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Clyde Wilson Randall "Randy" Boone, Jr.

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Also well-known As: "Randy Boone"
Birthdate: January 17, 1942

Son the Clyde Wilson Boone, Sr. And also Rhumel E. Boone

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Last Updated: September 19, 2019

Clyde Wilson Randall "Randy" Boone, Jr. (born January 17, 1942) is a former American actor and also country singer.

Early years and also family

Boone to be born in Fayetteville, phibìc Carolina to Clyde Wilson Randall Boone, Sr. (born 1917) and also Rhumel E. Boone (born December 31, 1919).

Boone is the cousin the singer-actress Debby Boone; his uncle is her father, actor-singer play Boone. One more uncle was actor Richard Boone, star of the CBS collection Have Gun, will certainly Travel. All four case kinship to the American frontiersman Daniel Boone.

In 1960, Boone entered North Carolina State university at Raleigh but dropped the end to tourism the country and play his guitar, safety a lot of time in his beforehand adulthood in coffeehouses.

Acting career

At twenty, Boone co-starred in his first acting role as Vern Hodges in the 1962–1963 NBC comedy-drama It"s a Man"s World, based on the activities of 4 young guys living ~ above a houseboat on the Ohio River.

After It"s a Man"s World, Boone"s job skyrocketed. He guest starred as Pete Tanner in the episode "Last checked out Wearing Blue Jeans" ~ above The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Thereafter, came his 3 Wagon Train episodes, licensed has been granted "The Eli Bancroft Story" in i m sorry Boone appeared as noah Bancroft, "The Robert Harrison Clarke Story", with Boone in the duty of private Jamie, and also "The David Garner Story", with Boone as David Garner. Boone appeared as personal Michael McCluskey in "The 7th Is comprised of Phantoms" illustration of The Twilight Zone, i beg your pardon aired on CBS on December 6, 1963.

In 1963, Boone also joined The Virginian actors in its second season with the return costars James Drury, Doug McClure, Gary Clarke and also Lee J. Cobb. Boone appeared in forty-six episodes over three seasons as the to sing cowboy Randy Benton, a romantic interest for a time for Betsy Garth, played by Roberta Shore. He also appeared with actors members Clu Gulager and Diane Roter.

He won the copper Wrangler compensation from the national Cowboy & western Heritage Museum in 1966 for his exhilaration in the episode titled "The equine Fighter" with the complying with cast and crew: Lee J. Cobb, James Drury, Doug McClure, harry Guardino, Clu Gulager and Diane Roter (actors). Norman MacDonnell and James Duff McAdams (producers). Richard Fielder (writer) and Anton Leader (director).

While ~ above The Virginian, that guest starred top top David Janssen"s ABC collection The Fugitive. He likewise starred in the film country Boy as connect Byrd, Jr., a country singer. After The Virginian, Boone guest starred on illustration of Combat!, Bonanza, and Hondo.

From 1967 to 1968, Boone co-starred in the Western collection Cimarron piece in the function of 25-year-old photographer Francis Wilde, who is also a part-time deputy come Marshal Jim Crown, illustrated by series star Stuart Whitman. After ~ Cimarron Strip, Boone made a couple of television appearances, consisting of NBC"s Emergency! in 1973 and ABC"s Kolchak: The Night Stalker through Darren McGavin in 1974. The complying with year, he appeared as Deputy Dickie Haycroft in the tv movie Savages, v co-stars Andy Griffith, Sam Bottoms, boy name Beery, Jr., and also James Best.

His last function was together Farkas in the 1987 film The Wild Pair (also known as The Devil"s Odds), about a narcotics officer and also a commonwealth Bureau of examination agent.

Post-acting career

After his acting ended, Boone returned to Fayetteville, from whereby he additionally engages in country music and also attends sometimes music and also film festivals.

In July 2003, he was a guest at the Western movie Fair in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, along with his The Virginian co-stars James Drury, Roberta Shore, Clu Gulager and Gary Clarke. In 2011, Randy Boone was inducted right into the Fayetteville Music hall of Fame.

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In august 2012, Boone and his wife, relocated away from Fayetteville to be closer come family. Also in 2012, he showed up with fellow Virginian actors members James Drury, Gary Clarke, L.Q. Jones, Roberta Shore, Clu Gulager, Diane Roter, Sara Lane and also Don Quine at 50th Anniversary Celebrations in ~ the Memphis movie Festival and the Autry nationwide Center and also Museum.