Scarlett Estevez is an American child actress. This 12-year-old gained recognition when she played the character of Megan in the comedy collection Daddy’s Home in 2015. She is a highly talented actress who had started young. She has great potential i beg your pardon if tapped could lug out wonders.

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Also, Scarlett has a puppy, Charlie, and also is extremely in love v him.

Is Scarlett Estevez pertained to Martin Estevez?

Scarlett Estevez was born on 4 December 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, the USA. She was raised in the very same place. She father is Anthony Estevez and also he deals in actual estate. He has actually his own website,

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ScarMestevez) June 21, 2015

Not lot is known about her mother. She has a younger brother named Ben Estevez and also an enlarge sister, Eloise Estevez. Despite she share the critical name through Martin Estevez, over there is no relation in between her and also their families.

She appears to be not related to Charlie Sheen. Yet she is the nephew of Liza Weil, the American actress that Gilmore Girls’ fame. She had a keen interest in the entertainment line from a very young age.

Regarding Scarlett’s education, the is not recognized whether she attends continuous school or is being home-schooled. Through her shooting schedules, it would certainly seem complicated to be component of a continuous school routine unless adjustments are produced her.

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Scarlett’s career achievements

Scarlett Estevez was already offered a nationwide commercial because that Porsche to job-related at the age of three years. The audition was for her elder sister yet she was told to give the audition together well and also bagged the role.

Scarlett Estevez (Source: Pinterest)

She has actually acted in much more than 25 national-level commercials till now including for Toyota, Disney, residence Depot, Minute Maid, KFC, and also Cheerios.

Her acting debut was in 2013 in a role in a pilot because that an episode of Redeeming Dave. She later appeared in a function alongside James valve Der Beek, Hailee Steinfeld, and others in a brief film dubbed The Magic Bracelet which was specially produced Make-A-Wish Foundation.

She additionally acted in a Nickelodeon web collection called Junior Eye. Her very first feature film was And climate There was You. She likewise appeared in the brief TV series Junior Eye in 2014.

The movie that lugged her fame was Daddy’s home where she play the personality of Megan, the daughter of mark Wahlberg and also Linda Cardellini. Scarlett showed up as Trixie on the Fox Channel’s television drama Lucifer (2015-present) and also had a recurring function in this series. Because 2017, Scarlett is acting on she Daddy’s house 2.

Talking about her favorite exhilaration project, tiny Scarlett said:

“I prefer Daddy’s Home and Lucifer for various reasons. Ns loved act Daddy’s Home due to the fact that I acquired to meet my ideal Friend, Owen and we had actually a the majority of fun together. And I also loved mine director, Sean Anders,”

Similarly, she added,

“He was great at directing in a way that made it simple for me come understand. I love act Lucifer due to the fact that my character is very spunky and it’s a lot of fun come play her. I additionally love working v all the actors, they do me feel really comfortable.”

Scarlett with her costar and friend Owen(Source: SFGate)

Scarlett Estevez’s society Media

The boy TV actress Scarlett Estevez has her very own social media account which space operated by her parents. She has actually over 63.6k pendant on Twitter and also her pendant on Instagram are about 749k.

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On Instagram, she features most of her days through friends, family, co-stars while having fun in the most innocent ways!

Scarlett’s lifestyle

Scarlett loves to invest her time v her family. She is likewise a close girlfriend of she co-star Owen Vaccaro. They execute visit every other’s houses with your parents and also enjoy time with them.

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Short Bio ~ above Scarlett Estevez

Scarlett Estevez is an American kid actress. Currently, she dram the function of Trixie in the TV series ‘Lucifer’. Furthermore, she additionally portrayed the duty of Megan in the 2015 movie ‘Daddy’s Home’. More Bio…