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Pennsylvania Dumpster Diving 

Is dumpster diving illegal in Pennsylvania? If you enjoy scavenging through the trash to uncover a great treasure, you’re no alone. There are many people who re-superstructure the very same passion. While this can be one exciting means of finding a bargain or maybe an excellent way to recreate trash right into an arts form, there are some points you need to know before diving in.


We were no able to find a code forbidding scavenging; however, us did uncover a page that discusses the avoidance of scavenging and a connect to a type for reporting illegal scavenging. We’re particular you can be safe in assuming that illegal to dumpster dive in Reading, PA. 

It’s likewise illegal come trespass onto private property, so also if you uncover there is no sign posted, you must think twice prior to entering ~ above to personal territory. The trespassing fines are hefty in Pennsylvania and if you not careful you might rack up fines into the thousands and you could face time behind bars.

You don’t want to be captured littering in reading either or you will be slapped with hefty fines and also possibly jail time for the too. Follow to violation code QOL.005, No human shall throw, dump, place, sweep or dispose of any type of waste, trash, rubbish or rubbish upon any type of public sidewalk, alley, street, bridge, public passageway, windy parking area or on any type of public property.

For much more Information Contact:

Citizens company Center

City Hall

1st Floor

Rooms 1-27 and 1-33


Now the you’re aware of these regulations you should have a much better understanding of your initial question, is dumpster diving illegal in Pennsylvania. Remember, if it’s illegal in her jurisdiction, don’t threat the large fines, move on come someplace else.

Also, store in mind that if someone asks you come leave, just leave. There is no factor to argue and cause an ext trouble for yourself. If you see something sitting out that you can’t live without, think about asking the owner if you deserve to have it. Possibilities are lock will allow you to take it it. 

Don’t turn your hobby into a nightmare; use usual sense and courtesy while dumpster diving and always wear ideal clothing. Monitor the rules and you have to not have any an unfavorable results.

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