Every first time mom have to be mindful of what she consumes throughout pregnancy. And there’s a lengthy list of things she shouldn’t eat and medications she shouldn’t take.

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Arming yourself through the best resources and information will certainly ensure you and also your infant stay protected throughout her pregnancy.

So, what do you do when you’re pregnant and also sick?

There are medicines that are physician approved come treat cough and also cold symptoms. Here’s what to know around Robitussin DM.


Is robitussin DM safe during pregnancy?


It is safe to take robitus DM when pregnant and nursing. Simply be sure to ask your doctor very first if you space still in your first trimester.

You typically don’t should make one in-office visit for a question favor this. A phone contact to the doctor’s office should obtain you the information you need.

What’s in robitussin DM?

The key ingredients in robitus DM are well-researched and also tested.

The active ingredients are “guaifenesin” and “dextromethorphan”. Gaafenesin is provided to ease mucus and also dextromethorphan is because that suppressing cough.

One essential note with medicines containing dextromethorphan and also guaifenesin is that they space often merged with alcohol, for this reason be sure to examine the label closely or confirm v a pharmacist or your doctor before consuming.

What are other safe OTC medications?

There are a lot of unpleasant points pregnancy deserve to make friend feel, like early pregnancy cramps, pregnancy headaches, and also other symptoms which might be intensified during the first trimester.

Here are more OTC drugs you have the right to use transparent your pregnant to assist you cope through the ups and downs, according to Huey & Weprin:

BenadrylRobitussinMucinexTylenolCough drops (both menthol and also non-menthol)Saline sleep drops

Along through these, you can likewise use Vick’s VapoRub to help ease her cold and sinus issues.

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NOTE: stop formulations of these assets that space labeled SA (sustained action) or Multi-Symptom.

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