CAS No. 7758-95-4 chemistry Name: Lead(II) chloride Synonyms Leclo;PbCl2;PbCI2;NA 2291;Cotunnite;ead(II) chL;Bleidichlorid;LEAD CHLORIDE;leaddichloride;plumbouschloride CBNumber: CB0385798 molecule Formula: Cl2Pb Formula Weight: 278.11 MOL File: 7758-95-4.mol

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melt point: 501 °C(lit.) cook point: 950 °C(lit.) thickness 5.85 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) vapor press 1 mm Hg ( 547 °C) speed point: 951°C storage temp. Store below +30°C. solubility aliphatic hydrocarbons: contempt soluble(lit.) type powder color White come off-white particular Gravity 5.85 Water Solubility soluble in hot water, alkali hydroxides and NH4Cl solution. Insoluble in cold water and alcohol. Hydrolytic Sensitivity 0: creates stable aqueous options Merck 14,5404 Solubility Product continuous (Ksp) pKsp: 4.77 Stability: Stable. Not compatible with strong oxidizing agents, solid acids. CAS DataBase recommendation 7758-95-4(CAS DataBase Reference) EWG"s Food Scores 5 FDA UNII 4IL61GN3YI NIST Chemistry referral Lead dichloride(7758-95-4) EPA substance Registry system Lead(II) chloride (7758-95-4)

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Lead(II) chloride chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Lead(II) chloride is a white crystals or powder. Insoluble in cold water; soluble in hot water. The is an inorganic compound through the chemistry formula PbS. That is likewise known together galena, which is the principal ore and also important link of lead. It is just one of the earliest products to be used as a semiconductor together it often tends to crystallize in salt chloride. Lead sulfide is toxicity if the is heated come decomposition, which develops lead and also sulfur oxides.Lead(II) chloride has actually been provided in the synthesis of methyl ammonium lead iodide perovskite nanocrystals with potential application in optoelectronics as result of its tuneable digital bandgap and also superior photovoltaic performance. It might be supplied in the preparation of mixed halide perovskite (PRV) with potential applications in absorb layer of PRV solar cells. Lead chloride is used as a precursor product in the fabrication the methyl ammonium lead iodide-chloride (MAPbI3-xClx) perovskites.


lead (II) chloride is likewise known together lead chloride, lead dichloride, and also plumbous chloride. Lead chloride is just one of the most necessary lead-based reagents. The occurs normally in the kind of the mineral cotunnite. The solubility of command chloride in water is low. Lead (II) chloride is the main precursor because that organometallic derivatives of lead. Command chloride has substantial applications in industries. Lead chloride is an intermediate in refining bismuth (Bi) ore. The ore containing Bi, Pb, and Zn is first treated v molten caustic soda to remove traces of acidic facets such together arsenic and also tellurium. The molten command chloride is used in the synthesis of lead titanate (PbTiO3) and barium PbTiO3. That is provided in organometallic synthesis to make metallocenes, known as plumbocenes. Command chloride is supplied in manufacturing of infrared transmitting glass and also in manufacturing of ornamental glass referred to as aurene glass. This stained glass has an iridescent surface developed by spraying through lead chloride and also reheating under controlled conditions. Stannous chloride (SnCl2) is used for the same purpose.


Lead(II) chloride reacts v chlorine to develop Lead(IV) chloride: PbCl2+ Cl2→PbCl4.

Chemical Properties

command chloride is a white crystalline powder

Physical properties

White orthorhombic crystals; refractive table of contents 2.199; thickness 5.85 g/cm3; melts at 501°C; vaporizes in ~ 950°C; partially soluble in cold water (6.73 g/L at 0°C and 9.9 g/L at 20°C); KSP 1.17x10-5 at 25°C; moderately dissolve in cook water (33.4 g/L at 100°C); slightly dissolve in dilute HCl and ammonia; insoluble in alcohol.


lead dichloride wake up in nature together the mineral cotunnite. The link is provided in make many straightforward chlorides, such together Pattison’s command white, Turner’s Patent Yellow, and Verona Yellow, supplied as pigments. Also, it is offered as a flux for galvanizing steel; together a fire retardant in nylon wire coatings; as a cathode for seawater batteries; to remove H2S and ozone native effluent gases; together a sterilization indicator; together a polymerization catalyst because that alphaolefins; and as a co-catalyst in production acrylonitrile.

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lead (II) chloride (PbCl2) is commonly known as the mineral cotunnite.