CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – follow to the West Virginia Coalition to end Homelessness, over there are approximately 119 human being who space homeless in Harrison County. However, when the temperature go down, some will shot to seek shelter in a dumpster. 

Harrison County has one of the largest populations that homeless civilization in the state, according to WVCEH

Sleeping in a dumpster is not just uncomfortable—it’s also incredibly dangerous. Garbage trucks room designed to compact trash, and if someone end up in the ago of the truck, yes sir a opportunity that they might be crushed to death.

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“Obviously the hydraulic pressure, and also there’s a lot of tonnage the goes into those trash trucks,” stated William Kniceley, gaue won Analyst in ~ Waste Management, “and therefore the biggest risk is fatality at the worst.”

It’s definitely emotional once you think that you nearly killed somebody. You know, as soon as you didn’t also know they were there. And he didn’t recognize that ns was there since he had actually headphones in his ear going v the trash in search of stuff.

Shane Grimes, Waste administration employee

Waste monitoring said the a problem that gets worse every year. As a result, they placed in some safeguards to prevent human being from getting dumped in the truck. First, chauffeurs are trained to clock for people in and also around the dumpsters

“The maintain we carry out is pretty typical sense stuff,” claimed Matt Moran, ar Manager in ~ Waste Management, “We ask the driver come look for something unusual once they drive up to a can…If something looks out of the ordinary, acquire out and check it out. And also of course once we company the can, we ask them to choose them up, particularly in cold mornings. Shiver the can before you dump the out. Give it a minute and also see if a head mister out. That has happened fairly often.”

A Waste management truck emptying a dumpster

Also, many of the trucks have cameras that enable the driver to view the trash being dumped and also make sure there is no one inside. And also Waste management customers have the right to opt to placed a lock ~ above the dumpster for this reason that people can’t gain inside. Also with all of these precautions, some human being still slip v the cracks.

Shane Grimes, a driver at Waste Management, claimed he’s viewed at the very least 12 people virtually get crushed this year alone. And it’s not simply the homeless population—it’s also dumpster divers.

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“I’ve come close to dumping a guy and he was fortunate sufficient that the didn’t gain in the truck. He got out that the can before I acquired it right into the air and also over into the truck,” stated Grimes, “It’s certainly emotional as soon as you think the you virtually killed somebody. Friend know, once you didn’t even know they were there. And he didn’t understand that i was there due to the fact that he had headphones in his ears going with the trash in search of stuff.”

Shane Grimes, Waste management employee

Waste Management has been passing out fliers come the homeless populace to allow them understand not to get in the dumpsters for any kind of reason. They likewise encourage world to allow businesses recognize if they view someone obtaining into a dumpster so that they have the right to take suitable precautions.