI solubility by check the solubility value and also solubility product value. Solubility value and solubility product value of AgI is really low contrasted to compound such together NaCl, KCl.

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Silver iodide is an insoluble not natural compound and used in silver- ion trial and error experiments in qualitative analysis.

Solubility and solubility product the AgI

Solubility and solubility product are great points to recognize solubility the a compound and also they have the right to be offered to AgI too.

Solubility that AgI in water

Solubility of AgI is 3 * 10-7 g/ 100 ml that water in ~ 200C. So that is a very low value and prove furthermore, AgI is a precipitate and also does not dissolve in water.

Solubility the AgI in water versus temperature

When temperature increases, solubility that AgI increases.

Solubility product that AgI

Ksp that AgI is 8.25 *10-17 mol2 dm-6 i beg your pardon is likewise low and also again tells us AgI is no soluble in water.

How AgI precipitate is formed in water?

When aqueous silver- nitrate (AgNO3) systems is combined with aqueous potassium iodide (KI) solution, AgI shining yellow precipitate is deposited at the bottom of the aqueous solution.

AgNO3 + KI → AgI + KNO3

With physical states

AgNO3(aq) + KI(aq) → AgI(s) + KNO3(aq)

Other halides of silver- ion

Silver chloride, silver- bromide and silver iodide room precipitates and very useful in to know of halide ions in qualitative evaluation of inorganic chemistry. And do no dissolve in dilute acids. Additionally they have colors as soon as they form precipitates.

Colors of silver halides silver- halide name Chemical formula shade
Silver chloride AgCl white
Silver bromide AgBr light yellow / pale yellow
Silver iodide AgI Yellow

In which services AgI is dissolve if that is not soluble in water?

AgCl is dissolve in hydriodic mountain (HI), /aqueous solutions of/ potassium iodide (KI), sodium chloride, potassium cyanide, ammonium hydroxide, and sodium thiosulfate.

Calculate solubility product native solubility data of AgI

From solubility data the AgI, we got an idea AgI solubility in water is really poor. Now, we are going to uncover out solubility product the AgI.

Solubility of AgI = 3 * 10-7 g/ 100 ml of water Solubility the AgI = 3 * 10-6 g/ 1 dm3 that water

Now, we understand the maximum dissolve AgI fixed in 1 dm3 of water. Now we room going to calculate soluble amount (mol) that AgI in 1 dm3

soluble amount that AgI = 3 * 10-6 g /234.77 g mol-1 soluble amount of AgI = 1.28 * 10-8 mol

Soluble AgI dissociate to Ag+ ions and I- ions in the water.

AgI → Ag+ + I- dissolve amount of Ag+ ions = 1.28 * 10-8 mol dissolve amount that I- ion = 1.28 * 10-8 mol

Because AgI was dissolved in 1 dm3 of water, we deserve to write concentration of Ag+ ion and I- ion.

Concentration the Ag+ ion = 1.28 * 10-8 mol dm-3 Concentration that I- ion = 1.28 * 10-8 mol dm-3

Now, we deserve to write the equation of solubility product of AgI.

Solubility product that AgI = * Solubility product that AgI = 1.28 * 10-8 mol dm-3 * 1.28 * 10-8 mol dm-3 Solubility product the AgI = 1.64 * 10-16 mol2 dm-6


Molar solubility that AgI

How much moles of AgI dissolve in 1 dm-3 that distilled water?

Molar solubility the AgI = Solubility of AgI in grams / molar massive of AgI

Molar solubility of AgI = 3 * 10-6 g / 234.77 g mol-1Molar solubility of AgI = 1.28 * 10-8 mol l-1Is silver iodide (AgI) soluble once ammonia systems is added?

AgI is no soluble in aqueous ammonia solution prefer AgCl or AgBr.

How countless grams the AgI dissolve in 100 ml that water?

With temperature, solubility of AgI vary. At 200C, 3 * 10-7 g of AgI is soluble in water.

What is the the very least soluble silver halide native AgCl, AgBr and also AgI?

Compare solubility worths of each compound. Solubility is given for 100 ml the water.

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AgCl - 5.20 *10-4 g/100 g of water in ~ 500C AgBr - 1.40 * 10-5 g/ 100 ml the water in ~ 200C AgI - 3 * 10-7g/ 100 ml of water in ~ 200C

From available data, we can think AgCl is more soluble 보다 AgBr and also AgI.

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